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Identity Theft in Mississippi

Criminals in Mississippi are hoping that you will give them easy access to your social security number, your birth date, your address, and any other personal information. They hope to use it to get liposuction and knee replacements, to make extravagant purchases using many credit cards, to get a new job using your good reputation, and even to steal your tax refund!

Where do they get this access to your information, making you a victim of identity theft? You may be giving them everything they need with what you do online. Do you give away personal information on social media channels, enough that they can guess the answers to your "challenge" questions on your bank account? Have you clicked on a link in an email supposedly from your credit card company and then entered your account number and password? Even using an unencrypted Wi-Fi connection to conduct sensitive business can make identity theft a part of your life.

These crimes can also happen with information stolen offline. Thieves can steal mail you've left in your curbside mailbox, find names and other details left on prescription bottles you've put in the recycling box, or dig through your trash to find out where you bank and how much money you usually keep on deposit.

Fortunately, Mississippi residents can not only be more careful with the information they make available to others, but they can also use the services offered by Identity Theft Protection companies. Such services include round-the-clock, detailed monitoring of customers' social security numbers, bank accounts, and other information, allowing any unauthorized activities to be noticed and handled quickly. In this way, you can make it less likely that you will be one of the more than 2,000 people in Mississippi who will likely report having been victims of identity theft this year.


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