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Identity Theft in New Hampshire

Identity Theft Protection services are being used more frequently in New Hampshire as residents seek to prevent becoming victims of a nearly 50 billion-dollar industry in the United States. These services keep round-the-clock watch over customers' personal information - social security numbers, credit and bank account numbers, and so forth - and alert clients within a matter of moments when any potentially fraudulent activity is detected. Given that many cases of identity theft go undiscovered for weeks, months, or even years, people in New Hampshire appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing that any breach of their privacy will be addressed quickly.

While identity theft numbers are relatively low in New Hampshire - just under 600 cases are reported to the Federal Trade Commission in an average year - it is still important for residents to take precautions against criminals who would love to use their good names and reputations to obtain medical treatment, make expensive retail purchases, or even to file a false tax return and walk away with taxpayers' hard-earned refunds. It may seem obvious, but stopping criminals from getting information in the first place is the easiest way to stop identity theft from ever happening.

Smart strategies include choosing passwords for online accounts that are difficult to guess (e.g. they do not use words found in the dictionary or family members' birth dates); not sharing too much information on social networking sites, thus enabling criminals to guess the answers to "challenge" questions on bank accounts and other sites; safeguarding social security numbers, especially by keeping any documents with the number listed in a safe place at home and by making sure that any business requesting the number will also keep it protected; and removing labels on prescription bottles before they are recycled or tossed in the garbage.

In these ways, most New Hampshire residents can prevent themselves from becoming a victim of identity theft.


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