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Identity Theft in South Dakota

Identity theft is impacting larger numbers of Americans each year and is a billion-dollar industry for criminals. These thieves use stolen social security numbers, birth dates, names, and other information to walk away with new credit, cash drained from savings and checking accounts, and good names to use as aliases when arrested. This crime affects its victims greatly, as it can be extremely time-consuming and costly to repair one's reputation and credit score, proving that purchases and newly-opened lines of credit were done fraudulently. At its most extreme, identity theft can result in false imprisonment for crimes committed by thieves using someone else's personal information.

The IRS is also reporting an increase in tax-related identity theft. Taxpayers go to file their legitimate tax returns and are told that a return has already been filed using their social security numbers, earlier in the year - and that their refund has already been claimed by the people who turned in the fake returns. The IRS requests that any taxpayers who believe they have been victims of this type of identity theft file a report with them immediately.

In South Dakota, more than two hundred people each year report cases of identity crime. Identity Theft Protection services can protect residents by offering 24-hour monitoring of personal information and put a stop to any potential fraudulent activity before it has the chance to escalate into a larger problem. Customers in South Dakota can have greater peace of mind with having their identity protected round the clock, and any issues addressed quickly and without hassle.

Simple strategies can also go a long way towards protecting sensitive personal information. Even something as basic as keeping social security cards at home, in a safe place, rather than carrying them around in a wallet or purse can prevent identity theft before it happens - in South Dakota and elsewhere.


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Identity Theft In The News

Teacher in identity theft case sentenced to 48 hours in jail, two years probation

KNOX COUNTY - Ashley Wright, a Knox County Schools teacher who pleaded guilty to identity theft charges and stealing thousands of dollars from friends, family, and other Knox County Schools teachers, ...

Published:  Thu, 19 Jul 2018 13:19:00 GMT

Protect Your Kids From Identity Theft by Freezing Their Credit

If you've taken steps to protect yourself from identity theft, good on you. But if you're a parent, you're not done yet-your kid could very well end up as a victim. More than 1 million children in the ...

Published:  Thu, 19 Jul 2018 07:36:00 GMT

She used her DMV computer and stolen mail to commit ID theft. Now she'll do prison time

A clerk inside the California Department of Motor Vehicles who was accused of using her computer access to commit bank fraud and identity theft was sentenced in federal court in Sacramento to three ye...

Published:  Thu, 19 Jul 2018 17:11:00 GMT

Bronx man indicted in theft of Justice Department lawyer's identity to buy two BMWs

A Bronx man was indicted for stealing a Justice Department lawyer's identity to buy two big-ticket Beemers at a Westchester dealership, prosecutors said Wednesday. Anthony Williams, 29, pleaded not gu...

Published:  Wed, 18 Jul 2018 00:00:00 GMT

Former auditor at state office suspected of ID theft

A former senior auditor in the Special Investigations Division of the State Auditor's Office is wanted on charges of identity theft and altering driver's licenses. An affidavit seeking an arrest warra...

Published:  Thu, 19 Jul 2018 20:32:00 GMT

Defusing the identity theft time bomb

"The fact that any company can now harvest third party data means that they have a far greater responsibility to protect the data, particularly under the current regulatory landscape." It seems that e...

Published:  Thu, 19 Jul 2018 02:58:00 GMT

Columbus man's identity theft scheme included Canfield victim

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) - An Ohio man pleaded guilty in federal court to identity theft in several states on Thursday. U.S. attorneys said Albert McCall of Blacklick, Columbus bought people's identities ...

Published:  Thu, 19 Jul 2018 11:43:00 GMT

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