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      February 16, 2019

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Identity Theft in Arkansas

Arkansas MapIn a typical year in Arkansas, almost 2,000 people become victims of identity theft. Criminals steal personal information, particularly social security numbers, and use it in a number of fraudulent ways. They can open new store or bank credit lines, making large purchases before their victims even realize it. Payday loans can be opened across multiple states, racking up extraordinary amounts of debt. Bank account information can be used to drain savings and checking accounts in just a few minutes, leaving their owners with nothing. And, with so many issues surrounding health care in Arkansas, identity theft is often being used to obtain medical care with victims' information.

Recently, the IRS also informed the public of a rise in tax-related identity theft, where criminals utilize stolen social security numbers of Arkansas residents to file fraudulent tax returns and claim a refund. Often, victims are completely unaware of the theft and false tax return until they try to file their taxes and discover that one was filed previously, usually early in the year.

People in Arkansas have several options for protecting themselves from such criminal activity. First, there are several reputable Identity Theft Protection services available; customers receive constant monitoring of their credit and are informed immediately when any suspicious activity occurs, and if a breach should happen they are helped to recover their good credit. This often saves both time and heartache as it can often be costly for identity theft victims to repair the damage done. Also, Arkansas residents can protect their identity by not giving out personal information unless absolutely necessary, using firewalls and other measures on their personal computers, and by checking their credit reports and Social Security Administration earnings statements each year to make sure there is no unrecognized activity.

While identity theft is on the rise, most Arkansas residents can take steps to decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim of such crime.


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