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      November 18, 2018

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Identity Theft in Delaware

Delaware MapIn a recent year in Delaware, 725 people became victims of identity theft, ranking the state 13th highest in the nation at a rate of 81.9 cases of identity theft for every 100,000 people in the population.

People in Delaware have several options for better safeguarding themselves against such identity theft. First, many reputable Identity Theft Protection services offer customers around-the-clock monitoring of their credit and are notified right away if any suspicious activity is registered; if an identity breach happens, the protection company helps to recover their customers' good credit. This saves individuals both time and money as it can often be costly for victims of identity theft to repair the damage done on their own. Additionally, Delaware residents can better protect their identity by only giving out personal information when absolutely necessary, using firewalls and other data security measures on their computers, and by reviewing their credit reports and Social Security Administration earnings statements each year for any unrecognized employment or other activity.

Criminals take personal information, especially social security numbers, and utilize it in a number of fraudulent ways. Payday loans can be taken out in more than one state, incurring vast amounts of debt. They can open credit lines at banks or retailers, making purchases before their victims detect anything out of the ordinary. Stolen bank account information can result in drained savings and checking accounts in a matter of minutes, leaving Delaware account owners with nothing. Finally, the issues regarding health care in Delaware, identity theft is now used more frequently to access medical care with victims' information.

The IRS also informed the public of a recent increase in tax-related identity theft, where stolen social security numbers of Delaware residents are used to file falsified tax returns and take their refund. Unfortunately, victims are often not aware of the theft and fraudulent tax return until they attempt to file their taxes and learn that one was filed earlier in the year.


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