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      November 17, 2018

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Identity Theft in Indiana

Indiana MapTo protect yourself against identity theft in Indiana, the Federal Trade Commission recommends a number of simple-yet-often-overlooked strategies.

First, keep your devices secure. Make sure to install and use anti-spyware software, anti-virus software, and a firewall (and if you aren't sure where to get reputable products in these categories, consult the expert of your choice). Never open files, download programs, or click on links from strangers - and be careful with any emails you receive from people you know that look unusual (e.g. the well-known scam where you get an email saying that your friend is stranded in a foreign country and needs you to wire money to his motel in order to buy a plane ticket home). Be careful with the information you transmit over a Wi-Fi connection, as your data may not be protected. Don't keep financial information on your laptop unnecessarily, and always log off when you are finished using it; this will make it less likely that you will become a victim of identity theft.

Second, keep your personal information secure offline as well. Don't carry your Social Security card with you when you don't need it, and if you have a Medicare card, make a copy and black out all but the last four numbers on the copy; this should be sufficient for all but the first visit to your doctor. Whenever you are asked to share identifying information, particularly your SSN, find out if it is required to provide it, how it will be used, and how it will be protected.

Finally, for an added layer of protection from identity theft, consider using Identity Theft Protection services: it can be well worth the cost to have the peace of mind of knowing that your personal information, credit use, and other details are being monitored around-the-clock for any fraudulent activity, and that any unusual transactions will be detected in moments, rather than days or months.

Taking these measures will make it less likely that you will become one of the more than 4,000 people in Indiana who becomes a victim of identity theft in an average year.


Financial Education Benefits Center: The Best and Worst States for Identity Theft and Fraud

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Indiana anti-fraud efforts curb improper payments involving taxes

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - The Indiana Department of Revenue says identity theft prevention and refund fraud detection programs helped halt more than $9.7 million in improper payments during the 2018 budget ...

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Tax return fraud cut by initiatives

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana Department of Revenue says identity theft prevention and refund fraud detection programs helped halt more than $9.7 million in improper payments during the 2018 budget year. ...

Published:  Mon, 05 Nov 2018 21:00:00 GMT

Fraud prevention tools helped Indiana revenue agency halt nearly $10M in improper refunds

INDIANAPOLIS - Identify theft prevention and refund fraud detection programs at the Indiana Department of Revenue helped ... to income tax refunds to complete a four-question online identity confirmat...

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Federal judge won't dismiss charges in Hammond bridge theft case

"Proof of the offense, much less the return of an indictment based on a probable cause standard, does not necessarily require that the prosecution prove the identity of the property ... later cited by ...

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Drunk woman causes car crash: Beachwood Police Blotter

The Indiana woman was intoxicated and was charged with OVI, prohibited blood-alcohol content and not driving within marked lanes. No one was hospitalized. Theft, Cedar Road ... police false informatio...

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Video cameras provide extra sets of eyes

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Second person arrested in Crawfordville Pharmacy prescription drug theft

Babcock, had traveled together from Indiana to Wakulla County ... Anyone with information pertaining to the identity of the woman or any other information regarding the theft, please contact the WCSO ...

Published:  Wed, 14 Nov 2018 05:30:00 GMT

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