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      July 21, 2018

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Identity Theft in Louisiana

Louisiana MapIn a typical year, more than 3,200 residents of Louisiana are the victims of identity theft. This crime affects lives deeply, as criminals take personal identification and use it to open new lines of credit, get expensive medical treatments and surgeries, buy automobiles, rent apartments, and drain savings and checking accounts. Unfortunately, many instances of identity theft go undetected until after they have made a significant negative impact on victims' lives, sometimes resulting in an inability to get a mortgage or even in false imprisonment.

Another form of this crime that is on the rise in Louisiana is tax-related identity theft. The IRS has reported that many taxpayers are finding out that their information was used to file a fraudulent tax return, and that criminals walked away with the tax refund they were anticipating by filing the return earlier in the year.

What can people in Louisiana do to better protect themselves against identity theft? Identity Theft Protection services offer customers 24-hour coverage and monitoring of all of their accounts (bank, credit, etc.) and personal information, and their advanced software detects any suspicious activity within a matter of moments. This gives customers greater peace of mind, knowing that any identity theft is likely to be both detected and resolved quickly, rather than only coming to light when severe damage has already been done.

It is also important for Louisiana residents to protect their personal information carefully. Social security numbers should not be given out to any individual or business unless it has first been determined how that information will be used and safeguarded. Fake emails are also common, which try to get recipients to disclose account numbers and passwords; most banks and credit card companies will never send attachments by email, but rather store important messages securely within users' online accounts. Finally, computers' hard drives should be completely wiped before they are recycled or sold.


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Woman returns to Morgan City in bank theft case

This week, a Morgan City bank teller returned to Louisiana to face allegations she stole money from a bank. Stephanie Williams, 38, was booked with theft in excess of $25,000 ... a home and then burne...

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Authorities warn of massive equipment theft operation in Caddo Parish

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Brazilian pleads guilty in Louisiana identity theft scheme

Federal prosecutors say a 29-year-old Brazilian citizen has pleaded guilty in New Orleans in connection with an identity theft scheme involving credit card skimmers NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Federal prosecut...

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Louisiana residents still waiting for income tax refunds

Louisiana residents say they are still waiting for their money or just some answers. The Louisiana Department of Revenue says identity theft is part of the hold-up. "In 2011, there were nationally 1.1 ...

Published:  Sun, 15 Jul 2018 08:38:00 GMT

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