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      February 19, 2019

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Identity Theft in Maine

Maine MapMaine ranks third lowest in the United States when it comes to identity theft: only 38.8 out of every 100,000 residents will experience this crime in a typical year. However, for the more than 500 Mainers who reported identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission in a recent 12-month period, they were likely impacted in time-consuming, costly ways. Identity theft can hinder individuals' ability to get credit for a car loan or a mortgage, to obtain employment, or to pass a background check when looking to rent an apartment.

Fortunately, there are many things that residents of Maine can do to protect themselves against identity theft. One of the most important ways is by safeguarding their social security numbers. This information should only be disclosed when absolutely necessary, and only after determining how the requester will use and protect it. Also, social security cards should generally be left in a safe place at home, rather than in a purse or wallet; the same goes for any other documents (such as Medicare cards) that carry the number.

Another critical step is to keep electronic devices secure. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets should all be password-protected - with a password that is not easily guessed - so that thieves have a harder time accessing any personal information that might be found on those devices. Users should also log off every time they finish using password-protected devices. Similarly, fans of social networking sites should be careful to not share too much personal data, which could enable identity thieves to answer "challenge" questions on accounts and discover other information about users' lives.

Finally, there are a number of Identity Theft Protection services available to Mainers. These companies offer customers the security of knowing that their personal information is being monitored around-the-clock, and that any potentially fraudulent activity will be noticed and resolved quickly.


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