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      July 21, 2018

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Identity Theft in Vermont

Vermont MapVermont has the seventh lowest rate of identity theft in the United States, with approximately 44 cases reported for every 100,000 people in the state population. In one recent year, 277 Vermonters claimed to have been victims of this type of crime.

For those who wish to protect themselves more thoroughly against having their personal information stolen and used by criminals, Identity Theft Protection services offer customers around-the-clock supervision of their social security numbers, addresses, and other account numbers, flagging any potentially unauthorized activity and making sure any breaches are stopped before they can escalate into larger-scale problems.

Vermonters can also be sure to protect their identity using a few simple strategies. Keeping track of their social security numbers - one of thieves' favorite data points for obtaining new lines of credit, getting employment, and even filing false tax returns to claim taxpayer refunds for themselves - is an excellent safeguard. Social security cards should not be regularly carried in wallets and purses, but rather left at home.

For those who use Medicare, a copy of the card can be made and carried along, with all but the last four digits of the SSN blacked out on the copy. Also, when preparing to discard a laptop or other device, Vermonters should make sure to take any steps recommended by the manufacturer to clear personal data before the device goes to another user or is recycled. Finally, even something as small as removing labels from prescription medication bottles before recycling them can stop would-be thieves from getting information they need.

If a Vermonter believes that they have been the victim of identity theft, they should file a report both with the local police department as well as the Federal Trade Commission.

While identity theft is not as common in Vermont as it is in many other states, it is still wise for residents to take the precautions they can to make it even less likely that they will be impacted by this kind of criminal activity.


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