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      November 16, 2018

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Identity Theft in Wisconsin

Wisconsin MapIn a typical year, more than 2,700 Wisconsin residents report being victims of identity theft. While the overall rate for the state is thirteenth lowest in the nation at a rate of 49.1 cases per 100,000 people in the population, for those affected by this type of crime it is often painful, expensive, and time-consuming to recover from its impact. Identity theft can result in a loss of money as bank accounts are drained before account owners can prevent it, a loss of employment as background checks turn up crimes committed using someone else's name, and even imprisonment for those crimes under a stolen identity.

Taxpayers are also impacted by identity theft, as the IRS reports an increase in fraudulent tax returns. In these situations, criminals file a tax return using a stolen social security number and claim the return, often going undetected until taxpayers attempt to file an honest return and learn that one has already been filed earlier in the year.

Wisconsin residents can choose to do several things to better safeguard their information and be less likely to experience the negative effects of identity theft. First, Identity Theft Protection services provide customers with 24-hour monitoring of personal data such as birth dates, credit accounts, and social security numbers; customers get greater peace of mind knowing that any attempt to use their identity fraudulently will be noticed immediately and blocked before it becomes a larger problem. Next, Wisconsinites should make sure to use passwords that are difficult to guess (i.e. not the word "password", names of family members, or phone numbers) both on their laptops and other devices as well as their online accounts. Finally, any documents containing identifying information - bank statements, receipts, medical statements, and others - should be shredded prior to being recycled or thrown out.

In this manner, most Wisconsin residents have a better chance of avoiding the invasive crime of identity theft.


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