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      April 10, 2020

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Cellphone Repair Shop Review

Best iPhone Repair Companies

To help you find the Best iPhone Repair Services, provides you with an in-depth Cellphone Repair Shop Review.

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Where is the best place to get your iPhone repaired? Picture this: You're getting out of the car and forget your cell phone was on your lap. It goes flying onto the pavement the second you step out. Panic ensues as you pick up your phone to see a series of jagged cracks covering the black screen and the power button won't work.

Sound familiar? Or maybe you can imagine walking too close to the door frame with your phone in hand and banging it against the wall, only to look down in horror as your iPhone screen shatters. Other relatable, all-too-common cell phone tragedies include dropping it on the hardwood floor, jumping into the pool while realizing mid-air that your phone is in your pocket, or attempting to slide your phone into you back pocket only to hear it *plop* into the toilet. We've all done it.

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Cellphone Repair Shop


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Cost given after initial diagnostic test

Cellphone Repair Shop provides do-it-yourself cell phone parts and mail-in nationwide cell phone repair. Customers can choose from a variety of cell phone damage issues that fit their problem and are then instructed to mail their phone, battery, battery door cover, and order confirmation to the provided California address for repairs. Our main concerns with Cellphone Repair Shop are their lack of pricing transparency, outdated website, and scarce customer feedback.

On the repair services page where customers select their phone issue, everything says it is on sale for between $0 and $10. Do not be fooled thinking this is the actual cost of the repair service. These prices do not include parts or shipping. Once Cellphone Repair Shop receives your phone, they will run a diagnostic test to identify the issue, then contact you with the cost for parts to fix it. If you choose to move forward with the repair, you will purchase the part(s) required and the specific installation fee associated with the part. If you choose not to move forward with the repair of your cell phone, you have the option to recycle the phone for free, or pay Cellphone Repair Shop's bench fee of $25 plus return shipping and to get your phone back.

We feel that the process for sending your phone in sounds a bit like a trap. Once they have your phone, they will give you an unknown price to fix it, possibly on the high end hoping you will not want to go through the hassle of getting your phone back to go elsewhere. If you don't want Cellphone Repair Shop to fix it, they still make money off of you. We don't like the lack of transparency with their pricing. A 30-day warranty on all cellphone repairs conducted by Cellphone Repair Shop starts the day your cellphone ships from the repair facility and is limited to the exact repair performed on your phone.

When it comes to do-it-yourself repair parts, inventory is very limited. It is obvious that Cellphone Repair Shop does not keep a full selection of parts on new phones. There is not a single part available for Apple phones and very few options for all other types of phones. Most of the parts look like they were made for older models. It seems like the owners of Cellphone Repair Shop might not be committed to keeping their services current as shown by their most recent blog post written in 2012 with a discount code that also expired in 2012.

In general, the Cellphone Repair Shop website seems outdated. Very few reviews (if any) are available for the different repair services. They were all written between 2012 and 2014. We would advise using one of our higher-rated iPhone repair services rather than sending your phone into Cellphone Repair Shop. The pricing is a mystery and we don't feel confident that they know how to work on new phones or have the resources to do it.

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Continued from above

It's likely that the reason you are reading this right now is because you've accidentally broken your phone one way or another and urgently need it fixed. Nowadays it seems nearly impossible to live without a cell phone, so when something happens to it, frustration arises and it seems life completely comes to a halt. Thankfully there are many online options for iPhone repairs to get us back on track after a phone calamity.

When browsing different services, it is not a matter of if they are able to fix your phone, but more a matter of how well they fix it, what they charge, how prompt customer service is, and other important factors. iPhones are some of the most expensive phones on the market, so rather than pitching it and buying a new one, you'll need to carefully weigh your options and find the best service to get your phone up and running again.

Before choosing an iPhone repair service, we suggest you keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Price. How do costs compare when you examine different services? Make sure it is much cheaper to get your phone fixed than to buy a new one.
  • Dependability. If you're mailing your phone off, you'll want to find a service that looks trustworthy. You can gauge this by what other customers' experiences have been, how professional their website is, and how easy it is to reach customer service.
  • Guarantee. If you're paying for your phone to get fixed, you'll want to make sure it gets done right. What happens if your phone comes back and there are still issues?

To help you identify the best iPhone repair service, has reviewed and ranked a variety of options. We hope this information helps you find the best place for you to get your iPhone repaired quickly and professionally!

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