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      August 11, 2020

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  1. Helzberg Diamonds
  2. Super Jeweler
  3. Jared
  4. Reeds Jewelers
  5. Szul
  6. Jewelry
  7. Kay Jewelers
  8. Jewelry Television
  9. True Facet
  10. Netaya
  11. Diamonds International
  12. Palm Beach Jewelry
  13. Jeulia

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What You Should Look For In Diamond Color

Purchasing a diamond is a big commitment. While you donít have to be an expert on the stones themselves, itís important to have a solid understanding of what qualities to look for. Clarity and cut are important, yes, but you also need to know about the different colors diamonds come in and how they fall on the diamond color grading scale.

Unless you want a diamond with a hint of yellow or some other color, youíre going to want one that is as clear or white as possible. A diamondís color is determined while examined face-down under controlled lighting conditions. The color thatís revealed during this examination is compared to a ďmaster stoneĒ to give the examiner a basis for the color grade.

Color Grading

The color grading system was developed by the Gemological Institute of America or GIA and ranges from D to Z. a ďDĒ rating is the whitest while Z is for the brownest of stones.

Letís take a look at the grading scale a bit more closely so youíll know what your jeweler is talking about when you go to a store to make a purchase:

  • D is a completely white or colorless diamond. This is the highest grade available.
  • E-F is colorless as well. There is some color present but itís difficult to see with the naked eye. They are still very valuable.
  • G-H diamonds are almost colorless but not quite. You wouldnít be able to tell they have any color if you were to look at them on their own, but held up next to a master stone, a faint hint of color is discernible.
  • I-J diamonds are nearly colorless. You can see some coloring when the diamond is unmounted but once itís in a setting, itíd be very hard to see. Most diamonds used in jewelry have this grade.
  • K-M diamonds have a faint yellow tinge. You can see this color with the naked eye, but that doesnít affect the clarity. These diamonds are less expensive but they can still be lovely.
  • N-Z diamonds are on a sliding scale of very light to light yellow. These are inexpensive and not a good value. As I stated earlier, unless you want a diamond with a hint of color, you should avoid these altogether.

Now that you know the color grading scale, you can start asking yourself what you should look for in diamond color. That is, you can start browsing for a diamond to see what meets your preferences and budget. Ask to see several diamonds all lined up together of the different color grades so you can actually see the difference for yourself. The difference between an I-J and an E-F may not be noticeable in a mounted diamond, but youíll definitely notice a difference in the price tag.

Ultimately, you want a diamond that looks as colorless as possible with a high level of clarity. Remember: an informed buyer is a smart buyer. Good luck!

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