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      April 5, 2020

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Jewelry Stores

  1. Helzberg Diamonds
  2. Super Jeweler
  3. Jared
  4. Reeds Jewelers
  5. Szul
  6. Jewelry
  7. Kay Jewelers
  8. Jewelry Television
  9. True Facet
  10. Netaya
  11. Diamonds International
  12. Palm Beach Jewelry
  13. Jeulia

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How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring?

Are you thinking about getting married? If so, congratulations! However, whether youíve already popped the question or are just thinking about it, thereís a lot of things to consider. You have to find a venue, a band, book a caterer, get a cake. The list goes on and on. In all the hubbub though, donít forget to get your wedding rings!

Out of your entire wedding budget, you should spend about 3-5% on your wedding bands. This will ensure you get nice, matching bands that donít break the bank but still look lovely for the both of you.

About Engagement Rings

When youíre asking yourself how much should you spend on a wedding ring, however, youíre more often than not thinking about engagement rings. Engagement rings tend to be quite a bit more expensive and extravagant. That being said, just because there are certain ďrulesĒ or averages quoted on wedding websites doesnít mean you have to stick to them. What follows is just a guide of what is currently considered the ďnormĒ in terms of cost of engagement and wedding rings.

You might have heard this one: an engagement ring should cost as much as two months of your salary. Yes, that is the old ďruleĒ when it comes to determining your budget for the ring but donít let this hold you down. If this is just too much for your budget (and donít worry, it is for many people) donít feel pressured to buy outside of your means. Instead, opt for a ring that fits more within your budget. The engagement ring is just one part of what youíll be spending soon. Weddings themselves are quite expensive, so please try to keep that in mind.

Buying Options

If you have money saved up for a ring, that is the ideal situation. You see, if you buy a ring on credit, youíll be paying that off for several months. This means itís highly likely that youíll be married and your incomes will be combined before that debt is paid off. This creates the very real possibility that the recipient of the ring will be helping to pay off that debt, which doesnít seem right.

The less debt you accrue, the better, when it comes to wedding planning and starting out your lives together. Do you really want to begin your married lives buried in debt?

So, the answer to the question of how much you should spend on a wedding ring really comes down to personal preference and budget. Yes, the old rule is to spend two monthsí salary but thatís just not very realistic for a lot of people nowadays. Instead, opting for a more reasonable amount or even using an heirloom ring are more preferable options.

Additionally, itís important to differentiate between a wedding ring and engagement ring. Typically, youíll spend less on wedding bands than you would on an engagement ring but itís up to you. Remember: this is your big day weíre talking about. Do what feels right for your situation.

Jewelry Festival In Italy Still Scheduled Despite Coronavirus Concerns

Florence Jewellery Week is scheduled for May 28 - June 4. The founder of the biannual contemporary jewelry festival says he understands the challenges and health concerns but feels as if he has little ...

Published:  Sat, 04 Apr 2020 06:02:00 GMT

Suspects in killing of Stamford jewelry store owner in custody

Police say those believed to be responsible for the shooting death of Marco Jewelers owner Mark Vuono last Saturday are being held in New York.

Published:  Sat, 04 Apr 2020 10:00:00 GMT

17 understated jewelry gifts to give your mom for Mother's Day

If you're looking for an understated Mother's Day jewelry gift, you can't go wrong with any of the hand-picked pieces on this list.

Published:  Fri, 03 Apr 2020 15:17:00 GMT

Latest Jewelry Creations By Otto Jakob, Cindy Chao, Wallace Chan And Hemmerle

The TEFAF Maastricht art fair is one of the few places where some of the best high jewelry artists are together in one place. Although the 2020 show was cut short due to the novel Coronavirus, those w ...

Published:  Thu, 02 Apr 2020 07:39:00 GMT

Etsy Shared The Top Jewelry Trends People Are Searching Right Now

What is the purpose of accessories if not to decorate our outsides with little hints about who we are on the inside? Jewelry has the power to say a lot about its wearer, like what their belief system ...

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15 Jewelry Storage Ideas That Will Actually Double as Decor

We've all been there. You go to put on your favorite necklace only to find it tangled and knotted with approximately 15 other chains. Or you want to wear your gold stud earrings and can't-for the life ...

Published:  Thu, 02 Apr 2020 05:25:00 GMT

Can you help Dayton police ID jewelry thieves?

Police said the two men are suspected of working together to steal jewelry from Old World Jewelry & Loan on North Main Street in Dayton.

Published:  Thu, 02 Apr 2020 17:30:00 GMT

Vito Rizzuto's widow robbed of her jewelry - while she was at home

The house in Laval that now-deceased Mob boss Vito Rizzuto moved into months after he returned from serving time behind bars in the U.S. was broken into this week, according to La Presse . Citing ...

Published:  Fri, 03 Apr 2020 15:06:30 GMT

Celebs Can't Stop Wearing This Iconic Jewelry Brand

When it comes to jewelry brands, there is perhaps none as iconic as Cartier. The heritage label is one that has been around for a staggering 173 years since it was founded in Paris in 1847 and has ...

Published:  Thu, 02 Apr 2020 15:24:00 GMT

Janel Parrish's Jewelry Collection Will Have You Spreading Good Energy

Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish's jewelry collection with RivalWorld will have you spreading good energy. See our favorite pieces that just launched.

Published:  Thu, 02 Apr 2020 04:03:00 GMT

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