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Diamond Cuts Explained

When you go to the jewelry store to buy a diamond, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. One of the biggest factors is the four C's. One of the most important of the 4 C's is the cut of the diamond. Let's take some time here to go over the different types of diamond cuts so you will be knowledgeable when you go to buy a piece of jewelry.

Why is a Diamond Cut Important?

This is a good question. You see, the way a diamond is cut will directly affect how it reflects light. The more light a diamond reflects, the more sparkly and brilliant it will appear. In short, the more reflected light, the more valuable the diamond.

The way a diamond is cut will affect how the light reflects at different angles. So an ideal cut diamond will reflect light straight up at whoever is looking at it. If the diamond is cut too deep (where the sides are too steeply angled upward) the light will reflect off to the sides and won't appear very sparkly. If the diamond is cut too shallow (or the sides are angled too broadly) the light won't really reflect it all.

What Are the Proportions of an Ideally Cut Diamond?

Specific proportions must be met in order for a diamond to qualify as ideal. These proportions include the crown depth and angle, the girdle, the pavilion depth and angle, and the table size. You should never confuse the cut of a diamond with its shape. Yes, the shape of the stone will affect the cut, but they are not the same thing. The most popular shape is a round diamond. A round diamond has 57 facets. That makes up its cut. Differently shaped diamonds will have a different number of facets so different kinds of cuts. Other shapes include princess, Emerald, oval, heart, and so on.

Another thing to remember is that when a diamond cutlet is flattened to be placed in a piece of jewelry, this creates a new facet. So, a round diamond in a ring would have 58 facets, not 57.

The Symmetry of Diamonds Cuts

Beyond the way a diamond is cut, you also need to consider how well a diamond is cut. This has to do with symmetry. In a perfect diamond, the facets on each side will align with its opposite. You could cut the diamond in half and both sides would be exactly the same from all angles.

Again, the cut of a diamond is just one of the aspects you need to consider when you go jewelry shopping. It's best to thoroughly educate yourself on the subject before you even head to the store, though. Learn about the cut, the clarity and the rest of the 4 C's. Learn what marks a good diamond from a bad one. Finally, know how to spot a quality vendor from one trying to rip you off. Becoming familiar with all of these aspects will making buying a diamond that much easier.

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