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What Are the Different Shapes That a Diamond Can Come In?

When you're thinking about buying a diamond for a ring or other piece of jewelry, you need to consider a variety of factors. Otherwise, how can you make an informed decision about your purchase? You might be familiar with the different kinds of cuts for diamonds and how the brilliance of the diamond directly affects its value. However, you also need to think about the different shape options you have.

Common Diamond Shapes

Let's start with the most common, shall we?

The Round Brilliant is the most popular diamond shape. It's a classic and reflects more light than any other shape. It's truly beautiful and stands out. Honestly, you can never go wrong with this shape. Another popular choice is the Princess shape. It possesses a ton of fire and brilliance but its table is square, so it stands out from its setting a bit more.

Next up is the Emerald. This shape harkens back to times gone by. We're talking about the classic Hollywood movie stars here. It is largely flat and really allows you to see the clarity of the diamond. Similar in style is the Asscher shape diamond, with a stylish rectangular shape that acts much more as a prism. This shape creates a "Hall of Mirrors" effect that is really quite attractive.

Another option is the Pear shaped diamond. It's also known as the teardrop and looks very stylish. It's timeless and feminine and is certain to stand out in any piece of jewelry. Next up is the Radiant shape, which has high brilliance and is shaped like a square or rectangle. It combines features of the Emerald, Round, and Princess cuts for a standout look.

Less Common Diamond Shapes

Continuing on, there is the Oval, which is, as you might have guessed, oval-shaped and looks like a cross between the Pear and the Round. It's quite brilliant yet looks different than the standard Round. The Cushion diamond is a square with rounded edges. It's like a Princess but softer. You won't see this diamond shape as often as the others we've mentioned so far but it catches light in such a unique way that it creates a rainbow effect.

The Heart shaped diamond isn't for everyone but it can mean the world to its recipient. It's a rather romantic choice. There's also the Marquise, which was designed for Marchioness Madame de Pompadour by King Louis XV. It's elongated and brilliant. Finally, there's the Trillion, which is a shape usually utilized in accent stones. However, it's so unique looking that it'd make an excellent solitaire setting.

Now that you know the different shapes that diamonds can come in, you will be more prepared to make a smart decision for your next jewelry purchase. Whether you're buying a special gift for a loved one, going engagement ring shopping, or picking up something lovely for yourself, knowing the different diamond shapes can help you to make an informed decision. Plus, you'll impress the jewelry shop attendants with your knowledge!

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