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Junk Removal Reviews

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1 800 GOT JUNK

In business since 1989, 1 800 Got Junk currently has earned a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. The company operates in over 40 states across the entire country.

If you're worried whether they'll take your junk, you shouldn't be. 1 800 Got Junk will remove unwanted items from both homes and businesses. They take away your unwanted appliances, trash, carpet, construction materials, and much more. They also clean up the area once your junk has been removed.

The online order process is simple. You enter your zip code and choose an appointment range from a 2 hour window. This is much better than other junk removal companies, who require you to reserve a 4-hour block of time. Prior to arrival, 1 800 Got Junk will call 30 minutes before the start time of your appointment to make sure you're ready and give you an exact arrival time. Once they arrive, they'll review your project and give you an exact junk removal price. With your approval, they'll remove your junk immediately and finish by cleaning the area. If you don't like the price they quote you, they'll depart and you're assessed no charge.

1 800 Got Junk provides two fully insured movers that are licensed to remove junk in any location of your house or office including attics, basements and more. 1-800-Got-Junk is also a huge proponent of recycling. They send all reusable items to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and other charities.

The going rate for junk removal varies based on your location and how much you fill the truck. The prices we were quoted in our area were as follows: $538 for an entire truckload of junk, $349 for half the truck, and all the way down to $98 for the minimum. The capacity of the truck was 400 cubic feet and measured 10 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 5 feet tall. You may also be able to save $10 online by scheduling an appointment within 24 hours.

In summary, 1 800 Got Junk is a professional junk removal service that you can rely on. Knowing that your unwanted items will be recycled to various charities and companies means you're not contributing to unnecessary landfill issues. We appreciated the customer friendly service we encountered at all levels at 1 800 Got Junk. If you want to remove junk from your home or business, 1 800 Got Junk should be your first stop.

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College Hunks Hauling Junk is a no-nonsense company serving 46 major cities in the U.S. They provide a multitude of services including junk removal, packing, moving, unpacking, donating and recycling for both residential and business locations. This company is committed to customer service and that is evident in their friendly website, responsive customer service team, and numerous accounts of positive feedback from customers across the country.

College Hunks was started in 2003 and has grown to become a successful fortune 500 company that employs thousands of college students each year. They provide a free estimate for their services and base the cost on how much space your junk will consume of their 11ft by 8.5ft wide container, as well as, your location. We found that for our area a minimum junk removal charge starts at $85.00, $295 for half a truck load and goes up to $440 for a full truck. In comparison to some of the other companies reviewed their prices were very competitive. Quotes may be obtained from their quick and efficient website or via telephone.

A junk haul truck comes with two licensed, bonded and insured movers and they will accept just about any junk or trash outside of hazardous materials. Those workers will come into the home and remove the items for their current location, including attics and basements. You may request that items be donated to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Hope House and some of the other local charities in your area that each individual franchise works with.

If you're looking to clean up, de-clutter or donate some household goods, College Hunks Hauling Junk is a great choice to consider. With a strict focus on the customer and great pricing, they're worth a look for your next project.

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Mister Trash is franchise junk removal company that lacks a lot of friendly customer service and website polish. Mister Trash is not a wide spread national franchise as we would have expected. They are currently located in several cities within Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, DC, Florida, Illinois, and California.

You have to read the fine print, at Mister Trash, to find the locations they work in and the website erroneously accepts any zip code in error. We found out by calling the 1-800 number and being told "I ain't got no one there", that they could not assist in our area.

For the limited areas that Mister Trash is located they do provide a number of services such as junk removal, pressure cleaning, water removal and several other hazmat type services. Mister Trash promises assistance within 24 hours but does not offer convenient online scheduling and a high level of customer service.

To order service you must call the 1-800 number to schedule the appointment. The time frame is not a short window and talking to the company is not a stress free experience. The website also lacked the ability to estimate the cost of services.

Unfortunately we weren't able to get an estimate on prices for any areas - the person answering the phone said they would have to give the estimate in person but the estimates are free.

Overall, we couldn't find any reason to utilize Mister Trash until they expand their service area, improve their website and customer service.

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Junk Removal

Junk removal services are an efficient way to get your home or office back in shape and clutter free. These companies can come to your home, give you a free estimate, and quickly remove junk that you no longer need or want. Some will clean the area once they're done, and some will even donate any items that are reusable to needy charities.

Several junk removal companies exist today, but they vary greatly in a variety of ways, including professionalism, cost, and guarantees. Which junk removal companies can get you through the process with little to no stress on your part?

Before choosing a junk removal service, you should consider a number of factors. Some of these include:

  • Order process. Are you allowed to choose your junk removal appointment time online to save you time and hassle?
  • Included services. What type of junk will the company remove? Do they clean up afterwards? Will they donate reusable items to local charities?
  • Cost. Are estimates free? Does the company give you pricing over the phone? How does that compare with other junk removal companies? has reviewed and ranked the best Junk Removal companies available today. We hope these reviews help you get rid of the unwanted junk that's cluttering up your home!

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