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      September 23, 2019

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Keto Diet Review

To help you find the Best Keto Diets, provides you with an in-depth Keto Diet Review.

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Find the best Keto Diet with Diet Doctor Today! What is the best Keto Diet? Before you get started on this very-low-carb approach to eating, it's important to point out a few things. First, keto diets are different from other popular low-carb diets like Paleo and Atkins. Why? "Keto" refers to achieving a state of ketosis, a state where your body has to burn fat for energy instead of carbs.

While Paleo and Atkins may or may not get you there, a true keto diet will be very focused on high-quality fats, some protein, and very few carbs in order to help you reach ketosis. Also, following a ketogenic diet has been demonstrated to significantly improve the health and wellness of people with certain conditions.

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Keto Diet Reviews

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Keto Diet

KETO DIET Visit Site


$39.90 for a "personalized keto diet"

From your first moments on the Keto Diet site, the experience is... strange. With no preamble or introduction, the site asks you to indicate if you're male or female. Then, you indicate your level of physical activity, what veggies, meats (if any), and other foods you'd like to include in your plan, and other details about your life. The interface is beautiful, but it feels a little creepy to give this kind of information to the Keto Diet site not knowing what it's going to be used for. (It got even creepier when, without having entered any identifying details like our email, it pulled up our Facebook profile and asked if we wanted our plan to be sent to Messenger!)

Who is behind Keto Diet? Great question. The results and recommended plan we got were written in British English, but there's no address or other way of knowing where these keto diets are coming from. There's a section for Contacts, but all you get is an email form that goes...somewhere. Supposedly, there are more than 23,000 customer reviews - at least, according to the text above the payment button - but there's no link to any actual customer feedback.

Poking around in the FAQ, it seems that for a one-time payment of $39.90, you'll get a 60-day meal plan customized according to the information you entered during the sign-up process, and it will be delivered week-by-week to your email address. What does that meal plan look like? What kinds of recipes are included? Keto Diet doesn't offer you any previews, images, or samples of their program and plan.

According to the FAQ, you can get a refund within 14 days of purchasing the Keto Diet plan - but given how sparse the information the site already is, we wouldn't be holding our breath on that one.

With so many established, transparent, easy-to-use keto diet plans on the market today, there's no good reason to even try what Keto Diet offers. You'll have a much better experience with one of the higher-rated services in our review.

Visit Site

Continued from above

According to Harvard Medical School, there is solid evidence demonstrating that a keto diet is extremely effective in reducing seizures, especially in children. It's also thought that this high-fat, extremely low carb approach to eating may help patients with type 2 diabetes improve blood sugar control, and research is currently being done to see if following a keto diet can benefit people with Parkinson's, sleep disorders, and many other issues.

And, as with all big changes to your lifestyle and habits, it's essential to have a talk with your physician before committing to a keto diet, especially if you are taking medications or have health concerns. Most people following any kind of low-carb diet, including keto, will see an initial weight loss as they focus on healthier foods like vegetables and "good" fats like avocado. But, because the keto diet is designed to be extremely high in fat even compared with other low-carb approaches, it can affect the body differently.

So, you've talked with your doctor and you're ready to jump into the keto lifestyle! With so many programs and plans on the market, how can you tell which one is going to be the best fit? Here are several criteria to keep in mind as you evaluate different keto diet plans:

  • Expertise. Is the keto diet created by professionals like nutritionists and doctors, or is it the result of someone's personal experience with "living keto"?
  • Effectiveness. Will the program help you achieve a true state of ketosis? Will it help you lose weight safely and/or manage your health issues?
  • Cost. What will you spend to follow this keto diet? Do you have to buy supplements, test kits, or any other products that aren't a one-off purchase?
  • Ease of Use. Does the keto diet tell you exactly what to eat, prepare, and buy at the store, with no guesswork? Will you get the guidance you need to follow your plan? has reviewed and ranked the best Keto Diets available today. We hope this information helps you find the perfect plan for reaching your health goals!

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