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      October 16, 2018

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In today's global economy, Latin may not be the first language that comes to mind when deciding which foreign language to study. After all, it's considered to be a “dead” language, not spoken anywhere in the world. But, if you look carefully at the world around you, you may be surprised to discover how much Latin is already a part of your everyday language.

For example, Latin forms the basis of the terminology in every field of modern science. Why? As science develops, the new vocabulary typically comes from Latin and Greek roots. If you use a computer (Latin: computo, to sum up or count), work math problems with integers (Latin: integer, whole) and exponents (Latin: ex pono, ponere, out of place), or have to memorize the classification system of living things, you will be using Latin.

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Best Reviews


Latin Lesson Reviews

5 stars
Transparent Language

TRANSPARENT Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Transparent Language provides Latin instruction through an online platform with a monthly subscription plan. If you like flexibility in the sequence of your studies and don’t need mastery requirements to keep you focused, you will love Transparent Language’s Latin lessons. They earn our top ranking among Latin language programs.
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4 stars


Udemy is “the world’s online learning marketplace”, providing on-demand video instruction to more than 13 million students. They offer a variety of Latin courses that can be purchased a la carte according to your needs. If you’d like lessons that are most like sitting in a classroom, you’ll want to check out what Udemy has to offer. Be aware that you may need to make additional purchases of textbooks or other materials required by the course you select.
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4 stars
Rosetta Stone


Rosetta Stone is probably the first company you think of when deciding to study a new language. Their Latin lessons are provided solely on CD-ROM, with no options for online learning. Rosetta Stone does not offer much in the way of a free trial of their Latin program, but their 30-day money-back guarantee lets you give the program a try at no risk.
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Having a solid understanding of the latin language can make your studies much easier and more rewarding. Even the humanities use a significant amount of Latin. From business to law and beyond, you've probably become familiar with words and phrases like pro bono, caveat emptor, even veto and referendum: all derived from Latin.

If you decide to study Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese or Romanian at some future time, you'll have a big head start if you already know Latin. These Romance languages - so named because of the city of Rome, not because of love and flowers - all claim Latin as their parent language.

Finally, many schools of thought feel that Latin is an absolute requirement for a well-rounded, classical education. Knowing Latin has been shown not only to improve overall cognition but to also lead to a better knowledge of English language and grammar.

Overall, there are three primary factors to consider as you choose the Latin lessons that match your goals, individual learning style, and budget. These include:

  • Instructional Methods. If the program offers a sample lesson, try it out. Does it fit your ideal learning style (e.g. auditory, visual, etc.)?
  • Skill Level. Will the program provide more advanced lessons as you progress? Do you need any previous foreign language experience to succeed?
  • Value. Is the program a good investment? Does it provide you multiple levels for one price, or will you have to spend more later on lessons as you work your way through the program? has reviewed and ranked the best Latin Lessons available today. We hope these reviews will help you find the best Latin lessons to achieve mastery of the language!

Beginning Swing and Latin Dance Classes

Come join the fun of partner dancing with Body's Emotion Dance Studio. Join us on Tuesday nights as we explore the various swing and latin dances. Newcomer Swing class begins at 6:30pm and will cover ...

Published:  Mon, 15 Oct 2018 03:08:00 GMT

Pope draws lessons for Salvadorans from life of St. Romero

Calls on saints teaching that all Catholics should be "martyrs," that is, "witnesses" Today, Pope Francis greeted pilgrims from El Salvador, finding a lesson ... the cities of Latin America."

Published:  Mon, 15 Oct 2018 08:55:00 GMT

OU Latin Dance Club to host annual fiesta featuring professional performances

The 13th annual Latin Ball Fiesta will have a free Latin dance lesson at 9 p.m. for professionals and newbies alike. As the night progresses, there will be time for professional performances, music fr...

Published:  Thu, 11 Oct 2018 09:43:00 GMT

Karns High students petition to stop elimination of Latin classes

Karns High students petition to stop elimination of Latin classes Karns High's Latin classes could be on the chopping block, and some students are outraged and are circulating an online petition. Chec...

Published:  Tue, 02 Oct 2018 02:24:00 GMT

Latin may help students bridge their native language with English

"Spanish-speakers may also be at an advantage because they can use home language resources to help learn Latin roots and see more cross-linguistic connections." For example, the Latin root of the Engl...

Published:  Thu, 04 Oct 2018 16:42:00 GMT

Latin life lessons from Quintus son of Caecilius

Lucy Kellaway's article " Get with the program" (Life & Arts, September 8) - given pride of place on the class noticeboard - is a great hit with our Year 12 and 13 students at Guildford County School, ...

Published:  Fri, 12 Oct 2018 12:39:00 GMT

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