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Developed in 1987, Hooked on Phonics is a popular and award-winning reading program. The program is divided into three parts: children ages 3-4, children ages 5-7 and children age 8 and up. The concept behind this reading program is children will learn, practice, and play to develop reading skills. The Hooked on Phonics web site is easy to use and visually well organized, which make choosing the right product a snap!

Hooked on Phonics offers several different reading packages. The basic reading set costs $199, while an introductory set runs $100. The basic set includes an incredible amount of items, such as workbooks, 10 chapter books, 10 companion books, 30 storybooks, 10 audio CD's, 1 CD-ROM, 6 progress posters, stickers, flash card sets and 3 parents guides! Enough to keep anyone busy for quite some time. Items may also be ordered a la carte and prices range anywhere from $4.00 and up. These include workbooks in a variety of subjects such as math, writing and critical thinking skills. The program really stresses ordering one of the packaged sets, and then tailoring it as needed with a la carte items.

Hooked on Phonics has won numerous awards. Some of these include the Teachers Choice Award, National Parenting Publications Award and Curriculum Administrator Districts Choice. Their web site provides numerous testimonials from happy parents, students and educators. Hooked on Phonics offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Hooked on Phonics also runs occasional sales promotions; at the time of this review, the web site was offering free shipping and 30% off your next purchase. Items may be ordered on-line or through a toll free number. Hooked on Phonics also offers customer support online.

If you're looking for an effective learn to read system that supplies you with teaching materials and delivers fantastic results, Hooked on Phonics is an excellent program.

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CNK Digital is a unique phonics program that is designed to be used completely on-line. The entire program consists of 100 phonic lessons, which cover a complete curriculum from kindergarten to 3rd grade. CNK Digital may be used by anyone age 4 and up. Each of the lesson plans run an average of 20 to 30 minutes. The cost of the program, which includes a lifetime membership, is priced very reasonably at $59.85. Individuals may also choose to pay in three installments of $19.95. The company accepts all credit cards and even paypal.

This program is used in over 1,000 schools nationwide and has many positive testimonials from students, parents and educators. The lessons can be taken from any pc with an internet connection, making the program very convenient for parents, educators, and children. Besides learning to read, the child is learning basic computer skills at the same time. If you're curious about the program, CNK Digital offers free lessons online for you to sample the program. This program may also be used for children with learning disabilities and is great for parents who home school.

While all our reviewers thought the website was fun and easy to use, some also found it a little visually over-whelming; with the audio commentaries, flashing blurbs, and a plethora of color highlighted words. However, this design works very well for children and all agreed that the lesson plans themselves were first-rate.

Clink N Kids offers a generous money back guarantee policy. They offer a 60 day "no questions asked" refund, regardless of how many lesson plans completed. They also offer a guarantee that if your child or student completes all 100 lessons and has not improved in reading, you may request a full money back refund.

CNK Digital earns high marks for its effectiveness and fun factor. If you're looking for an online-based reading program, CNK Digital is an excellent product.

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English 4 Today is a unique on-line reading program specifically designed for adults where English is not their first language. The company's website is fairly busy, with almost too much information. Be prepared to spend some time online figuring out the different services and products that are offered.

The English 4 Today website offers a number of learning areas on their website. You get access to such services as an online magazine, quizzes and games, an interactive forum and chat area, downloadable software and an intensive array of writing resources. They also provide access to dictionaries and a thesaurus.

The learn to read program fees will vary depending on the needs of the customer. A one month membership costs $10.00, three months $15.00, six months $24.00 and a year is $36.00. English For Today is running a special for a one-year membership plus the cost of the software for $46.00. There are also services to create your own website.

If you are an adult with minimal English ability English For Today might be worth a look. There were a few happy testimonials from previous customers. A one-month membership might be the safest choice. Just remember that the web site has a great deal of information; so be prepared to spend some time learning about the options they provide.

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Learn To Read

If you want to succeed to today's world, you need to master the fundamental skill of reading. Everything from success in school, to landing good jobs, to staying informed about the world around you, requires the ability to quickly read and comprehend the written word.

And, the earlier a person starts to learn to read, the better. While many adults can certainly find success in learning English as a second language, studies show that a child's mind is especially adapt at learning language skills. The sooner one starts to recognize sounds, letters, and words, the more quickly they can acquire the skills necessary to read.

When evaluating the different Learn to Read programs, there are certain factors you need to consider. Some of these include:

  • Effectiveness.  How well does the learn to read program work? Is it being used by other learning institutions?
  • Materials.  Do you receive training materials with the learn to read program? Or is it built to be used primarily online? Which option fits best with how you intend to use it?
  • Cost.  How expensive is the learn to read program, in relation to similar ones offered? has reviewed and ranked the best Learn to Read programs available today. We hope these reviews help you share the joy of reading with someone you care about!

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