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Life Insurance Reviews

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E Financial offers a free, quick and easy way to compare multiple life insurance quotes side by side. Simply enter in your personal information, answer three simple medical questions, and E Financial will offer you quotes from at least four top-rated life insurance companies.

After entering your information, the first option you are given is to see a quote from Fidelity Life, which offers moderately priced plans without the need for a medical exam. Fidelity Life applications are also usually approved within 24 hours. This is a great option if you don't want to deal with medical exams and want to complete the entire life insurance transaction online.

E Financial also lets you compare four different life insurance quotes side-by-side. The life insurance companies that E Financial draws from are top-rated in their industry, and are all well-known and established companies. We liked the fact that the life insurance quotes all included the length of coverage, annual premium, monthly premium, the purchase rating, and the chance to request an application. If you find a life insurance company you like, then you simply click on "request an application", where you are given simple instructions on how to proceed.

The E Financial website is also loaded with valuable information covering virtually every aspect of life insurance. From insurance needs and life expectancy calculators, to articles that explain different types of life insurance and tips on purchasing life insurance policies, this site is truly information-packed and worth a visit whether you decide to register for a free quote or not.

E Financial is a secure website, and they are members of the Better Business Bureau.

E Financial gives you an easy way to shop for top-quality life insurance 24 hours a day, from the comfort of your own home. They constantly monitor over 100 life insurance companies and allow only the best and most competitive life insurers to fight for your business. Combined with an easy-to-use website that delivers unmatched customer service, E Financial earns our highest rating.

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One of the most challenging aspects of getting life insurance online is knowing that, once you submit your information, you're likely to be bombarded by messages from a slew of agents and agencies, all trying to convince you to go with their policy.

Not so with Haven Life. Underwritten by Mass Mutual, an A.M. Best A++ company, Haven Life insures you directly and quickly. Their process is extremely streamlined compared with what you might experience with other life insurance companies - for eligible applicants, most of their policies can be started immediately, with no need for a health exam for generally healthy individuals. Haven Life calls this "InstantTerm", using technology to analyze the information you provide in your application to make a coverage decision in real time.

We recommend that you start with Haven Life's Life Insurance Calculator, to get an idea of your coverage needs. You'll find it in the drop-down box under the "Get Covered" tab at the top of the page. There, you'll enter your birthdate, annual income, zip code, and a few other details about your circumstances. (Be sure to click on the "Advanced Settings" option if you'd like to fine-tune your results by health, childcare needs, and so forth.) You'll then get a recommended coverage amount, based on the information you provided. Click on "View My Quotes" to see your options.

We were surprised to find on our results page that there were options listed with other insurance companies. Fortunately, our information was not passed along to those companies unless we chose to do so. We also saw that Haven Life's premiums were not always the lowest, especially at higher coverage levels . We appreciated the transparency, and we also were able to see that the higher premiums may have been the trade-off for the instant online decision for coverage - compared with the three-to-six-week approval process required by other carriers.

Haven Life is a reputable, affordable source of large term life insurance coverage. We give them high marks for transparency, a strong history in the industry, and a quick approval process for qualified applicants.

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US Insurance Online provides life insurance shoppers the option to connect with up to eight different insurance providers. The company is located in Austin, Texas and is owned by All Web Leads. US Insurance Online will take your personal information and pass it along to independent insurance companies. While we assume US Insurance Online is compensated by the insurance companies they work with, they do not charge a fee to the customer.

The process of getting started is easy at US Insurance Online. The life insurance shopper simply completes a rather straightforward survey that will be passed along to several insurance companies. Questions include gender, age, height, weight, tobacco usage, policy type, coverage, hobbies, contact information and more. The language on the website states that they will send your information to up to eight insurance companies and their partners. From customer feedback we learned that insurance shoppers can anticipate several phone calls, email and text activity after completing the US Insurance Online questionnaire.

For those that want to have insurance companies contact them versus looking up phone numbers and making calls than US Insurance Online is a place to start. However, this lead generating company does not save you time or money by first finding the best premiums from the most reputable life insurance providers. We also had some concerns with the privacy of our information and who the alleged "partners" were that may obtain the details.

US Insurance Online provides life insurance shoppers up to eight quotes from local insurance agents and there partners. They do not weed out or sort through any insurance companies first before sending on your contact details. This could potentially mean that you are receiving an overabundance of calls, texts and emails requiring your response when you aren't interested in that particular company.

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Insure Me is a free referral service that makes it easy to find life insurance for you and your family. Insure Me is an easy site to navigate and offers the chance to get life insurance quotes from multiple agents. You start by simply entering your zip code, after which you are directed to personal information page.

Once you enter all of your information and answer some health questions, you are "matched" with various insurance companies. You will then be contacted by someone from each company you are matched with.

Insure Me explains clearly what it is - a referral site. It is designed to match you with various insurance agents who can help you get the type of policy you need. You will need to be prepared to do a lot of the comparison work on your own as you talk with several different agents and companies.

Insure Me is an easy site to use and explains clearly what they do - refer you to agents. The site is secure and backed by the Better Business Bureau Online. They are able to find agents in all 50 states to help you cover your life insurance needs.

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Insure Lane is a user-friendly website that is very easy to navigate. The site offers a complete line of insurance products, including life, health, group, dental, auto, and homeowners' quotes. For our review purposes we looked at their life insurance quote process.

Insure Lane tends to be a bit misleading regarding what they offer. While the quotes are free, you do not get your quotes after completing their brief application process. Instead, when you click on "get me up to 5 quotes" you will be directed to a page that informs you they have sent your information on to insurance agents and you will be contacted in the next 24-48 hours.

While it's true that the quotes are free, you do not get to compare anything prior to getting calls from multiple agents. We feel this defeats the purpose of what most people are looking for when they visit an online quote site.

Insure Lane is really a "lead" site for insurance agents. The site is easy to navigate and delivers on its promise to get you quotes, but be prepared to talk with agents directly and negotiate one-on-one.

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Net Quote is a quote referral site for insurance agents. The quotes you will receive are free and they are available in all 50 states, however you will not be able to view any quotes online. Net Quote walks you through a basic health questionnaire and then submits that to insurance agents you have been matched with.

After you complete your application, you receive an email that lists all the agents in your area that you have been matched with. Your phone number and email address are given to these agents, who will then start to call you. While technically delivering on the promise to give you multiple quotes, it does not give you the chance to do some initial research without the hassle of an agent. Eventually you may want to speak with an agent however, so this service is still helpful.

Net Quote does give you some helpful information in order to be prepared when an agent calls you. They give you 5 questions to ask the agents in order to help match you with the best one. They also give you a buyer's guide for purchasing life insurance as well as tips to help you save on life insurance.

Net Quote is a secure website that is easy to navigate. We just wish they didn't force you into talking with an agent to get your quote.

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Quote Whiz is an online service that promises consumers an easy way to compare insurance rates for Health, Life and Automobile insurance. The website directs life insurance shoppers to get started by entering your zip code, informing us that we will need to enter some personal health information and then we will get to choose from plan options from leading life insurance providers with no obligation to buy. We entered our zip code to get started and then a new window popped up asking us to enter our birth date, if we use tobacco products, have any pre-existing medical conditions, and our height and weight. After submitting that information we were asked for additional information including the cancer history and heart disease of our immediate family, have we been convicted of a DUI, the type of insurance we are looking for (term, whole life, etc.) and the amount we were seeking. We are then required to enter our telephone number, e-mail and address.

After entering the information and clicking the "get quotes" button, a notice comes up saying "Thank you we are going to call you now to reconfirm your quote, please pick up the phone." No quotes for any life insurance rates were given on the website, just a list of insurance providers and this notice that we would be receiving a telephone call…likely from an insurance sales agent. The links listed were either for life insurance providers or other "insurance finder" websites that don't have quotes readily available and would presumably require you to enter your information all over again. It appears the promise of "getting plan options from leading providers and reviewing the choices with no obligation" is only possible if you are willing to accept a call from an agent trying to sell you insurance. There are zero quotes or comparisons given as part of the online service at the Quote Whiz Life Insurance website.

Quote Whiz asks for quite a lot of very personal information that takes longer to enter than other life insurance comparison sites. Then they don't delivery any competing rates or insurance quotes of any kind, only links to other insurance finder type websites. We especially didn't like the way you were forced into receiving a telephone call from an agent after entering your information as it seemed like just a way to invite a sales call rather than receiving honest rate comparisons. We recommend going elsewhere for your life insurance comparison shopping.

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Life Insurance

Granted, life insurance is not one of the most exciting products you can buy. That may be why millions of Americans are uninsured or underinsured, and don't even know it.

Which is unfortunate, because life insurance premiums have dropped by 50% over the last 10 years. In fact, life insurance is more affordable now than at any other time in history. If you're somewhat healthy, you can buy a lot of life insurance without spending a lot of money. That's partly because people are living longer; those savings are passed back to you in the form of lower life insurance payments.

The most inexpensive form of life insurance, and the kind that generally gives you the most value for your dollar, is term life insurance. With this type of policy, you pay a premium each month for a certain number of years (usually 15, 20, or 30). If you live beyond that term, your coverage is ended (although you may extend under certain circumstances).

If you don't live past that term, your beneficiaries receive the face amount of the life insurance policy.

How much life insurance do you need? As a rule of thumb, experts say you should have between 7 to 10 times the amount of your annual salary. And you shouldn't rely on your employer's life insurance benefits only; typically their value is much less than what you need, and is not portable should you change jobs.

There are a variety of factors to consider when looking for a life insurance policy. Some of these include:

  • Cost. Life insurance rates are very competitive. You don't want to overpay for the coverage you need.
  • Insurer. You want to be sure that you're buying life insurance from a quality company that will be around for the next 30 years.
  • Convenience. How complicated is the process to apply for a life insurance policy? Do they offer a variety of payment options? Do they give you multiple ways to contact them? has reviewed and ranked the best Life Insurance programs available today. We hope this information helps you find the right life insurance policy that meets your needs!

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