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Living Trust Reviews

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LegalZoom provides a thorough living trust creation process. This company's history and interactive website are impressive, and their documents are all reviewed by an attorney and come with a guarantee. Working with LegalZoom is just about as close as you can get to working one-on-one with a lawyer without having to pay expensive attorney fees.

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With Rocket Lawyer you can form a living trust today and at a very affordable price. The website carefully walks the user through the process of asking easy to understand questions that ultimately build each document. A customer friendly website, affordable pricing and a strong history give Rocket Lawyer high marks.

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Global Wills provides affordable options for all things related to estate planning. The website is not the most professional, among the bunch, but provides plenty of information about living trusts and the option to create legal documents for a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer.

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Shoppers will identify that Find Legal Forms is a no-nonsense, no frills website offering a number of estate planning forms and assistance building those. There's not a ton of hand holding that occurs throughout the process but the history behind this company and the affordable pricing make Find Legal Forms a little intriguing.

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The US Legal Forms website is a bit rudimentary. Shoppers may sort by Living Trust and their specific State but the results are busy and less appealing than companies ranked higher. Shoppers must also purchase the product before attempting to create a living trust. US Legal Forms does have a strong BBB rating.

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Nolo failed to wow us with their DIY legal assistance products. We didn't find the customer friendly resources and information we found at other companies ranked higher and their prices weren't as low as some of the other companies reviewed. Nolo missed the mark for us when it came to finding a customer friendly living trust provider.

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TOPS is an office supply and legal documents website without the bells and whistles of those companies ranked higher. The search engine functionality, resource and details at many other companies was void at TOPS. We wanted a more customer geared shopping experience and didn't find it at TOPS.

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Living Trusts

A living trust is a term that we hear now and then, related to a person's assets and how they will be divided should that person pass away. A person can create a living trust at any adult age, and know that should the inevitable occur, their home, bank accounts and investments will be pass on to their loved ones without the intervention and delays associated with a court proceeding.

A living trust is a legal document that is often created by a trust lawyer. Involving a traditional attorney can cost thousands of dollars and take months to finalize. However, a number of online legal document companies exist today that allow people to create their own living trusts for just a fraction of the cost of hiring an expensive attorney.

Before choosing a do-it-yourself living trust provider, you should consider the following important elements:

  • Information. Does the website thoroughly explain a living trust?
  • Website Functionality. Is the website professional and helpful in walking you through creating a living trust?
  • Guarantee. Does the living trust company back the accuracy of their forms and the information they provide?
  • Cost. How does the cost of creating a living trust compare to similar companies? has reviewed and ranked the best Living Trust services available today. We hope these reviews help you create a living trust that you can feel confident with!

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