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      July 17, 2019

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Best Living Wills Better Business Bureau Reliability Seal

Get Your Legal Will with Law Depot Today! If you've ever spent time in the hospital you're probably familiar with the term "Living Will". A Living Will, or advance directive, identifies your preferences on health care should you become incapable of making those decisions yourself.

Living Wills can identify who makes the critical decisions for your health care needs if you can't - such as if you wish to be resuscitated, what measures to take if there is no brain activity, and more. This is an important document for every adult to have in place no matter your age or health status.

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Best Reviews


Living Wills Reviews

5 stars
Law Depot

LAW DEPOT Visit Site


$33.33 per month

$21.95 for two weeks access

$95.88 for one year (one week free trial available) Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Law Depot is a leader in online documents that allows customers to create effective yet affordable legal agreements such as a living will, power of attorney, prenuptial agreement, and hundreds more. One of the reasons that Law Depot ranked so high in our reviews is that the process of creating a living will is extremely easy yet very affordable.

To create a living will the customer simply answers a series of questions online. The process for completing your living will includes:

  1. Select the state in which you live. From there, simply answer the questions provided.
  2. Review your documents.
  3. Download and print your living will. If any questions come up in the process, Law Depot is available for assistance.

Law Depot's website is engineered for even the least legal and computer savvy website visitors. Customers will also find helpful tips and hints when completing the living will questionnaire, making it easy if you need any clarification about creating your document. All Law Depot documents are updated regularly so that customers can feel confident in the online forms they are using.

Law Depot provides customers three options when purchasing a living will:

  • Free one week trial for as many legal documents needed. $33.33 per month if not cancelled.
  • Basic License. 2 weeks access to create and print as many health care directives as needed.
  • 1 Year Pro License. Create as many legal documents as needed.

Law Depot is so confident in their prenuptial agreement service and backs that up with a 100% money back guarantee. Essentially, if you are not satisfied with your service, Law Depot will refund any purchases within 50 days. If a problem occurs as the result of a bad document, Law Depot will cover any legal expenses up to $50000 and will pay customers $100 for any mistakes they may find. Law Depot is also a member of the Better Business Bureau and holds an A+ rating at the time of review.

Law Depot provides anyone an affordable and simple, DIY living will option to be produced and completed from the convenience of home. This is a great option for your living will needs.

Visit Site

4.5 stars
Legal Zoom



From $39.00 to $49.00

LegalZoom is a big name in the legal document arena. All of their online forms and processes have been developed by attorneys. Legal documents may be prepared online and from the convenience of home. We liked that a living will doesn't have to be an expensive and complicated matter with LegalZoom.

We felt the instructions and user questions used to complete these forms were not as complicated as some of the other companies reviewed. Additionally, members of the LegalZoom team review each of your answers, so that the final document is consistent and complete. This is a significant benefit, as a customer using a completely automated legal form could easily make mistakes. When the form has been finalized, LegalZoom will print it and ship it to you.

The price of preparing a living will is more expensive at LegalZoom but that takes into account the expert set of eyes that reviews each document:

  • Basic - $39.00. Includes state specific provisions, expert review, acid-free paper, and free revisions for 30 days.
  • Comprehensive - $49.00. For $10 more than the Basic package, shoppers can receive all of the benefits of the basic package along with a long list of extras. Some of those include rush processing, email delivery and access to Legal Advantage for 30 days.

All of the do it yourself legal forms available at LegalZoom are clearly written and easy to use. The website is also very easy to navigate. However, LegalZoom is slightly more expensive than some of the companies reviewed and do not provide a free trial option as this time. However, for those that like another set of eyes on these kinds of things, LegalZoom is a great choice for a little more money.

Visit Site

4 stars
Rocket Lawyer



$39.95 per month

$95.88 per year (free 1 week trial available)

Rocket Lawyer is a professional legal document website. It is also a membership based business that has helped individuals and businesses create legal documents for over 10 years. Unique to Rocket Lawyer is that all of their legal forms are reviewed by attorneys.

Constructing a living will is simple at Rocket Lawyer. Users are asked to create an account and answer several straightforward questions to build the living will. Your questionnaire answers will be saved for 30 days if you need to return to the process later. The last step is printing and signing your living will.

Rocket Lawyer is a membership based legal documents website which means that customers have access to create hundreds of legal documents as needed for the period of time they choose. Before signing-up for the service, you can browse through all the documents Rocket Lawyer offers. Membership options include:

  • Free one week trial. This includes access to create and print unlimited documents. $39.95 per month if not cancelled.
  • Monthly Legal Plan. A credit card is charged monthly for access to unlimited legal documents and assistance from an attorney on any respective documents.
  • Annual Legal Plan. Create as many legal documents as needed but save by paying an entire year up front.

Monthly or annual membership with Rocket Lawyer includes unlimited personal legal documents, a personal legal assistant for questions, free consultations and discounts from participating lawyers. If you want to go paperless, Rocket Lawyer allows you to e-sign, share, and store your documents.

Rocket Lawyer's website is generally informative and helpful when questions arise. The company currently holds an A ratting with the Better Business Bureau.

Rocket Lawyer is a solid company for individuals wanting to create living wills and hundreds of other legal documents. We liked that customers have access to lawyer reviewed documents but would have liked to have seen some guarantee or promise that backs their service. Overall, Rocket Lawyer is a solid choice for your living will needs.

Visit Site

3.5 stars
Find Legal Forms



$6.99 flat fee

Find Legal Forms is a no-nonsense California based company that provides assistance with creating living wills and numerous other legal documents for next to nothing. Most shoppers of Find Legal Forms will observe a straightforward, no-frills, do-it-yourself legal documents website. For those wanting to create a living will, the effort can't be completed any cheaper than at Find Legal Forms.

The website is informative and easy to navigate. Shoppers will first choose their desired form, the state in which they reside and then complete the purchase. Once the transaction is complete, the shopper receives an editable, basic, state-specific living will that is available in .doc, .wpd or .rtf formats. All Find Legal Forms are compatible with Windows, Max OS X or Linux. The forms also come with a free option for an electronic signature if you need to get it signed in a hurry. You can download the forms within 48 hours of purchase and use them multiple times as needed.

Find Legal Forms also offers a 60 day money back guarantee. Find Legal Forms does provide a 1-800 customer support line for general questions as well as online support via email. Shoppers may also find their answers in the FAQ section for common questions. All forms have been reviewed by their attorneys, before purchase but not after the customer creates.

Overall, we appreciate that Find Legal Forms offers some of the most affordable living will documentation available anywhere. If you are familiar with a living will and what needs to be included, Find Legal Forms is a very affordable option.

Visit Site

3.5 stars
Global Wills



$17.95 flat fee

Global Wills is an expert in helping customers create wills, living wills and other estate planning documentation. Shoppers will find two affordable options for their specific needs including an e-book with detailed instructions on how, when and where to create a living will. Global Wills also offers an e-form option.

The Global Wills website is not as clean and professional as many of the other companies ranked higher. For example, finding the two different living will products takes some hunting around. Some shoppers may be able to put aside the look and functionality of the website to find very affordable do it yourself legal documents found at this website.

The living will e-book is written for residents of all 50 states and includes 342 pages of information and instructions. The price is very affordable, especially if purchased direct from Global Wills. A positive to purchasing this option is that it will be downloaded and accessible for many years to come, assuming no major language changes need to occur. However, many people aren't interested in reading the in's and out's of living wills and prefer to expedite the documentation process.

For those in a hurry, Global Wills also offers an e-form option. This includes a handful of downloaded forms used to create a customized living will and at an affordable price.

Global Wills is a solid choice for customers who are confident enough to complete documents without professional help, and their living will product offerings cost less than many other companies we reviewed. However, if you are looking for more guidance in completing your document or are in a hurry, you might first consider a higher ranked company.

Visit Site

3 stars
Parting Wishes



From $34.95 to $149.95

Parting Wishes offers a host of end of life services including legal items such as wills and powers of attorney, as well as other services such as recording your personal funeral wishes and setting up online memorials. Parting Wishes currently holds an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Navigating to the living will page, at Parting Wishes, we find a simple layout with a brief explanation about what a living will is intended for. It outlines the fact that the living will gives power of attorney regarding personal health care to a named individual in the event that a person cannot make decisions for themselves. It also discusses the provision that allows the owner of the living will to designate their preference on resuscitation in the event of a critical health situation. Below this is a section with answers to frequently asked questions. We thought it was helpful to have this on the There is also a link to the pricing section, and a link to the “My Living Will wizard” which will get a customer started in creating the living will.

The process of creating the living will is very simple. The wizard takes the customer through several short sections where personal information is entered, starting with the basic name and address and eventually naming the people you wish to give power of attorney to, and also your desired treatment in the event of critical health events. The entire process takes about 10 minutes and is very straightforward.

The cost of the service is dependent on which package is purchased. The least expensive package at Parting Wishes does not include the living will, so it is necessary to purchase the ‘silver’ package at the very least. This includes the living will, as well as the ability to set up a list of funeral wishes, notes to loved ones, memorials, and a personal website with the history of the customers life that goes online when they pass away. The cost of this package is $34.95 including the ability to make unlimited updates for one year. The cost goes up to $64.95 for a 10 year period of updates, $99.95 for 25 years, and $149.95 for unlimited updates for life. This is a reasonable cost for this selection of services. For an additional $69.00 a lawyer will review the living will document created by the customer to ensure it is legally viable.

We give Parting Wishes a decent rating for value and reliability, but would have liked to see the legal review come free with the purchase of one of the packages. We also noted the price is slightly higher than some of the other highly regarded companies.

Visit Site

2 stars

TOPS Visit Site


$49.14 flat fee

The Tops Company (Trade Offset Printing Service) has been in business since 1953 and is one of the leading manufacturers of office supplies in the United States. This review focuses on the Living Will kit available to consumers who wish to complete their own living will document.

The Tops website is an online warehouse featuring all of the various products that they have to offer. The bulk of the products are in the office supply category, with labels, folders, binders, and other common supplies that make up the lion's share of Tops business. Finding the Living Will section is a little difficult. We searched for it by selecting "forms" and then "legal forms" and then "personal legal forms" but could not find it. We finally found it by doing a search for "Living Wills", and then website returned a long list of various living will kits. The options included some living wills that are specific to certain states, some for single people vs married, and also separate products for amending and revoking living wills.

When we selected the Living Will kit, a screen appeared with a very brief description of what you receive with your purchase. Then there is only an option to purchase this kit for $49.14. There is no additional information on what living wills are or any explanation of why someone may need one. There is no guidance on which of the many various living will kits would be right for which customers. There are no links to additional resources, no frequently asked questions, nothing other than the option to purchase the kit.

The creation of a living will is an important step for many people who are planning their estate. It's a critical life decision for many people. Unfortunately Tops seems to be selling their living will product in the same way they sell file cabinets and notebooks; with very little guidance or helpful information. We don't feel this is the best way for a person to go about the business of creating a living will.

Visit Site

Continued from above

While a Living Will is a legal document, that doesn't mean that you have to pay an expensive lawyer to draw up and certify your document. A number of online companies exist today that will allow you to create your own, official Living Will for a small fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney.

Not all Living Will services are the same, however. Before paying someone for your Living Will, you should consider the following:

  • Information Provided. Does the website thoroughly explain the Living Will process?
  • Guarantee. Does the company back the accuracy of their Living Will and the advice they provide?
  • Cost. How does the cost of creating a Living Will compare to other companies?
  • Website Functionality. Is the website professional and easy to use, or will it leave you frustrated and confused? Does the company walk you through the process of creating a Living Will and explain the choices available in great detail? has reviewed and ranked the best Living Will services available today. We hope these reviews help you create a living will fthat you can feel confident with!

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