March 21, 2018

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Color Selection for Your Logo

If you're considering creating or changing your company logo ponder the color choices first and how they may impact your image. Perceptions are developed at a very young age and are hard to break. As an example, kids learn in preschool that green means go, yellow means slow and red means stop. As such, your company message and brand representation may be easily conveyed in a logo design simply by choosing the right color of the font or image. Further, we as people have an emotional response to color - what emotional response do you want your logo to create?

Consider the perception and emotions colors represent in your logo selection process:

  • Red is a popular logo color as it signifies strength, action, excitement, relationships and intensity. It is often used in logo design to grab the consumers eye and attention.
  • Brown is common with environmentally friendly products and services. It signifies nature and a sense of calm to many people.
  • Pink is not just for girls anymore. While often associated with female driven goods we also associate pink with gentle, soft, romance, love and innocence. The color pink is also widely associated with breast cancer awareness. It is often used in logos to add a feminine element.
  • Orange is a powerful color that stands out from others. Often associated with creativity, innovation, affordability and enthusiasm orange is another popular color especially for products geared towards our youth.
  • Yellow equates to happiness, sunshine and play along with caution and curiosity. Yellow, much like red, can have conflicting messages. It can represent sunshine and happiness or caution and fear. Yellow is often used in logo design to get attention, create happiness and warmth.
  • Green is often translated into health and nature. Healthcare, diet food and health clubs often use green in their logos.
  • Blue represents calm, confidence, loyalty, success, and trust. Blue is calming and can stir up images of authority, success and security. It is one of the most popular colors in logo designs and is often associated with corporate logos.
  • Purple is a warm color that is often coupled with royalty, power, mystery, religion, and sophistication. The color purple can be found in many education related and high end product logos.
  • Black is a distinctive color that often translates to serious, bold, tradition, formal, and classic. Black can be found in many logos for its sophistication.
  • White is the color of peace, purity and truth. It is often used in conjunction with a colorful background.

Consider the meaning of color and your target market before choosing your logo. A properly designed logo will grab the attention of the right customer and exude a brand image that they want to be a part of.

DC's Shazam! Official Movie Logo Revealed

While fans wait to see an official image of Levi in his costume, the first logo for Shazam! has now been revealed by WB and DC. The design is big, bold, and bright, and still manages to include Shazam's lightning bolt in a fun way. Check it out ...

Published:  Tue, 20 Mar 2018 10:56:00 GMT

Artist Teams With Nike To Reimagine NBA Team Logos

Polish artist, Filip Pagowski, the man behind Comme des Garcons heart logo design, has partnered with Nike to reimagine all 30 NBA logos for a special edition t-shirt collection that will release next month. Each of the shirts feature Pagowski's familiar ...

Published:  Tue, 20 Mar 2018 12:15:00 GMT

Is This The Logo Of The Future

Think about it: Decades ago, logos went from being static on a page to full-motion videos. More recently, visual branding went from TV commercials to snarky Twitter personalities. Now, as physical space enters the equation with augmented reality apps ...

Published:  Tue, 20 Mar 2018 05:15:00 GMT

Will the '90s Logo Trend Last Here's What the Experts Have to Say

He's referring to one of the brand's more recent sneakers which boasts a large Asics logo on the shoe's upper, an atypical design for the athletic retailer. "I honestly think we were ahead of our time, and the market had gone super minimal with ...

Published:  Thu, 15 Mar 2018 16:12:04 GMT

Google tests rounded mobile search design without full Google logo

Google is reportedly testing a new mobile search interface, according to Android Police. This new interface uses a more rounded design and boldly omits the full Google logo at the top of the search results page. Instead, the G icon appears in the rounded ...

Published:  Mon, 12 Mar 2018 06:26:00 GMT

Nike Retools the Air Force 1 Low With a New Logo Design

Nike's iconic Air Force 1 Low is set to take on a minimalist makeover for the spring/summer season. Last hitting our pages in the "Taiwan" release, which placed gradient-hued patent leather Swooshes onto the side areas, the new rendition ...

Published:  Mon, 19 Mar 2018 21:04:00 GMT

El Pollo Loco unveils new logo, brings back tostadas

Featuring a more modernized chicken graphic and a red and black color scheme, El Pollo Loco said the new logo is inspired by its Los Angeles roots and its commitment to fresh, authentic Mexican-inspired flavors. Designed by On the Edge, the design incorpor ...

Published:  Wed, 14 Mar 2018 11:56:00 GMT

Malaysian Central Bank Slams ICO for Misleading Logo

In a cautionary note released on Sunday by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), the central bank took aim at a cryptocurrency project named Coinzer, which it says used the BNM logo and the Jata Negara, Malaysia's coat of arms, in its proposed token design ...

Published:  Mon, 12 Mar 2018 04:50:00 GMT

The Real Reason the McDonald's Logo Is Yellow and Red

The brain processes color before it processes words or shapes, so that's why the fast-food chain chose these two colors for their logo and brand ... color green into their storefronts and interior design because it's associated with nature and being ...

Published:  Mon, 12 Mar 2018 17:53:53 GMT

Koenig & Bauer Receives iF Design Award

Wķ¼rzburg - Koenig & Bauer has been named among the winners of this year's iF Design Award and can thus point proudly ... by a highly distinctive blue segment with a backlit company logo. Particular mention was also made of the uncluttered and ...

Published:  Fri, 16 Mar 2018 03:02:00 GMT

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