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      November 13, 2019

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How to Use your New Logo

As you probably already know, establishing a logo is not an inconsequential thing - it gives your customers an identification of your company or product that can literally make or break your business. The art, color and overall design of the logo is one of the biggest focuses of many big name companies - often they devote millions to the effort. The same goes for small businesses, with regard to focus on the logo. You don't have to spend millions or even thousands to have a successful logo in use but, keep these rules to in mind with regard to using your logo properly.

A logo designed to last the test of time does not need to be replaced very often. Think of Coke, Pepsi and many other companies that have the same or very similar logos for as many years as we can remember the product. Unless your logo is completely off base and not attracting customers, than a logo change shouldn't happen very often - if ever.

Make sure people understand the importance of consistency. Whether it’s the business owner, the marketing department, office manager or any staff you have on board, make sure they understand they must use only one logo. When a different version of a logo is used it can cause great confusion for a potential or existing customer - and deliver the wrong message. They may wonder if someone else bought out the company, if the same products and quality of products or service will be available, if their favorite staff members are gone and if they should use you again in the future. All employees should have access to the correct logo file or files to avoid using either a bad version or modifying an existing copy.

You may need more than one version of your logo. Depending on the marketing or communication you'll be doing, multiple versions of a logo may be necessary. The versions will be very similar in nature, as to avoid customer confusion, but may be sized differently for letter head versus shirts, trinkets, business cards, and more. It is reasonable to have more than one version of your logo. Sometimes you see a black and white version, horizontal and vertical versions, big and small, with the tag line and without.

Prioritize your logo options. It’s best to consider one version of the logo to be the #1 or the “master” and then identify others for specific purposes. The master has the core colors, tag line, preferred size and more. Attempting to utilize the master logo as much as possible will put customers at ease and avoid the confusion that occurs when a brand appears to have changed.

From The Atlantic to "A': The 162-Year-Old Magazine Gets a New Logo

The Atlantic's longtime cover logo is the latest element to evolve ... the politically focused magazine has whittled away all extraneous design elements and nearly all cover text for its ...

Published:  Tue, 12 Nov 2019 02:03:00 GMT

New Raptor logo kills with Gallatin High fans

Schnee added that Universal Athletics will be selling Gallatin High gear online starting Wednesday. Some trustees donned T-shirts with the new logo. Classic Ink, a Bozeman marketing, graphic and web ...

Published:  Mon, 11 Nov 2019 19:30:00 GMT

Gallatin High School unveils new Raptors logo and mascot design

BOZEMAN - Bozeman's new Gallatin High School on Monday released its logo and mascot design for the Gallatin Raptors. In a press release, Gallatin High School principal Erica Schnee said the raptor ...

Published:  Tue, 12 Nov 2019 09:13:00 GMT

City of Hays sports new logo design

A new logo with a simple, lowercase yellow "h" and "city of Hays" beside it, is the new brand design for the City of Hays, rolled out to the media on Tuesday by City Manager Toby Dougherty and the ...

Published:  Fri, 08 Nov 2019 13:21:00 GMT

SuperM Unveils Official Light Stick Design

SuperM has revealed their official light stick! The sleek design features the group's official logo and includes a concert light syncing feature. The light stick is currently available for preorder on ...

Published:  Mon, 11 Nov 2019 19:18:00 GMT

New Resource Site Empowers Marketers, Designers To View The Best Designs In Web, Logo, Package, Print, App & Video, a new online resource for designers and marketers, showcases the best designs for website, logo, print, app, package ... also provides an in-depth analysis of each ...

Published:  Tue, 12 Nov 2019 16:07:00 GMT

Four Rules Of Effective Behavioral Design

You can launch an entire brand using behavioral design, including your name, logo, product, tagline, packaging, website, etc. I'm often asked if behavioral design is appropriate for a specific ...

Published:  Tue, 12 Nov 2019 05:04:00 GMT

Reebok drops the delta from its logo

The new logo has been installed outside the company's 220,000-square-foot headquarters at Boston's Innovation and Design Building. "At Reebok, our mission is to be the best fitness brand in the world.

Published:  Fri, 08 Nov 2019 03:50:00 GMT

Facebook's New Logo Is Neutral-and That's the Point

The hot takes were flying on Monday when Facebook (or is it FACEBOOK?) released their new corporate logo. Commentators from the worlds of design, media and social media weighed in the effort, labeling ...

Published:  Fri, 08 Nov 2019 08:52:00 GMT

To promote Kansas City, business group turns to a familiar T-shirt design

Could it be jazz? New Orleans would argue the point. After talking about it with the community for the better part of a year, the Kansas City Area Development Council thinks a familiar logo could ...

Published:  Fri, 08 Nov 2019 05:00:00 GMT

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