March 23, 2018

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How to Use your New Logo

As you probably already know, establishing a logo is not an inconsequential thing - it gives your customers an identification of your company or product that can literally make or break your business. The art, color and overall design of the logo is one of the biggest focuses of many big name companies - often they devote millions to the effort. The same goes for small businesses, with regard to focus on the logo. You don't have to spend millions or even thousands to have a successful logo in use but, keep these rules to in mind with regard to using your logo properly.

A logo designed to last the test of time does not need to be replaced very often. Think of Coke, Pepsi and many other companies that have the same or very similar logos for as many years as we can remember the product. Unless your logo is completely off base and not attracting customers, than a logo change shouldn't happen very often - if ever.

Make sure people understand the importance of consistency. Whether it’s the business owner, the marketing department, office manager or any staff you have on board, make sure they understand they must use only one logo. When a different version of a logo is used it can cause great confusion for a potential or existing customer - and deliver the wrong message. They may wonder if someone else bought out the company, if the same products and quality of products or service will be available, if their favorite staff members are gone and if they should use you again in the future. All employees should have access to the correct logo file or files to avoid using either a bad version or modifying an existing copy.

You may need more than one version of your logo. Depending on the marketing or communication you'll be doing, multiple versions of a logo may be necessary. The versions will be very similar in nature, as to avoid customer confusion, but may be sized differently for letter head versus shirts, trinkets, business cards, and more. It is reasonable to have more than one version of your logo. Sometimes you see a black and white version, horizontal and vertical versions, big and small, with the tag line and without.

Prioritize your logo options. It’s best to consider one version of the logo to be the #1 or the “master” and then identify others for specific purposes. The master has the core colors, tag line, preferred size and more. Attempting to utilize the master logo as much as possible will put customers at ease and avoid the confusion that occurs when a brand appears to have changed.

Frontier Airlines kicked off professional skateboarder because of his shirt logo, man claims

Mallory is claiming he was discriminated against because his shirt's logo displays two guns with the words "Big ... "You have a right to wear this kind of artistic design have that right without being discriminated against," Davis said to ...

Published:  Thu, 22 Mar 2018 13:10:00 GMT

Apple logo creator will share his design secrets at live event this month

The Apple logo is among the most iconic corporate symbols in the world, and (with minor color-related tweaks over the years) has been used to represent Apple since 1977. If you want to hear the story behind it, from original designer Rob Janoff, you'll ...

Published:  Thu, 22 Mar 2018 06:27:00 GMT

"˜Shazam' director came up with the logo design himself

Earlier today, Warner Bros. released the first poster for Shazam which gave us a look at the movie's logo. Director David Sandberg took to Twitter to reveal that he came up with the logo's design and used it in his presentations to Warner Bros.

Published:  Tue, 20 Mar 2018 21:01:00 GMT

BlackBerry Ghost Pro is another premium Optiemus design likely coming soon to India

All we know is the BlackBerry Ghost Pro looks sharper and boxier than the "regular" variant, with an easily discernible logo on its "chin" , relatively thin "forehead" , and a side-mounted power button sporting some sort of a distinguishing pattern.

Published:  Thu, 22 Mar 2018 08:37:00 GMT

SHAZAM Director David F. Sandberg Reveals How The DC Film's Logo Came About

It turns out David F. Sandberg made a logo for his pitch to WB and the studio's marketing department decided to base their design on that particular version. Months ago I made a logo myself in Blender to use for presentations and stuff. They wound up ...

Published:  Wed, 21 Mar 2018 07:05:00 GMT

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