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The Logo Design Team provides the best logo designs, for the right price, with excellent customer service. You can expect unlimited revisions as well as a 100% guarantee at any time during the process. The website is professional and walks you through the process step by step. If you're in need of a logo for your business or organization, Logo Design Team is our top choice.

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The Logo Company is an attractive website that commands your attention right away. The logo for The Logo Company is original and sets the tone of confidence in their designs. The Logo Company now comes with a 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked.

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You may be familiar with Deluxe because of their personalized checks and accessories, but this well-established business also provides a solid variety of logo services. We like that even their lowest-tier package includes more than one designer on your project and 4 design concepts. Deluxe's services do tend to be a bit more expensive than the competition.

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Logo Design Guru is a full service site offering logo design packages, brochure packages, and web solutions. They offer a lot of information on a very slick website, which is organized neatly for easy navigation and efficiency. Unfortunately, the lack of a refund policy hurts this site in our rankings.

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CrowdSPRING is a website which connects those looking for professional quality logo design with creative designers from around the world. Customers set the timeline for completion along with the amount to spend, and work with your selected designer to tweak the logo until completely satisfied. Competitive pricing and a large group of design professionals are two reasons CrowdSPRING gets good marks in our review.

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Logo Maker is a simple, efficient, do-it-yourself logo site. The basic concept of Logo Maker is to design your own logo using the various images on file, add your own wording or company name, and pick your own colors. For a relatively small fee you've just made your own logo.

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Logo Bee is a business logo and corporate identity design site for all business types. The home page is organized and insightful. Logo Bee has an equally organized process to design your logo. Logo Bee received a lower rating than other sites simply because their higher prices, complicated refund policy and slower turn around time than other sites reviewed.

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Logo Care provides a straightforward approach to creating a logo. We liked the flat rate fee of $269 and all that is included in that price. However, we had a few concerns with the responsiveness of the customer service team and our specific company contact.

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Pixel Logo provides a unique concept to logo design. You peruse a list of available logos and select what best meets your needs. If you want any changes to the logo you've select (like colors, font and more) additional fees apply. Additional fees also apply if you want to make that logo unique to your business.

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48 Hours Logo is relatively new to the logo business and uses a base of global freelance graphic designers to assist with creating logo designs. The process of obtaining logo ideas is more work than any other company reviewed and the cost is based on demand and how much attention the customer wants for their projects. We didn't like the hassle of vying for the attention of graphic artists that may or may not do a good job on our logo design. The process seemed like a bit of a hassle and thus ranked low in our review.

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Logo Yes is another do it yourself logo company with website performance issues and substandard logo concepts. The process is easy and cheap but we're confident you won't want to buy what you make. Website performance issues only add to the disappointment at Logo Yes.

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Logo Design

Establishing a business identity is one of the most important, and most visible, aspects of a new venture. Your logo is the cornerstone of your business identity. Everywhere that you will market your company - whether it be on a website, through print advertising, on business cards, headlining company stationery, or even on billboards or television commercials - your logo conveys your company's image.

Are you looking for a logo that's more serious Or whimsical Casual Or professional There are many choices that need to be made when it comes to designing a logo. Everything from the logo color scheme, to the choice of graphics, and even the lettering font and size must blend together to produce your desired effect.

And it's very important to design your logo right the first time. Changing a company's logo can be very expensive, in terms of time, dollars, and reputation.

There are a number of factors you need to consider when looking at logo design services. Some of these include:

  • Quality.  Are you working with a team of highly skilled graphic artists Will they listen to your needs before working on your project
  • Convenience.  How quickly will you be able to see your logos What is the revision process How many revisions are you allowed in your package
  • Cost.  Although an effective logo is extremely important, chances are you don't have an unlimited budget. How expensive will it be to get a distinctive, impressive design has reviewed and ranked the best logo design services available. We hope this information helps you create the corporate image you're looking for!

What a Quality Logo Can Do For Your Company

A brand is the perceived personality of a company as a whole and the logo helps identify that business via a design, word or symbol. A quality logo is imperative to the image of a company in a number of ways. No matter how wonderful the company and the products or services are, if you don't have a logo, or the one you do misses the mark, you could be in trouble.

A quality logo design helps new businesses look and feel established. A professional looking business logo and marketing materials help make your new business more credible. This is important to growth and company success. This also increases the likelihood that customers will trust using your service or product.

Logos are also easier for customers to remember. A picture, symbol, or even words in a unique font, are much faster to memorize and be identified with than a company name. Also, the use of graphics in a logo can help explain to customers what you have to offer - eliminating some of the questions or confusion when a new company name appears out of the blue. As consumers grow to know, like and recognize a logo they are more likely to respond positively to marketing efforts which could lead to sales and company success.

Without a quality logo your company will appear unstable and fly-by-night. Your potential customers will feel uneasy and unsure if purchasing your product is a good decision and will wonder how long you'll be in business. Most people don't want to commit to something that isn't expected to be around in a few months or could be managed by those with shady intent. If you've considered designing your own logo, to save money, think again. An unprofessional logo will in turn make your business look unprofessional. Customers could perceive you as unable to create quality goods or services. Kind of the age old mindset that if you don't care what you look or how you represent the company you won't care about the product you're selling. Also keep in mind that if you plan to design your logo yourself and then switch it with a professional replacement, once you have a larger revenue stream, you'll only end up confusing the consumer. They'll question if someone bought out your company, if new staff have replaced those that they felt comfortable with before and if something negative happened that you're trying to hide. Avoiding a logo change, at all costs, is the best way to avoid creating negative attention.

In summary, a professional looking logo is important to the perception of your potential customers. Substituting a home grown logo today will lead to poor sales and customer confusion in the future.


Logo Design In The News

Frontier Airlines kicked off professional skateboarder because of his shirt logo, man claims

Mallory is claiming he was discriminated against because his shirt's logo displays two guns with the words "Big ... "You have a right to wear this kind of artistic design have that right without being discriminated against," Davis said to ...

Published:  Thu, 22 Mar 2018 13:10:00 GMT

Apple logo creator will share his design secrets at live event this month

The Apple logo is among the most iconic corporate symbols in the world, and (with minor color-related tweaks over the years) has been used to represent Apple since 1977. If you want to hear the story behind it, from original designer Rob Janoff, you'll ...

Published:  Thu, 22 Mar 2018 06:27:00 GMT

"˜Shazam' director came up with the logo design himself

Earlier today, Warner Bros. released the first poster for Shazam which gave us a look at the movie's logo. Director David Sandberg took to Twitter to reveal that he came up with the logo's design and used it in his presentations to Warner Bros.

Published:  Tue, 20 Mar 2018 21:01:00 GMT

BlackBerry Ghost Pro is another premium Optiemus design likely coming soon to India

All we know is the BlackBerry Ghost Pro looks sharper and boxier than the "regular" variant, with an easily discernible logo on its "chin" , relatively thin "forehead" , and a side-mounted power button sporting some sort of a distinguishing pattern.

Published:  Thu, 22 Mar 2018 08:37:00 GMT

SHAZAM Director David F. Sandberg Reveals How The DC Film's Logo Came About

It turns out David F. Sandberg made a logo for his pitch to WB and the studio's marketing department decided to base their design on that particular version. Months ago I made a logo myself in Blender to use for presentations and stuff. They wound up ...

Published:  Wed, 21 Mar 2018 07:05:00 GMT

DC's Shazam! Official Movie Logo Revealed

While fans wait to see an official image of Levi in his costume, the first logo for Shazam! has now been revealed by WB and DC. The design is big, bold, and bright, and still manages to include Shazam's lightning bolt in a fun way. Check it out ...

Published:  Tue, 20 Mar 2018 10:56:00 GMT

Baseball Hall Of Famer Won't Use 'Chief Wahoo' Logo

it will feature the team's "block C" logo and not the "Chief Wahoo" design that has been criticized as being racist against Native Americans. The decision to forego the Chief Wahoo design that was a prominent part of the team's uniforms during Thome's ...

Published:  Thu, 22 Mar 2018 12:15:00 GMT

Artist Teams With Nike To Reimagine NBA Team Logos

Polish artist, Filip Pagowski, the man behind Comme des Garcons heart logo design, has partnered with Nike to reimagine all 30 NBA logos for a special edition t-shirt collection that will release next month. Each of the shirts feature Pagowski's familiar ...

Published:  Tue, 20 Mar 2018 12:15:00 GMT

Is This The Logo Of The Future

Think about it: Decades ago, logos went from being static on a page to full-motion videos. More recently, visual branding went from TV commercials to snarky Twitter personalities. Now, as physical space enters the equation with augmented reality apps ...

Published:  Tue, 20 Mar 2018 05:15:00 GMT

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