April 27, 2018

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Caring For Your Luggage

As is the case with most possessions, the proper care will ensure both quality and longevity. Much like the clothing that you wear, luggage must be cared for in accordance with its design and material used for its construction.

American Tourister, one of the leading luggage manufacturers in the United States, recommends cleaning hardside luggage using a gentle soap and warm water. After rinsing well, the company recommends that anyone wishing to preserve the luster of their luggage and add resistence to its covering should use a quality silicone-based automobile or furniture polish. “We do not recommend, however, that you try to clean the luggage with a combination cleaner-polish,” says American Tourister.

Softside luggage can be spot cleaned using mild soap and water. In addition, you can also use products designed for spot removal on clothing or a cleaner designed for car mats and/or automobile carpets. Remember, it’s important to rinse the luggage thoroughly after cleaning.

Storage is also an important part of maintaining the quality of beauty of your luggage. As such, it is recommended that you avoid placing your luggage where it would be susceptible to extreme heat or cold, which may cause aging. “Any American Tourister luggage which is being stored in an attic or basement should be taken out of storage, opened, and permitted to ‘air’ regularly,” according to American Tourister. This action will help to prevent mildew resulting from humidity, which is often present when/if an item is not used frequently.

If you own a luggage set, it may be a good idea to store it in the same manner as you received it. Most sets will come with the smaller pieces packed into the larger ones for convenient handling. Storing your luggage this way will also help to preserve the smaller pieces and will leave only the largest exposed to the outside air. In addition to frequent cleaning and allowing your luggage to air out by frequently removing it from storage and opening it, this method will protect the majority of your set from stains and everyday buildup that may occur if each piece were to be placed in storage separately.

Aside from the aforementioned methods of caring for your luggage, it’s important that you remain mindful of your items while traveling. Although a hardside suitcase is strong, it is not invincible. Depending on the mishap, this type of luggage can and will suffer damage though it is the strongest of all luggage. Softside luggage features the ability to expand, which means it is flexible and more likely to suffer tears or rips. Taking special care when handling your luggage will result in many long and happy travels.

The majority of luggage manufacturers, including Samsonite and American Tourister, offer warranties on their luggage. These guarantees are not enforceable in the event of misuse, but are a valuable promise of quality and will be appreciated in the event of a problem relating to the design or workmanship of the luggage. It is important to save all purchase receipts and documentation relating to the purchase of luggage, including warranty information, incase a claim should later need to be filed.

American Airlines passenger finds dead rat in her luggage, warned about "˜plague'

Merry Cannon and her two young children, ages 1 and 5, were joining her husband on a business trip to Europe when they encountered a series of alleged traveling issues including a dead rat discovered in their luggage. The family booked flights on American ...

Published:  Wed, 25 Apr 2018 13:34:00 GMT

Luggage strapped to car roof hits bridge archway

April 25 (UPI) --An Australian driver captured video of a fellow traveler losing the cargo piled atop their car when passing under a bridge's archway. The video, recorded Wednesday in Thirlmere, New South Wales, shows the car pulling up to the archway and ...

Published:  Wed, 25 Apr 2018 11:07:00 GMT

UAE- Flying Emirates Get your luggage picked up from home

(MENAFN - Khaleej Times) Emirates has announced the introduction of a home check-in service, a new service which allows customers to check in for their flights from anywhere in Dubai. The service is available for customers across all classes travelling on ...

Published:  Thu, 26 Apr 2018 02:56:00 GMT

Woman Discovers Dead Rat Inside Luggage Lost And Returned By American Airlines

A passenger has claimed that American Airlines lost her luggage only to return it after five days with a dead rat inside. "The whole trip with American Airlines was a bit of a nightmare and the rat in the bag was, for lack of better words, the cherry ...

Published:  Wed, 25 Apr 2018 02:00:03 GMT

Hatboxes, Cannabis Cases, and Carry-Ons: How a Supermodel Designed the Boho Luggage of Your Dreams

Between TSA regulations, baggage fees, and all the other hassles that come with travel, luggage is rarely considered for more than its functionality. The market is flooded with high-tech rolling suitcases and practical duffels, but few brands capture the ...

Published:  Wed, 25 Apr 2018 13:16:00 GMT

This couple wants tourists to pay $6 a day to store their luggage with a total stranger

Husband and wife Neha and Sid Khattri were on the final leg of a four-week vacation when they found themselves in an inconvenient predicament: The Khattris had plans to visit LA's beaches before their flight home to New York, but had nowhere to leave their ...

Published:  Sun, 22 Apr 2018 09:08:00 GMT

Tiffany Haddish Rails on TMZ for Not Helping Her Load Her Luggage

Tiffany Haddish has beef with TMZ. Our photog spotted Tiffany and her friends Sunday at LAX and apparently watched as she loaded up a slew of bags into an SUV. Once the bags were in the back, we started asking questions. Tiffany wasn't playing ball, and ...

Published:  Sun, 22 Apr 2018 11:09:00 GMT

The Away Bigger Carry-On with Pocket Is the Smart Luggage I'd Buy

Away is one of the biggest brands in the newly burgeoning Smart Luggage category. Yes, even the suitcase you take on vacation is getting tech-y features. The standard feature on all smart bags is a portable battery that snaps into the suitcase, so you're ...

Published:  Sat, 21 Apr 2018 08:00:00 GMT

Travel luggage market insights shared in detailed report

According to research report "Global Travel Luggage Market: Analysis By Price Point (Value & Mid-Level, Premium, Luxury), By Distribution Channel (Specialty Stores, Departmental Stores, Internet Sales, Others) - By Region, By Country (2018 Edition ...

Published:  Wed, 25 Apr 2018 03:55:00 GMT

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