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Saving Money with Luggage and Travel

From discount travel to terrific sale prices on name brand luggage from top manufacturers, including Samsonite and American Tourister, the internet is a shopper's paradise. Speaking of paradise, you can get a great deal on an island vacation, pack your favorite swimsuit in quality luggage and be on your way without breaking the budget.

Before you shop for luggage, you will need a place to go, right? From placing your next cruise on layaway at Wal-Mart to getting an 'online only' special rate for hotel accommodations, a little creativity and a few moments of your time is all it will take to save you a bundle on discount travel. In addition, AAA travelers and senior citizens will enjoy a discounted rate when making hotel reservations online.

If you are planning to make travel arrangements online, there is no shortage on terrific deals to be had. From weekly specials to discounted rates and last-minute deals, both air and rail travel can be found at a great deal by shopping directly with the carrier.

Once your discount travel arrangements are made, you can use the money that you saved to purchase top name brand luggage. Some of the most popular designs include those from American Tourister, Atlantic, Samsonite and others. Everywhere you click, retailers are eager to sell luggage and promise to do so at a bargain price. If you want to know which companies stand out above all the rest, take a moment to read third-party reviews, such as those posted at This company lists top luggage retailers, ranks them by quality and service and provides a detailed summary of the company and all that they offer.

When you shop for anything online, including luggage, you will probably be looking for a better deal than what you could find at your local store. This is why the internet has become such a successful place for retailers. With a much broader audience and 24/7 customer access, the stores are always open and deals are everywhere. In order to make room for the new arrivals, most retailers are eager to move their current inventory. What does this mean for the consumer? Deals, deals and more deals. Whether you are on a budget or simply want to pinch the pennies that you have, shopping online has never been better. Promotional offers, discounted shipping and reduced prices are just a few of the benefits to buying name brand luggage online.

If you shop for luggage in your local store, you may be facing higher prices for a number of reasons. Perhaps its less competition or the store is not dealing in large volumes and, therefore, is unable to get a deep discount when buying from the manufacturer. Online retailers, on the other hand, have a large customer base and purchase in volume, which means they are often able to get a discount that is good enough to pass along to shoppers. So, the next time that you are in the mood to hit the road, don't do it without first checking out travel opportunities online. And when you need to find just the right luggage for your trip, it's good to know that the perfect choice may be just a click away.

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Luggage In The News

Venomous snake discovered inside potato sack in passenger's luggage

A security check at an airport in India caught a man trying to accidentally bring a venomous snake onto a plane in his carry-on. SNAKES ON A PLANE: PASSENGER FLEW FROM GERMANY TO RUSSIA WITH 20 SNAKES ...

Published:  Tue, 13 Nov 2018 14:34:00 GMT

Venomous snake found in airport traveler's luggage

Nov. 12 (UPI) --Authorities in India said an X-ray scan of an airport passenger's carry-on luggage revealed an illegal item -- a venomous snake. Central Industrial Security Force screeners at Cochin A...

Published:  Mon, 12 Nov 2018 08:14:00 GMT

The US airlines most and least likely to mishandle your luggage

Each year, thousands of suitcases end up separated from their owners due to airline baggage mishandlings. Although many of these missing suitcases eventually get to the right place, some never do. Jus...

Published:  Tue, 13 Nov 2018 13:30:00 GMT

The best smart luggage of 2018

Traveling can be either a joy or a pain, and the luggage you use to tote your stuff is one of the biggest factors in determining which. While manufacturers have made advancements in materials and desi...

Published:  Thu, 08 Nov 2018 04:10:00 GMT

Luggage Rack market research report 2018 just published

The Global luggage rack market size will reach million US$ by 2025, from million US$ in 2017, at a CAGR of during the forecast period. This industry study presents the global luggage rack market size, ...

Published:  Wed, 14 Nov 2018 04:44:00 GMT

Golf bags meet carry-on travel luggage: Datrek's newest offers provide options for cart riders

Datrek's new golf bags are focused on making life with a cart bag easier by offering options that are lighter or less cumbersome when it comes to moving from car to cart and back again. The two new Da...

Published:  Wed, 14 Nov 2018 06:50:00 GMT

Harlow Luggage in Northampton closing soon

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) - A nearly 150-year old local business may be closing its doors soon. Harlow Luggage in Northampton is for sale and may close down by the end of the year. Owner Robert Burdic...

Published:  Tue, 13 Nov 2018 19:30:00 GMT

Family left without cash as luggage destroyed on dream holiday

A family's dream holiday to Turkey was almost ruined after their luggage was destroyed, with cash and inhalers stolen. The Tierney family flew in to Antalya Airport from Manchester on October 15, but ...

Published:  Wed, 14 Nov 2018 05:06:33 GMT

Local travel brand wheels out affordable luggage inspired by Austin

If Marcus Segui's successful 2016 Kickstarter is any indication, people are looking for innovative ways to make traveling a little easier. With that intention in mind, Segui launched Tiko, an ...

Published:  Wed, 14 Nov 2018 11:15:00 GMT

Bergman Luggage building up for city landmark status

The Donahoe Building-better known as the Bergman Luggage building, thanks to its coating of neon signs-is up for landmark nomination after a Landmarks Preservation Board vote last week.

Published:  Mon, 12 Nov 2018 16:35:00 GMT

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