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Luggage Store Reviews

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Luggage Pros is undeniably the best luggage store in our review. Shoppers are able to browse luggage selections by brand, style, type, price, or top sellers, which makes shopping and navigation a breeze.

The site is set up with the luggage style types across the top (12 in all), and down the right margin in sub-groupings. You are also able to shop by luggage brand from the home page. 65 of the most popular brands are listed on screen, with a complete list of over 100 luggage brands available. Special offerings, sales, purchase gifts, and rebates are clearly displayed in the middle of the home page for immediate attention.

Once you make your initial selection, the top selling luggage items are listed first, which makes shopping a no-brainer. If you still need help locating an item, the search engine is quick to take you to the desired selection. This store is also equipped with an online chat feature, which is fast and very helpful. The shopping cart steps you through the luggage purchase with ease and offers a variety of billing/ordering options.

In addition to the easy and professional website, Luggage Pros supports a number of consumer-friendly features. Luggage Pros offers free shipping on orders over $100 (some brand restrictions do apply) - cost-saving feature not offered by all luggage stores. If you're not satisfied once you receive your order, they offer free returns within 30 days of purchase - no questions asked. And to make sure you can't find a lower price anywhere else, Luggage Pros delivers a lowest price guarantee.

All things considered, Luggage Pros is our first choice in luggage shopping for ease of use, selection, price, shipping, and returns. You can't beat it.

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In business since 1947 and with over 1,000 items in their luggage inventory alone, Irv's has something for every shopper. From pet carriers to kids' ride-on luggage and with more than 100 brands ranging from Samsonite to Calvin Klein, you're sure to be pleased with the selection at this online luggage expert.

Shopping for your luggage needs is incredibly easy with Irv's well-designed website. On the main Luggage page, use the left-hand side navigation to narrow down your options. You can choose from among the following options:

  • Category: ranging from well-known characters like Captain America and Marvel, to Hardside and Carry-On models
  • Size: Under Seat Carry-on, Domestic or International Carry-on, Checked Bag - Medium, Large, and X-Large, and so on
  • Brands: from A(imee Kestenberg) to Z(ero Halliburton)
  • Luggage Accessories: Carts, Covers, Locks, Scales, Tags and more
  • Luggage on Sale: great if you're looking for a good deal
  • Airlines: Frequent flyer? Get the bags that are sure to fit and be approved by your carrier of preference
  • Device Size: shop by screen size or iPad dimensions
  • Color: use the dropdown to see available hues
  • Material: Aluminum? Ballistic nylon? Faux leather? You'll find it here
  • Gender
  • Rewards & Recognition Featured Brands

Prices are competitive at Irv's, and better yet they offer a price guarantee: if you find the same item for a lower price within 30 days of your purchase, they'll refund you 100% of the purchase (with a few exceptions like Amazon and auction sites).

Irv's has several other ways to save money. At the time of our review, they were offering a sale on discontinued items in the Transcend Collection from Briggs & Riley. There was also a coupon code at the top of the page with a 15% discount on bags; although that doesn't help you save money specifically on luggage, it's definitely worth taking a look to see if future promotions do include your preferred carry-on or large suitcase.

Shipping costs are also very reasonable: $4.95 for orders under $50, $6.95 for orders of $50-$74.99, and free standard shipping for orders of $75+. For an additional fee, you can also get express shipping (2-3 days) or even next-day delivery.

The only thing missing from Irv's excellent service is a satisfaction guarantee. They do warranty their products for 30 days from the date of delivery, and items over $75 have a 30-day free return policy if they are in new, unused condition. But, if you try out a suitcase and decide it isn't what you needed (e.g. the handle doesn't come up high enough for your height), you will probably have to keep it.

However, in every customer review we found, people are extremely happy with Irv's - especially with their attention to their shoppers. It's easy to see that this is a family-owned business that takes pride in offering customers the very best service. From on-time delivery to superior service in repairs, we found dozens of people praising Irv's - and personal, friendly responses from the business in reply. You won't find that level of attention from a large company.

We highly recommend Irv's for your next luggage purchase and are confident that you'll be pleased with their products and customer service.

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Wayfair is an excellent choice for your luggage needs. The simplicity of the website makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for and at the right price. Value and selection are abundant here along with affordable shipping.

When searching Wayfair, you can shop by brand, price range, customer rating, size, features, construction, lightweight, wheels, color, and more. You can quickly narrow down your search using additional function keys and descriptors such as price range, product rating, color and more. Through browsing the website we found that they offer over 2,000 luggage items, including carry-ons, suitcases, duffel bags, kids luggage, and more. That number far exceeds many of the other companies available online, and by far most traditional retail stores. We also liked the selection of items they have in stock and appreciated that we didn't have to sort through out-dated and unattractive merchandise to find what we were looking for.

Another plus to shopping at Wayfair is the customer rating information. Most of the luggage items they sell have been reviewed by customers, who rank the item they purchased and give feedback as well. We found this information to be very helpful in identifying luggage that might have usage issues, or will wear out quickly - things you won't hear from the manufacturer.

Overall, Wayfair easily impressed us in all aspects of luggage shopping. From value, to selection, to affordable shipping, Wayfair should be able to meet your needs.

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The professional layout of this site makes it easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. Shoppers are able to browse by luggage brand, style, and type directly from the home page, which make shopping easy. The "featured product" section is enticing and encourages browsing. Kaehler offers free shipping on luggage orders over $100 and free returns within 30 days of purchase, along with a 110% lowest price guarantee.

The site is set up with the luggage style types across the top (six in all), and in sub-groupings to encourage one-click shopping. You are also able to shop by luggage brand from the home page, with 59 brands offered. Special promotions and a rewards program are sure to capture the frequent traveler.

Detailed luggage product descriptions are coupled with reviews from shoppers. These reviews make for interesting reading, and you can also submit your own review. This feature was not offered on the other stores we reviewed.

The keyword search is great and further luggage sorting is also an option. This site is equipped with an online chat but operators were not available during our multiple attempts. Kaehler offers related luggage items and accessories at the bottom of each product page and in the shopping cart, another benefit not offered by the other stores in our review. The shopping cart has a new customer registration so that subsequent luggage purchases are quick and painless.

This store is geared to the professional, seasoned traveler; but any novice will appreciate the ease of use and features offered.

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This store has a lot to offer and a home page to prove it. The site is jam-packed and could be overwhelming to the novice internet shopper. You are able to shop by luggage brand, style, type, price, or material. eBags does not offer free shipping and free returns. Instead, eBags offers economical shipping rates with a 60-day return policy (instead of the standard 30) and a per-item charge-back for luggage returns.

The site is set up with the luggage style types across the top (fourteen in all) and down the right margin in sub-groupings. An impressive search of 94 different luggage brands is also available. One very appealing offer at eBags is the "bill me later" option for orders over $100. This could prove to be helpful for the budget-strapped or last-minute luggage shopper.

From the home page you are ushered into options of luggage best sellers, sale items, and new items. You can also shop by price, material, or luggage brand within the category selected. Customer ratings and reviews accompany the luggage product details and comparison charts. Once an item is added to the shopping cart, a suggestion page offers luggage accessories sure to make every customer completely satisfied. The shopping cart is a bit cluttered with luggage discounts and deals stated multiple times, which can be confusing.

Another confusing element of this store is that some of the offerings (like shoes) take you to a sister website. This can be confusing and frustrating for the easily side-tracked luggage shopper.

All in all, this is a decent store with good selection. But there are other luggage stores we'd recommend first to the novice and experienced travelers.

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Luggage shoppers are greeted to a fun home page, but soon realize the options are limited compared to other luggage stores. Luggage Guy offers free shipping, free returns, and guaranteed low prices.

The site is set up with the luggage style types across the top (three in all). Down the right margin you can choose from matched sets and best sellers. Sale items and luggage specials are splashed across the home page for quick bargain shopping. The slashed prices are effective and luggage prices are comparable to other stores.

Once you make your initial type selection, you are then able to shop by luggage brand and various other sub-groupings. The brand selection is very limited (just ten) and they don't offer popular luggage brands such as Samsonite, American Tourister, and International Traveler. This could deter the experienced traveler and shopper.

The luggage product descriptions are detailed and thorough. The search engine is marginal unless you know the exact product name of the luggage item you're looking for. The store does offer luggage specials by email, which could entice the bargain shopper. The shopping cart is easy to use and efficient.

Bottom line: a broader selection of luggage brands is needed in this fun, easy to use store.

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Overstock is not a store we would initially shop for luggage, unless we were looking for a specialty item at a great price.

Without a direct link (such as the one provided here), in order to get to the luggage section of Overstock you have to scroll about halfway down their home page and hope you see the category. Once you find the luggage section, the shopper is limited to six types. However, sorting by top seller, newest first, markdowns, and price can make the process easier. Customer reviews accompany detailed luggage product descriptions. These descriptions are informative and can prove useful in making a buying decision.

The return policy is lacking with respect to the other stores we reviewed. If you should have to return a luggage item you must do so within 20 days and at your own cost. The original shipping cost will be deducted from your bill, along with a restocking fee. Returns could be costly to the unsure luggage buyer. In this age of internet shopping we expect a policy that's a little more benevolent toward its customers.

The shopping cart takes you through a customer account setup to ease future purchases. At a store like Overstock, which features a wide variety of products, this could be a real benefit for the frequent shopper.

Overall, when shopping for luggage, we would stick with a dedicated luggage store for ease and satisfaction.

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Luggage Stores

There is a wide variety of luggage options available today. Choosing between soft-sided luggage, hard-sided luggage, carry-ons, and wheeled luggage, not to mention all the different luggage brands to choose from, can be intimidating.

Shopping for luggage online can save you a lot of time. You can easily browse many stores, looking between luggage styles, brands, and colors, in order to choose the right luggage that meets your needs. No need to fight traffic and parking, going from store to store. And if you're shopping on a budget, purchasing luggage online can save you hundreds of dollars over traditional retail stores.

When evaluating luggage stores, you need to consider a number of items. Some of the most important are:

  • Does the store offer competitive pricing for its luggage products?
  • Does the store offer a wide variety of luggage brands, or just a few?
  • What if you're not satisfied with the luggage you purchase? Can you return it for a full refund? has reviewed and ranked the best luggage stores available today. We hope these reviews help you with your next luggage purchase!

Choosing the Right Luggage

Historically, luggage consisted mainly of large trunks or bulky chests. Today, the term is readily used to describe a suitcase, garment bag, duffle and/or tote. A suitcase is commonly used for clothing to be worn throughout a lengthy trip, while a duffle or tote may be used as an overnight bag for very short times away from home.

When it comes to traveling with your luggage, having the right products may mean the difference in having a memorable trip and one that you would rather forget. The right luggage will provide you with organization, plenty of room and a few spare compartments for all of the little souvenirs that you pick up during your travels. Above all, the best luggage will be selected after first determining how you intend to use it. What size will you need and what is the anticipated length of your trip(s)? The answers to both of these questions will help with your decision and will ensure that your luggage will be a perfect fit.

If you are like most, you are probably upgrading to a new luggage set. Perhaps you have an older suitcase and need a new product with more space or maybe your current set is simply beginning to show its age. Whatever the reason, choosing the size for your new suitcase can simply be done by measuring the inside of your old one and then deciding whether or not you need the same size or one featuring a smaller or larger interior. With the accurate measurements, you will be able to narrow your choices down to only those that are available in the size that you need. The basic recommendation is that a suitcase should accommodate enough clothes to get you through your trip. The longer the trip, the larger the luggage.

Hard-sided suitcases are stain resistant, stronger than soft-sided luggage and can be used to protect fragile items. These types of suitcases typically feature wheels for easy transport and a pull bar. Semi-soft sided suitcases offer a sturdy frame and flexible interior, which is ideal if you tend to pack a bulging suitcase. These, too, commonly feature wheels and a pull bar for easy transport. Soft-sided suitcases are ideal for public transportation because they are lightweight and can be squeezed into small spaces.

Before you begin to shop, take a moment to think about how often your luggage will be used, what type of trips will be taken, the length of time you will be spending away from home and which items will be accompanying you on your travels.

Most quality luggage pieces will feature multiple compartments, which will make for easy storage. If you are traveling and are limited in the amount of space that you have for luggage, having extra compartments will be ideal. If you are looking for matched sets, most top luggage manufacturers, including American Tourister and Samsonite, offer a full product line of quality pieces in matching designs. Whether your choice is classic solids or you like a splash of color in your luggage, there is no shortage of choices.


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