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      October 24, 2020

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My US Postbox vs Mailbox Forwarding

Best Mail Scanning Services

To help you find the Best Mail Scanning Services, provides you with an in-depth comparison of My US Postbox and Mailbox Forwarding.

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Where can you find the best mail scanning services? If you're one of the millions of Americans who travel frequently for work or pleasure, living as an expat in far-flung locations, or just needing a virtual mailing address for other purposes, you'll need a service that can handle a variety of tasks.

Today there are a wide range of companies offering to relieve you of the burdensome task of having your mail chase you around the country - or the world - by providing not only a physical address where your bills, letters, and other important paperwork can be delivered, but also the processing that lets you know when you've got mail. The best mail scanning services not only scan the outer envelope but also its contents - though some providers include it as part of your monthly fee, while others require you to pay as you go.

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Best Reviews


Mail Scanning Reviews

1 star
My US Postbox


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$19.95 to $49.95 per month

Minimum 6-month contract required

My U.S. PostBox offers services for anyone who needs a mailing address within the USA: expats, people who are relocating, and beyond.

3 mail scanning plans

They advertise three levels of service, all of which require a 6-month minimum contract:

  • Silver: for a monthly fee ranging from $17 to $20, depending on the contract length you select, you'll have a mailing address, postbox number, and your mail will be stored in a water- and fireproof safe. You'll get instant email notifications when new mail comes in.
  • Gold: monthly fees range from $27 to $30. You get the same features as Gold, but additionally you'll receive a monthly listing of the senders' names on the correspondence received. You can request some or all mail to be sent by courier, or have it scanned and viewable online. These services cost extra.
  • Platinum: for fees ranging from $42 to $50 per month, you get the features of the Gold package plus translation services on any viewed mail and secure disposal of junk/unwanted mail.

Check the fee schedule

You should see the fee schedule to determine which package level would give you the best value. For example, at the Silver tier of service, you will pay $0.50 for every piece of mail you ask MUSPB to shred for you, and the same price per page that they scan. But, jumping to the Gold package, you get at least 50 scans per month included at no extra charge, along with 50 shreds. Those numbers go up if you opt into a longer initial contract term (a year instead of 6 months).

Problems signing up

However, when we went to fill out the signup form, we had a lot of problems. First, we got a pop-up telling us - inexplicably - that we had to fill out the form in English... which we had been doing. Then, we had multiple required fields that wouldn't allow us to enter our information at all.

Are they even in business?

With all of this, it doesn't seem that My U.S. PostBox is even doing business anymore. Despite a fully live website, the toll-free number for the company defaults to a busy signal. Plus, we found no BBB listing to confirm that the business is still in existence - in fact, the physical address given for My U.S. PostBox on their site was listed as the address for a credit and debt counseling service in the Better Business Bureau's directory.

See you later

Add to that a website with a copyright date of 2006, with many pages never having been updated with the security update from several years prior (as would be indicated by the lock symbol in the URL), and it's easy to see why we recommend that you bypass My U.S. PostBox when considering your mail scanning service.

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1 star
Mailbox Forwarding


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Plans range from $14.95 to $49.95 per month

Mail scanning included (15 to 150 pages per month, depending on plan)

At first, you might find Mailbox Forwarding attractive as a Mail Scanning service, based on their pricing alone. Unlike many of their competitors that charge per page, this company charges by the complete piece of mail and even includes a certain number of scans per package.

3 mail scan packages

Their packages are also reasonably priced:

  • Basic: $14.95/month. You'll get up to 50 envelope scans and 15 complete mail pieces scanned, unlimited shredding and recycling, and unlimited recipients and names.
  • Professional: $24.95/month. You'll still get the same unlimited benefits in the Basic plan, but your mail scanning goes up to 50 per month and you can receive an unlimited number of envelope scans.
  • Premium: $49.95/month. If you expect needing a high volume of Mail Scanning done each month, this plan gives you 150 at no extra cost, along with the other benefits in the lower-tier packages.

Less than professional

But don't be taken in by these low prices and seemingly customer-friendly approach to Mail Scanning. Notice how the site looks extremely outdated and less-than-professional, compared with rival services? That should be your first clue that this might not be a great choice for your mail scanning and forwarding needs.

No phone number or physical address

Your second indicator is the fact that the only way to contact the business is through an online form: no live chat, no toll-free number, not even a physical address where you can reach them. Do you really want to have your mail processed somewhere that you can't reach by phone if there's a question or an important letter gone missing?

Failing grade

The nail in the proverbial coffin is Mailbox Forwarding's reputation with the Better Business Bureau. Because of the company's failure to respond to complaints ranging from billing errors to mistakes with processing mail, the BBB gave them an "F" grade. You literally can't get any worse than that.

Run away, don't walk

Fortunately, there are many top-notch companies offering Mail Scanning and Forwarding services you can rely on - this just isn't one of them. For all of the obvious reasons, this is our lowest-ranked provider of Mail Scanning.

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Continued from above

Typically, mail scanning services give you an online dashboard and/or mobile app, so that you can review the PDF images of your incoming mail and then quickly and easily determine what should be done with each piece: recycle, save, or forward to your current location.

In order to authorize the Mail Scanning Service, you select to receive your mail, you will probably have to fill out USPS Form 1583. Keep in mind that it will need to be notarized - and your preferred service may even offer an easy way to do that remotely! Once that form has been taken care of, your service will begin.

However, with so many services out there that all want your business, especially with something that tends to be a long-term need, how can you decide which one is the best for your needs? Because it can be a hassle to set up your initial service, and even more so to change to a new Mail Scanning Service if you don't like the first one, here are several criteria to keep in mind - so that your first choice is your best choice:

  • Range of Services. What does the Mail Scanning Service offer? There are lots of possibilities, from check depositing to document notarization. Does the company have what you anticipate needing in the future?
  • Quality of Addresses. If you need something that comes up as a street address but the service only offers box number-style addresses, you'll have to look elsewhere. Also, some providers have addresses that come up as a private residence or a third-party business! Not all Mail Scanning services are alike!
  • Pricing. What will you spend per month for the services you need? Is scanning included as part of your monthly fees, or will you have to pay for each letter/page you need scanned? Will you have to commit to a certain length of time for the service to get the best prices?
  • Reputation. What do actual customers say about their experience with using the Mail Scanning service? Has the company been rated by the Better Business Bureau? Can you expect reliable, honest service from the company that will be responsible for your most sensitive documents? has reviewed and ranked the best Mail Scanning services available today. We hope this information helps you determine which provider will give you the best value for your money, as well as save you considerable time and hassle by taking care of your mail!

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