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Best Mail Scanning Services for May 2019

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Mail Link Plus vs USA 2 Me

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Are you struggling with effectively managing your personal or professional mail? Whether you are living abroad or RV'ing across the country, or work in a company with large mail volume but little staff to handle it, mail management can be a constant battle.

The latest trend in mail services allows anyone to manage their mail through the internet. But what does that mean? First, you tell the US Post Office to deliver your mail to a service provider (using a Form 1583). Next, you notify mail senders of your new address. Finally, from a PC connected to the internet, you can read your mail online, print it if needed, shred it, recycle it, or forward the actual mail to any physical address.


Mail Link Plus instantly created some concerns for us. They provide no phone number to call for assistance. We envisioned our mail held captive if any issues came up. You can send an email for assistance but there's no guarantee they'll respond timely.

Mail Link Plus does offer a number of services but is not fully comprehensive. They do not offer check deposits, again no phone number for assistance, no guarantee and overly expensive mail scanning charges.

Like other providers, you sign on to Mail Link's website and review each item to determine the next course of action. You may choose to leave it in the inbox, throw it away, or send in the next shipment. This allows for a bundle of mail to accumulate and then eventually forward per you liking. Somehow you can even choose to pay top dollar to scan but we couldn't find that option on the menu and of course couldn't call anyone to ask directly.

Overall, Mail Link Plus provided no good reasons to select them over the higher rated companies. We had serious concerns with the lack of customer service and cost of scanning.

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USA 2 Me attempts to mimic the efforts of the better companies but fails in the process. USA 2 Me offers four plans including priority, express, priority gold, and express gold. While the annual fees seem low don't be fooled - the add-ons are outrageous.

Junk mail discarding is not free across all plans. Depending on which plan you've chosen be prepared to pay for junk mail to be recycled or forwarded. USA 2 Me requires they hold a credit card or deposit on the account to pay for those subsequent and frequent charges like recycling, scanning and forwarding mail.

Mail held in the account longer than 30 days is charged a fee of $1 per pound. USA 2 Me does not offer check deposits and we weren't confident of their scanning abilities. The website says they offer scanning at a low cost but provided no additional information and no way to find the cost.

Customer service was another concern as with every attempt to reach them we received an unprofessional sounding voicemail. No hours of customer service were provided in the voicemail and that created concern if we needed to resolve an urgent issue.

USA 2 Me doesn't offer freebies as it's mainly geared toward non US residents looking to appear in the US. USA 2 Me forwarding mail charges were outrageous. The fees range from $7.25 to $28.95 to send one pound of mail at your discretion. That said, USA 2 Me ranks lowest on our list. Pass this one by!

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There are a number of companies that provide mail scanning services, and the range of what they provide and their focus can vary greatly. Some service providers offer flat rate fees for scanning, and others charge per page. It's important to fully understand what each provider charges. Changing companies and addresses can be a time consuming effort - you want to get it right the first time!

Some of the important aspects to consider before making a decision include:

  • Fees. Is their a flat rate fee, and what does that include.
  • Scope of Services. Do you need checks automatically deposited and mail forwarded on a pre-set basis?
  • Customer service. Is anyone going to be around to assist if you have a mail emergency?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Mail Scanning services available today. We hope this information helps you find the right mail scanning provider that meets your needs!

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