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Medical Alert System Reviews

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Medical Guardian provides an affordable and reliable medical alert service to all those who wish to live an independent life, regardless of their limitations. Their straightforward, simple-to-use product works well for clients that want a medical alert system they can feel confident with, but without the hassle of a long term contract. Medical Guardian also has a strong Better Business Bureau rating of A- and puts customer service at the top of their priority list.

Unlike many medical alert systems, Medical Guardian offers a panic button that can be worn on the wrist, around the neck, or attached to a belt. The Medical Guardian equipment is waterproof and comes with a lifetime guarantee for as long as you use the product. Their equipment may be transported to any location in the US and Canada.

If the panic button is pushed, a trained representative will attempt to communicate and determine if medical attention is required. If the representative is unable to communicate with the homeowner, emergency vehicles are summoned right away. Names and phone numbers of relatives or neighbors are also kept on file with Medical Guardian if the situation warrants a different level of assistance. Medically trained operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and are never outsourced outside of the United States.

Plan Highlights:

  • No Contract Requirements
  • No Activation Fees
  • Free Equipment
  • Free Shipping
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • UL Approved Monitoring Center and Equipment
  • Guaranteed full refund for all unused months

Medical Guardian boasts the industry's most advanced technology. Medical Guardian recently expanded their product line significantly with the addition of a GPS-enabled Mobile Alert, and the company's own fall detection system. Below are the details of all of the different systems that Medical Guardian offers:

In-Home Medical Alert System

  • $29.95/month
  • 400 foot range in every direction
  • Includes waterproof alert button (pendant or wristband)
  • 72-hour battery life in case of power outage

Cellular Base Medical Alert System

  • $34.95/month
  • 600 foot range in every direction
  • Easy to use, simply plug the system into an outlet
  • Includes waterproof alert button (pendant or wristband)
  • 36-hour battery life in case of power outage

GPS-Enabled Mobile Alert

  • $39.95/month
  • GPS capabilities to easily determine your location
  • 300 foot range in every direction (button to base), and the base station is completely portable. Put it in your pocket or bag for traveling, and the system will wirelessly sync with the nearest monitoring center.
  • Includes waterproof alert button (pendant or wristband)
  • 36-hour battery life in case of power outage

Fall Detection Fall Alert (Add-on)

  • $10.00 additional per Month
  • Compatible with Cellular Base and Mobile Alert
  • Trained to accurately detect falls
  • Waterproof pendant
  • 400 foot range in every direction
  • 18-month battery life

Medical Guardian requires no contracts and no activation fees. They offer an impressive array of different systems to suit anyone's needs, with competitive and affordable pricing. We like many of the customer friendly aspects of Medical Guardian's service plan, and the Fall Detection Alert is a nice feature for those who need it. Medical Guardian shares our highest rating and is an excellent choice for your medical alert system and they earn our highest rating.

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Bay Alarm Medical is an AARP recommend medical alert system that caters to the client. This family owned company started over 72 years ago and currently holds a Better Business Bureau rating of A-. Customers like that the medical alert systems offered by Bay Alarm Medical have zero startup costs and don't require any contracts or cancellation fees.

The Bay Alarm Medical website clearly presents you with 3 different pricing plans, to best fit your financial needs:

  • Monthly billing of $19.95
  • Quarterly billing of $59.85
  • Semi-Annual billing of $119.70

Each of these plans comes a wristband or lanyard button, free spouse coverage, and multilingual services. The service range on all devices is up to 1,000 ft from the base, which is much farther than several other providers.Customers like the flexibility of billing at Bay Alarm Medical. You may also order online which is not an option at many competitors, and saves time for those not needing assistance from a customer service representative.

In addition to their basic plan, Bay Alarm Medical also provides a number of helpful options in order to customize your service:

  • Wireless coverage for $9.95. This is especially useful if you don't have a landline phone in your home.
  • Fall Detection for $9.95. This helpful service automatically places a call for help if you're unable to. Especially helpful if you might suffer a serious fall that leads to immobilization or loss of consciousness.
  • Wall button for $1.95. These buttons signal for help if you're unable to make a call. They're best when placed around high-risk fall areas such as stairs, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. They can be placed low to the ground for easy access after a fall, or next to the bed or shower when you may remove your standard button.
  • Wrist button for $1.95. You or your spouse can wear this convenient button that is similar to a wristwatch. It has a 1,000 foot range and is waterproof.
  • Lanyard button for $1.95. You or your spouse can wear this lanyard. It has a 1,000 foot range and is waterproof.

Bay Alarm Medical uses two call stations across the U.S. and can speak up to 170 different languages to assist their clients. Each call center is CSAA Five Diamond Certified and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When customers push the assistance button an operator will come on the line to access the situation and summon emergency vehicles if needed.

Plan Highlights:

  • Waterproof pendant or wristband
  • No start-up fees
  • Free spouse monitoring with purchase of additional button
  • 1,000 foot range
  • No contracts
  • DIY installation with 1-800 technical assistance for free
  • UL listed equipment
  • Automatic billing options
  • Warranty covers free replacement for normal wear and tear or product defect
  • A wireless solution option if no landline is available
  • 24/7 US based response center
  • 14-day refund policy

Affordable pricing, no contract requirements, and an impressive history of reliable service is what customers can expect with Bay Alarm Medical. This family owned company has created a medical alert service that caters to the client and their needs. For those looking for a medical alert system for themselves or a loved one, Bay Alarm Medical (1-844-626-8462) is a great place to start.

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Life Fone has been in the medical alert business since 1976 and is trusted name in the medical community. Life Fone looks to help maintain their customer's independence and overall quality of life by assisting with early intervention in emergency situations. This New York based company maintains an A+ BBB rating and serves thousands of happy customers.

Life Fone has several nice features with their product including portability if you were to temporarily leave your residence, no cancellation penalty with 30 days notice, fair pricing, easy setup and more.

Life Fone offers an Emergency Care Plan that allows clients and their families to customize Life Fone's response to fit their specific needs. Customers complete a personalized plan that includes medical history, medicine, allergies, doctors, family and neighbor contact information and preferred hospitals. In the event that an emergency occurs, the response team can act quickly and execute based on the customer's wishes.

Plan Highlights:

  • Dedicated response center
  • Waterproof pendant that can be worn around neck or wrist
  • No charges for replacement parts and devices
  • 1000 foot range
  • No contracts or up front fees
  • Affordable, flexible payments
  • Portability

Overall we liked the Life Fone medical alert system and their customer service team. Our only real concern was the check-out process. We felt choosing the payment option was a bit confusing and may create some frustration or mistakes with customers. Outside of that, Life Fone provides a very customer friendly service and solid technology in their products. If you're considering a medical alert system for yourself or a loved one, Life Fone is an excellent choice.

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Life Station designed their medical alert system with the goal of secured independence for their customers. They provide a top-notch medical alert system designed with the latest technology. The president of the company has over 40 years in the business, and that shows in every aspect of their product and service. Life Station puts a priority on customer service, their prices are very affordable, and you'll never talk to a pushy salesman.

If an operator is summoned you're in good hands. All Life Station personnel go through rigorous training that includes 160 hours of formal classroom lessons and exams. Plus, they require an additional 80 hours of on-the-job training under the guidance of a trainer.

We liked that Life Station maintains their own staff of highly trained operators, and closely oversees their development. There's no need to worry that your call will be directed to a busy call center that is servicing several companies. In the event that emergency services are needed, two operators are on the line to handle every medical emergency call. One will stay on the line with the customer and the other will call local emergency services as well as your individualized contact list.

Plan Highlights:

  • UL listed devices that are waterproof
  • No charges for replacement parts and devices
  • Choose between a pendant or bracelet
  • 500 foot range
  • No contracts or up front fees
  • Affordable, flexible payment
  • Set up takes 5 minutes
  • 20-30 second response time

In the event that you're not satisfied or no longer need the use of Life Station's services, you can return the equipment with 30 days notice and without penalty. Life Station maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has thousands of happy customers.

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Most of us are familiar with the Philips brand from at least one electronic device we've owned in the past. TV's, surround sound speakers, head phones, clock radios and many more consumer electronic products. What you may not know is that Philips also manufactures medical alert systems. They provide a solid option designed to help protect the ill and the elderly. This company currently holds a solid A- BBB rating.

The Philips Lifeline website clearly outlines the different medical alert options available. The purchase process does ultimately require you speak with a customer representative before ordering, but if you're in the research stage their website describes in detail the different options available. They also have helpful resources that can assist families, such as determining whether their loved one is still able to live independently, information on caregiver support, eldercare, and much more.

One medical alert feature that we liked on their advanced model is the ability to detect a fall if the customer is not able to request assistance. This is vital to anyone who wants to live independently, yet needs emergency support. The technology is designed to detect 95% of all falls and will automatically summon help when needed.

Plan Highlights:

  • Will automatically place a call for help if the system detects a fall (advanced model)
  • Waterproof pendant or wristband
  • No charge for replacement devices
  • 800 foot range
  • No contracts
  • DIY for free or installed via a professional at a fee
  • FDA registered equipment
  • Automatic billing options
  • A wireless solution option if no landline is available
  • 24/7 US based response center
  • Portable with 2 weeks notice

The fall technology and extended equipment range make Philips Lifeline a solid choice and worth your consideration. Customers will also appreciate no minimum contracts or landline requirements with this company.

Philips Lifeline has helped over 7 million people live independently since 1974 and are recommended by more than 90,000 healthcare professionals. While the website is helpful we would have liked to have seen an online ordering option which we hear is in the works. For those that are looking for a medical alert system and appreciate the Philips name and strong history, this is definitely worth a look.

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MedScope has been providing medical alert services since 1999. They currently have an A+ BBB rating and provide an online purchase process. MedScope is not a well known name in the market but we liked their approach.

The MedScope website was easy to navigate. We found most of the information we were looking for and appreciated their straightforward approach to providing a no frills medical alert service. No hidden fees, no enrollment costs, and no long term contracts.

MedScope operators receive three weeks training including an on-the-job check out by an instructor. Each operator is evaluated by the instructor to be certain all skills have been mastered and all operators take refreshment classes every 3 months.

Plan Highlights:

  • Dedicated response center
  • Waterproof pendant or wristband
  • No charges for replacement parts and devices
  • 800 foot range
  • No contracts or up front fees

MedScope is priced a little higher than some of the other providers. We liked their straightforward approach to providing medical alert systems. They spend significant time training their staff and their focus is the customer. If you're willing to pay a little more, MedScope is worth another look.

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Do you remember the "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercials that came out years ago. That company is Life Alert that was founded in 1987. Life Alert is a California based company that maintains an A+ BBB rating currently and services a large base of customers.

While Life Alert is a household name we felt their website lacked the professionalism of those ranked higher. We also read claims of some questionable independent salesman that were slow to respond to potential new customers and pushy in their efforts. Life Alert charges an up front fee, and requires you sign a 3 year agreement. You may only cancel if you can show proof you've moved to an assisted living facility.

Another downside to Life Alert is that you may not purchase the product online at your convenience - you must speak to a salesman or customer service representative and listen to their sales pitch.

Plan Highlights:

  • Onsite dispatch center
  • Choose between a pendant or wristwatch
  • $295 initial fee
  • 3 year agreement
  • 150 foot range

Overall we were less impressed with Life Alert, their sales pitch, the up front fees, the 3 year contract and a website lacking professionalism and information. While Life Alert is well known we recommend you choose a higher ranked provider that is more customer oriented.

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Response Link was founded in 1997 as a joint partnership with Bell South and Advantor Corporation. Response Link later created an authorized distributorship for their products. If you're interested in learning more about Response Link you must leave your contact information for a local distributor to call at their convenience. The website provided minimal information.

You can generally anticipate a hard sale from Response Link. Unfortunately, with several distributorships across the United States the service levels will vary and nailing down a specific BBB rating was a challenge as well.

Plan Highlights:

  • Waterproof pendant may be worn around the neck or wrist
  • Local distributors for installation and service
  • No contracts
  • 500 foot range

We had a tough time getting excited about Response Link. We didn't like the distributorship, the sales pitch, the lack of solid information on the website, and the price. For a strong, dependable medical alert company we recommend you choose a higher ranked provider.

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Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems provide the safety peace of mind that emergency assistance is readily available for someone elderly or sick. Aging adults and their families often rely on medical alert systems to allow for a greater period of independent living without worry.

Medical alert equipment is typically worn around the wrist or neck. With the click of a button, the person wearing the device can immediately summon an operator, who can determine the need for emergency assistance. Some systems are even savvy enough to detect if a fall has occurred and confirm with the customer before sending for emergency services.

Several providers offer medical alert services and an easy, online order process. Others, however, provide little to no information up front, and require that you speak to a fast talking salesman who may try to get you to spend more than you need.

To choose the right medical alert company it's important to compare each of them to find the one that best meets your needs. Important factors to consider are: has reviewed and ranked the best medical alert systems available today. We hope these reviews help you find the best medical alert service for you or your loved one!

How to Choose a Medical Alert System

Each year many sick and elderly people encounter accidents and health issues that needlessly take their lives. Medical alert systems can make all the difference in the world for those living alone and in distress. In an emergency, medical alert units create a direct line of communication to needed assistance. If a person falls or becomes ill they simply press a button on a pendant or wrist transmitter to gain the attention of an emergency specialist. That person will immediately call the authorities to send help if needed. The fear of a loved one waiting hours or even days for assistance is no longer an issue with a medical alert system available.

If this is your first medical alert system purchase you may be looking for help with choosing the right device. Making a well informed decision will ensure you get the most for your money and are satisfied with the end result.

There are several important elements to consider when choosing a medical alert system. Some of these include:

Not all equipment is created equal. The medical alert button needs to be easy to wear and use. Some may want a unit that's water proof and sturdy to handle showers. If hearing is an issue you'll want a unit that is easy to adjust and has adequate volume options. Knowing the size of the home and how far the transmitter will reach is also important. You'll want UL tested equipment with a good history. Look for products with a battery back-up should the power go out. Also look to see how often batteries need to be replaced. Some batteries last a few months while others last for years. Ask about installation and if a professional is required and how much that will cost.

If something happens to the equipment you'll want to make sure it comes with a guarantee. Preferably, the company will replace any broken equipment at no cost. Also look for a company that regularly tests the in home system for good working . Are extended customer support hours available should an issue or question come up about the equipment.

Monitoring Center
In the event of an emergency you'll want a company that provides fast, top notch service. A monitoring company that utilizes its own employees, and doesn't outsource, will most likely provide the best overall service. One that is accountable and well staffed. Does the monitoring company have back-up power, during outages, and are they UL certified?

Cost and Contracts
All medical alert companies price their equipment and monthly monitoring fees differently. Some will sell you the equipment and then charge a monthly fee while others will allow you to rent the equipment and including the monitoring costs in the monthly charges. Some require a several year contract while others are more flexible. If you decide to cancel the contract early you may encounter an early termination fee. Make sure you understand any fees associated with a medical alert system you're considering.


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