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      August 20, 2019

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Excelerol Review

To help you find the Best Memory Loss Products, provides you with an in-depth Excelerol Review.

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Improve Your Memory with Memo Rise Today! Memory loss and attention issues are complaints that many of us have. These issues can stem from the natural progression of aging, stress, diet, lack of exercise, sleep issues, certain conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, high blood pressure, Fibromyalgia and much more.

Despite the common occurrence of memory loss it can be both embarrassing and frustrating to have regular bouts of forgetfulness. People often feel unintelligent when they can't remember someone's name, why they walked into a room, and that word that is on the tip of their tongue but won't seem to ever come out. Forgetting meetings, birthdays, the grocery list and what we were going to say are all signs of a brain that is not performing at its best.

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$49.99 for 1 month supply

The Excelerol is big on promise and little on fact. Shoppers will find an overly flashy website with busy lettering and multiple videos throughout. We felt that brain health and flash were a particularly unimpressive combination. The company behind Excelerol does not disclose it's history or tenure but does identify being located in California and that it's called Accelerated Intelligence. We could not locate and Accelerated Intelligence on the Better Business Bureau website.

What we could determine is that Excelerol is caffeine based and appears to be acceptable for short tern use. Sort of an "as needed" product that lasts approximately 6 hours. In fact, Excelerol is compared to Adderall, a popular ADHD product. The Excelerol formula is said to address memory, focus, concentration and alertness. Ingredients include:

  • Vitamin B12 - helps produce cellular energy and acetylcholine, an important nutrient for the nervous system
  • Niacine - essential human nutrient
  • Guarana Extract - natural stimulant
  • Vitamin B12 - helps produce cellular energy and acetylcholine, an important nutrient for the nervous system
  • Kola nut Ex - Natural caffeine nut
  • Bacoppa Monneri - improves memory
  • Ginkgo biliboa - improves oxygen and blood flow to the brain
  • L-tyrosine- amino acid for proteins which promote mental sharpness and a balanced mood

Excelerol heavily promotes their product with a long list of options to save money. However, instructions for use are very vague. The bottles says 1 to 2 capsules. They don't list if that's with or without food, at the same time or different.

The never ending video that would never fully shut off was the first sign that Excelerol wasn't what we were looking for. With an emphasis on caffeine and getting customers signed up for monthly auto-ship we continued to be unimpressed. A lack of customer feedback and history pushed this product to the bottom of our list.

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Continued from above

Today a number of over the counter, all-natural products have been formulated to improve memory, concentration, and overall brain health. These products can be effective at improving the cognitive ability of ones brain without the harmful side effects of caffeine and prescription medications.

However, memory loss supplements can vary greatly in ingredients, targeted symptoms and cost. When considering a memory loss product look at the following features of each option:

  • Effectiveness. Does the product alleviate the symptoms you are experiencing? Are they geared for a person of your age group? Is their customer feedback and adequate testimonials and studies that show the product is effective?
  • Guarantee. If the product does not work, can you return it for a full refund?
  • Ingredients. What vitamins and herbs are used in the memory loss product? Will the formula address your specific brain challenges? has reviewed and ranked the best memory loss products available today. We hope these reviews help you improve your memory right away!

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