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      July 17, 2019

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Relief for the Symptoms of Menopause

Frequent and embarrassing hot flashes, mood issues, dryness, weight gain and more are just some of the challenging symptoms of hormonal fluctuation in all stages of menopause. There's obviously no cure for menopause but many use prescription and over the counter medications to assist with relieving some of the symptoms. If the effects of menopause are frequently impacting your life in a negative basis you may be searching for options for managing the symptoms of menopause.

Frequently used Menopausal Products:

  • HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy
    Prescribed by a doctor, HRT can relieve many of the symptoms of menopause. It also helps prevent osteoporosis and certain cancers. The down side of HRT is that it increases chances of breast, ovary and uterine cancer. It can also raise the possibility of having a stroke and heart disease.
  • Antidepressants
    Doctors frequently prescribe anti-depressants for mood swings and hot flashes associated with menopause. Some side effects are typical with anti-depressants but vary depending on the drug selected.
  • Clonidine
    Typically used for handling high blood pressure, Clonidine is often prescribed for assisting women with severe hot flashes. However the side effects of Clonidine can prohibit women from continued use. Some of those include sleeplessness, dizziness, depression and more.
  • Gabapentin
    This medication is used to handle seizures but also provides some relief for severe hot flashes. Side effects can significant with dizziness, drowsiness and blurd vision.
  • Vaginal estrogen
    For those experiencing problems with dryness and urinary issues, doctors will prescribe vaginal estrogen cream to help.

Natural Options

  • Vitamins
    Many experts suggestion vitamins such as Omega 3 tablets for help in managing menopause symptoms. Omega 3 vitamins are often effective with the emotional aspect of menopause.
  • Exercise
    Exercise has proven to improve many physical and psychology symptoms of menopause. Many women are able to eliminate medications and other methods used for menopause with regular exercise. This may include walking, swimming and other low impact exercise. Yoga is often good for muscle tone, stretching and stress reduction.
  • Healthy Diet
    A balanced diet rich in vitamins is said to improve the symptoms of menopause for several patients. Many experts also specifically recommend soybeans in a woman's diet to help with menopause.
  • Eliminate Caffeine
    For those that struggle with a good night's sleep, reducing or eliminating caffeine can have a positive effect.
  • Natural Hormonal Remedies
    Include the mix of natural ingredients such as herbs, vitamins and minerals to reduce the effects of menopause. These options do not require a prescription, are affordable and typically come with zero negative side effects.

Stop menopause and middle-age cramping your love life with these top tips

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Hyperhidrosis and menopause are horrible partners

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Managing Menopause

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My Menopause Survival Kit: Hacks to Make Everyday Life Easier

Nothing prepares you for menopause. The change can come suddenly and intensify quickly. To help me manage my symptoms, my doctor suggested taking hormones or antidepressants. But I decided those weren ...

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Mighty Menopause and Mighty Living Inc Honored with the Top 50 Healthcare Companies Award at IFAH

(MENAFN - PRLog) LAS VEGAS - July 15, 2019 -PRLog-- The "Top 50 Health Care Companies" award and distinction was bestowed upon Mighty Menopause and Mighty Living Inc. after a review of numerous ...

Published:  Mon, 15 Jul 2019 03:07:00 GMT

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