April 27, 2018

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Mystery Shopping Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the top Frequently Asked Questions about mystery shopping jobs.

Question: What is the difference between a mystery shopper and a secret shopper?

Answer: Both terms are commonly used in the mystery shopping industry and both carry the same meaning. A mystery shopper, also known as a secret shopper, poses as a customer in order to evaluate a business's product or service.


Question: I live in a rural area and there aren't a lot of mystery shopping opportunities available to me. Is there any way that I can earn money at home as a secret shopper?

Answer: Yes. Today, everything is computerized and this includes many businesses. A number of companies look to mystery shoppers to help in evaluating an online business, which actually gives you more freedom as you work from home and often have time for additional jobs.


Question: Can I really make money by being a secret shopper? Why would anyone pay me to shop?

Answer: Yes, you can actually make decent money in your spare time as a mystery shopper. The truth is that companies are willing to pay for a professional, third-party evaluation that will offer some insight into how they can improve their business. Not only will companies pay you to shop, but you will often get to keep the products used in your evaluation at no cost. If you are instructed to purchase something during your mystery shopping assignment, you will likely be reimbursed and will still be permitted to keep the product(s).


Question: How much money can I make as a mystery shopper?

Answer: The answer to this question will vary greatly and is dependent upon a number of factors, including the type of job, the time spent during the evaluation, the company's policy on pay rates and how many jobs you accept within a specific amount of time. Some people use mystery shopping as a way to earn extra money in their spare time, while others have turned it into a career. These individuals are called professional shoppers and they are dedicated to evaluating as many businesses as possible, while maintaining a professional assessment and a thorough review.


Question: If I am a mystery shopper, who is my employer?

Answer: Mystery shoppers are independent contractors, which means they are self-employed. As such, they are responsible for reporting and paying income taxes on any income that they earn. As a mystery shopper, you may be entitled to certain tax deductions, which may include health insurance, office furniture and supplies, a computer, fax machine, internet costs, etc.


Question: How can I recognize a legitimate mystery shopping opportunity versus a scam?

Answer: Genuine mystery shopping programs will not promise you overnight riches and will never guarantee you a job. Mystery shoppers are hired as needed and anyone that promises you otherwise is questionable at best. A legitimate mystery shopping position will always be clear about payment rates and methods. If you have the opportunity, take the time to read independent reviews relating to mystery shopping companies. In reading another's experience or evaluation of a mystery shopping company, you may gain valuable insight and be better equipped to choose your next career move wisely.


'Mystery shopper' scam continues in East Tennessee with new name

ROCKWOOD, Tenn. (WATE) - Scams that are profitable to criminals tend to cycle around, perhaps using a different name. For years, fake checks have been sent out to lure unsuspecting people to become a "mystery shopper." While the name has changed, the scam ...

Published:  Wed, 25 Apr 2018 18:56:00 GMT

BBB warns of mystery shopper scam

Better Business Bureau Northwest + Pacific is warning job seekers of the company Cube Survey, which claims to be based in Hawaii. Since April 3, ID 2018, your BBB has received four reports to BBB Scam Tracker from jobseekers alleging they were hired by the ...

Published:  Wed, 25 Apr 2018 09:50:00 GMT

BBB: Consumer lost some $7,800 to "Mystery Shopper" scheme

BOISE, ID - The Better Business Bureau reports receiving at least four reports via its BBB Scam Tracker from job seekers upset after they were hired as "mystery shoppers" by a company known as Cube Survey. BBB officials report one consumer lost an ...

Published:  Wed, 25 Apr 2018 10:47:00 GMT

Mystery Shopping - Keeping Faith in Your Program

Daniel Ord discusses how boardrooms often react to your mystery shopping programs and the impact that it has on your reserach. I met up with a friend who works in another Mystery Shopper research firm. We like to compare notes on Mystery Shopper research ...

Published:  Tue, 24 Apr 2018 05:19:00 GMT

Hogwarts Mystery perfectly captures the soul (and merchandising) of Harry Potter

If there's one thing Hogwarts Mystery absolutely nails, it's that same sense of wonder kids (and adults!) felt reading the first few books, when the mysticism of shopping down Diagon Alley and the peer pressure of the Sorting Hat were perfect metaphors ...

Published:  Wed, 25 Apr 2018 16:30:00 GMT

Avril Lavigne rocks off-the-shoulder red dress as she holds hands with mystery man while out in LA

The 33-year-old rockstar showed some shoulder wearing a billowing, bright red mini dress as she held hands with a mystery man before the pair drove off into the sunset. Avril got some sun on her skin as she enjoyed a spot of shopping while wearing a bright ...

Published:  Tue, 24 Apr 2018 12:26:00 GMT

Why The Soul Stone Was Very Important To Avengers: Infinity War's Script, According To The Writers

We were always worried about Thanos just checking off his shopping list. Right ... By having the Soul Stone as a mystery, you know that there's at least one portion of the film that will reveal special new location information and a unique avenue to ...

Published:  Wed, 25 Apr 2018 19:06:00 GMT

Solve a Murder Mystery (and Eat Cheesecake) with The Golden Girls

But they can't do it without your help. That's right: Peddler's Village, a quaint shopping village in Lahaska, Pennsylvania, is now offering a Golden Girls Murder Mystery dinner and show every Friday and Saturday night through August 25, 2018.

Published:  Tue, 24 Apr 2018 09:36:00 GMT

Duluth police warn of uptick in mystery shopper scams

Duluth police are warning residents of a mystery shopper scam they said they are increasingly receiving reports about. According to Duluth Police Department Officer Ted Sadowski, the department receives about 10 reports per month of the same or similar ...

Published:  Wed, 18 Apr 2018 11:53:00 GMT

BBB warns of 'mystery shopper' job scam

PORTLAND, Ore. - Better Business Bureau Northwest + Pacific is warning job-seekers of the company Cube Survey, which claims to be based in Hawaii. Since April 3, BBB has received four reports to BBB Scam Tracker from job-seekers alleging they were hired by ...

Published:  Wed, 25 Apr 2018 10:31:00 GMT

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