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If you're looking for guaranteed savings, upfront and transparent pricing, and J.D. Power's highest-ranked third-party automotive website, look no further than TRUECar. Their easy-to-use website will help you find the car you want, not just at a discount but also at a fair price compared with what other people in your area have paid for similar vehicles. TRUECar is the preferred partner of many household brands, such as Allstate, American Express, and Geico. TRUEcar is our top choice among websites for buying new cars.

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Cars allows you to find the new car you want at dealerships near you. Unlike most of their competitors, Cars does not require you to enter your contact information to see pricing, which is great if you're hoping to do your research without being contacted by eager salespeople. They also offer good resources for researching your new car purchase.

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Primarily a site for researching all things cars, Automotive has a wealth of information to help you with your new car purchase. Although you'll have to wait for your local dealer to contact you in order to find out what your new car might cost, you do get to select which dealers you'd consider giving your business. Automotive is a good choice for researching and locating your new vehicle.

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Although the Autotrader site is not as visually appealing as some of their competitors' sites, car shoppers can easily find current prices at local dealerships without having to enter any contact information. There are also a number of tools to help you with your research as you decide which new vehicle you'd like to purchase, and an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau means that Autotrader is a trustworthy resource.

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Web2Carz has the look and feel of an online automotive magazine - that happens to be a resource for buying new cars as well. We love their solid reputation with the Better Business Bureau and all of the extremely up-to-date information on all of the latest trends in the auto industry. But, their referral process for connecting with dealers to find the new car you want may not put as much power in your hands as you might like.

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As one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry, Edmunds is an obvious choice for helping you get the information and pricing you need to buy your new car. From their Price Promise feature that gets you savings to the True Cost to Own calculator that makes you aware of what you might spend on your vehicle in the future, the Edmunds site is a terrific resource. However, at the time of our review, the main functionality of the site - looking up prices at local dealers - wasn't working properly.

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CarsDirect has a number of useful tools to help you find your new car, particularly a comparison feature that allows you to look at two different vehicles and see at a glance how they stack up in terms of features, safety, and value. You won't be able to see local dealer pricing until you provide your information and receive a call or email from the dealer that CarsDirect chooses for you. But, CarsDirect has several endorsements from well-known names like Time and Forbes, and many customers say that the information the site provided helped them get a good deal at their local dealership.

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New Cars

Who doesn't love the experience of getting a new car? There's something exciting about sitting behind the wheel of your brand-new vehicle, testing out all the latest features and picturing all of the road trips and even short drives across town, while breathing in that classic new-car smell.

Why buy new? There are many reasons car-buyers opt for a new vehicle rather than buying a used model - or, as they call it now, a "pre-owned" car. One of the biggest reasons is the warranty: typically 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. With a pre-owned vehicle, you'll only get what's left on the original warranty, or maybe a 30-day policy from the dealer itself.

Of course, you could always spend a sizeable amount on an extra warranty to cover the vehicle. But besides the warranty, new cars also tend to have special offers: factory rebates, dealer incentives, even "Black Friday" pricing around the holidays! You may decide that you want to take advantage of a great deal that finally puts the car you've always wanted within the reach of your budget.

Buying a new car lets you get the features that matter to you. Maybe you've moved from Florida to Maine and you're thinking that all-wheel drive could be a lifesaver when the roads are covered with snow. Or, you'd love to have a car with included Wi-fi so that the kids can stream their favorite videos during the daily carpool to school. No matter what bells and whistles you want, buying your car new is the only way to make sure you get them!

Most websites for buying new cars are relatively similar: enter the type of car you're looking for, along with your ZIP code, and get quotes from dealers in your area that may have your vehicle in stock. So, what factors should you consider to choose the best new cars website? Consider these three criteria:

  • Price. Does the site offer you a way to get the best possible price for your car, either through a discount or through a relationship with a network of trusted dealers? Or does it just tell you where to find the car you want while leaving the haggling up to you?
  • Information. Will the new car site help you to make your purchase decision? Will you be better-informed with respect to the costs of owning the vehicle you choose? Do they offer other details on current trends in the automotive marketplace?
  • Extra Services. Can the site connect you with resources for getting auto insurance, an auto loan, or other relevant products and services? has reviewed and ranked the best New Car websites available today. We hope these reviews get you on the road to finding your next vehicle at a terrific price!

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This new smartphone feature should be used by every driver, from teen to seasoned commuter

"Automatically" turns it on if the iPhone's motion sensors pick up auto-like acceleration (so it will work if you're in a rented or borrowed car), while "When Connected to Car Bluetooth" relies on the phone pairing to your car's Bluetooth ...

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Cars, food, God - not necessarily in that order - mark New Kensington car show

Classic cars, free homemade food and live music accounted for crowds flocking Sunday to the 13th Annual Car Show at The River New Kensington - A Community Church along Freeport Road. The crowd magnet was a 1929 Chevy two-door sedan with its official ...

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Cadillac Makes Great Cars. Too Bad Americans Want S.U.V.s.

Cadillac has just one car-based S.U.V.: the midsize XT5, which merely replaced the defunct SRX. Image Johan de Nysschen in 2015. His first major act as president of Cadillac was the move to New York. At the time, he discussed the brand's plan to add more ...

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The New Volvo V60 Estate is Great, but is it Great Enough for a $10,000 Price Hike

Full details of the V60 Care by Volvo offer, including UK prices, will be announced shortly. Jon Wakefield, Volvo Car UK's Managing Director, said: "The new V60 offers stunning looks and class-leading space and practicality, combined with Volvo ...

Published:  Sat, 19 May 2018 15:14:00 GMT

Indianapolis 500 drivers antsy about new cars prior to Saturday qualifying

INDIANAPOLIS -- Disregard the advertised Indianapolis 500 speeds, like Friday's 231.802 mph fast lap delivered by Marco Andretti. It came with a tow - sucked in by the draft from the car in front of him - which will not be the case during Saturday's solo ...

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Violent crash splits teen's car in half

OMAHA, NE (KETV/CNN) - Two teenagers collided at a dangerous intersection, causing one car to split into two pieces. Miraculously, both drivers walked away with no serious injuries. "Nobody could believe anyone lived through that scene," said Yayle Roncka ...

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New Formula Aero Mesh Wheel From SSR Is The Throwback Look Your Car Needs This Summer

Last week Japanese wheel manufacturer SSR launched a new 3-piece wheel design they're calling Formula Aero Mesh, a variant of their existing Formula line of track-oriented wheels. The Formula Mesh wheel design has been modified to accept an aero-style ...

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