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      October 27, 2020

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Zingerman's vs The Olive Press

To help you find the Best Olive Oil Clubs, provides you with an in-depth comparison of Zingerman's and The Olive Press.

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Join the best Olive Oil Club with Fresh Press Olive Oil Today! Who offers the best Olive Oil Club? If you consider yourself a "foodie" or even if you just love the flavor and health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, you're probably well-acquainted with olive oil. The preferred olive oil for most cooking needs is, of course, extra virgin olive oil (sometimes referred to as EVOO).

What makes this olive oil so special? The production process doesn't include refining, leaving a greater flavor variety in the oil itself. That means that you'll experience a different taste depending on where the olives were grown, from California to Italy and beyond. Plus, extra virgin olive oils contain a higher percentage of nutrients, making it the best all-around choice for both taste and health benefits.

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Best Reviews


Olive Oil Club Reviews

4 stars


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$125 for 2 months (2 half-liter bottles)

$200 for 4 months (4 half-liter bottles)

$260 for 6 months (6 half-liter bottles)

Handmade terraced olive oil dipping plates included in first shipment

Free shipping

Zingerman's knows gourmet food. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, this company has a decades-long history of making mouth-watering breads and desserts, farmhouse cheeses, and much more - and fortunately, most of it is available for delivery direct to you!

Around the world

Zingerman's Olive Oil Club brings you what they call "rare" varieties. Although selections may vary, their products usually include a half-liter bottle from these sources around the world:

  • Peranzana (Italy)
  • OLV (Spain)
  • La Spineta (Southern Italy)
  • Agrumato Lemon (Italy)
  • Roi (Northern Italy)
  • Onsa's (Tunisia)

Dipping plates

Also, with your first delivery, you'll get a set of handmade, terraced olive oil dipping plates worth $30 but included at no extra charge. All shipments include free delivery (though there's a $10/delivery charge if you're sending them to Alaska or Hawaii), as well as an informative newsletter on how each oil was made and suggestions for delicious use.

Best Olive Oil Clubs

A little expensive

As you might expect with a product described as "rare", this Olive Oil Club is on the spendy side:

  • $125 for 2 months
  • $200 for 4 months
  • $260 for 6 months

Fantastic reputation

There are no customer reviews for these subscriptions on the Zingerman's website, so you might hesitate to spend that kind of money on an Olive Oil Club, not knowing what other people have said. Rest assured: Zingerman's has a fantastic reputation, demonstrated by their "Returnless Guarantee". We encourage you to read it - because it's just plain entertaining, and because you'll see right away that you don't have to worry about being satisfied with your Olive Oil Club deliveries. "We consider it an honor when you let us help fix a problem" and "the only taste that counts is yours" are just a few examples of how this company makes sure you're satisfied, either with a refund or by sending you something you'd like more.

Hand-crafted right from the source

Another cool thing we found while digging around the Zingerman's website: they taste every single olive oil they offer, to make sure the quality is still up to par. And, with few exceptions, every olive oil is sourced directly from farmers who make the products using what they've grown on their own estates - often producing only a couple thousand bottles each year. The olive oil you'll get from Zingerman's is truly hand-crafted, artisanal, and produced small-scale: definitely no fillers or dilution here.

Top shelf quality

Although their Olive Oil Club is more expensive than most, with fewer delivery/subscription options, Zingerman's is worth considering if you're looking for the highest-quality, small-batch olive oils available today. You can be assured that your culinary experience with any bottle you receive will be exceptional - or Zingerman's will do everything to make it right.

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3.5 stars
The Olive Press


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$55 plus shipping per quarter (3 bottles per shipment)

The Olive Press has received more than 600 awards for quality and was the very first olive mill in the Sonoma area of California. So, it should be no surprise that the extra virgin olive oils offered by this Olive Oil Club all come from that state - no imports.

2 olive oil clubs to choose from

This merchant is the only one that offers a membership plan that includes an option for balsamic vinegar and other "epicurean treats". Here's what you can choose from at The Olive Press:

  • The Press Club: For $55 per quarter (shipped in January, April, July and October), you'll get 3 bottles of oil ranging in size from 100mL to 500 mL. You have the option of selecting "all oil" or "oil & balsamic vinegar" for your deliveries. Your membership is a 1-year agreement to receive 4 total shipments. Shipping is not included in your subscription price; your fee will depend on your delivery zip code. Alternately, you can add products to your order to reach the company's free shipping threshold of $85.
  • The Amphora Club: for $110 every 6 months (shipped in March and September), you'll get an assorted variety of all Olive Press products (olive oils, vinegars, spices, tapenades and more). Your membership is a 1-year agreement to receive 2 total shipments. Shipping is included in the price of this plan.

20% wine discounts

As a member of either club, you'll get a 20% discount on other purchases at The Olive Press or their two partner brands, Jacuzzi Family Vineyards and Cline Cellars. You'll also get access to exclusive, limited oils and a higher discount on their wine club should you choose to subscribe.

Best Olive Oil Clubs

Redirect a shipment

Another nice feature is that you can redirect a scheduled shipment as a gift to someone else: maybe you're going out of town when your July is scheduled, and you'd love to send a delicious surprise to a friend with a birthday. No problem: The Olive Press will even include a personalized gift message for you.

Customers rave

We'd love to know what people think of the Olive Oil Club offered by The Olive Press. Unfortunately, the company wasn't rated by the BBB at the time of our review. On the other hand, looking at customer comments about their retail locations in Sonoma and Napa, California, it's easy to see that people rave about the quality of their olive oils - so it's a logical conclusion that their Olive Oil Club would be equally reputable.

Details missing

But, when compared with other retailers offering Olive Oil Club memberships, the information provided by The Olive Press comes up short. Will you get a newsletter describing the quarterly selections, recipes for their suggested use, or information about the growers who produced the olives? What kinds of oils do they usually send? Is there a refund policy if you get an oil that just doesn't meet your expectations? Those details were noticeably missing.

Room to improve

Given the popularity and reputation of The Olive Press in general, we can recommend their Olive Oil Club - especially if you'd prefer to have all of your oils sourced from California growers. The membership is priced very affordably, and we like the options for including balsamic vinegars and other products. But, when compared with the higher-rated Olive Oil Clubs in our review, this company has room to improve with letting customers have a better idea of what they're getting with their subscription.

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Continued from above

However, you may have found yourself disappointed with what you find at your local grocery store. According to Business Insider, many olive oil bottles contain product that has been diluted with lower-quality or even chemically refined oil - or worse, mixed with older, sometimes rancid batches left over from previous seasons. While there are some tips you can follow to get fresher olive oil - looking on the bottle or packaging for a harvest date no older than a year, certifications like EVA or COOC, and so on - there's no guarantee you'll find a good selection, even at your favorite specialty retailer.

That's where Olive Oil Clubs come in. Delivered monthly or quarterly, these subscription plans ensure that you have nothing but the freshest, highest-quality olive oil sourced from the most reputable providers. Carefully curated by experts, the selections may range from all-California or all-Italy to a range of olive oil varieties from around the world. And, surprisingly, the cost per bottle is often comparable with what you'd find for premium olive oil from your local supermarket.

When choosing an Olive Oil Club, how can you decide which one is the right subscription for you? Here are several criteria to keep in mind:

  • Variety. Do you prefer olive oil that comes from California-grown olives, Italian harvests, or from many different places? Are you looking for flavored oils or plain extra virgin olive oil? Be sure that the club you choose fits those preferences.
  • Cost. How much will you spend on the club membership? How many bottles are included in the subscription price, and how much product will you get? Is shipping included?
  • Reputation. What do other customers say about their experience with the Olive Oil Club? Does the company have a strong track record of excellent customer service and high-quality products? has reviewed and ranked the best Olive Oil Clubs available today. We hope this information helps you find the perfect Olive Oil Club for all of your future culinary endeavors and flavor adventures!

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