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      June 6, 2020

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CrashPlan vs SugarSync

Best Online Backup Services

To help you find the Best Online Backup Systems, provides you with an in-depth comparison of CrashPlan and SugarSync.

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Which company offers the best online backup service? One thing that keeps many computer users and business owners awake at night is how they would recover from a data loss event or security breach.

Hard drives are wonderful devices for storing more information now than ever before. But even with the advent of more solid-state (moving parts) storage components, hard drives are still prone to occasional failure, damage, intrusion, or accidental erasure.

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Best Reviews


Online Backup Reviews

3 stars


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$10 per month per computer

Small businesses that require a low-cost entry into the world of data backups have CrashPlan as an option. For $10 per month per computer, you'll get continuous backups that run in the background automatically, with no file size restrictions, customized file retention, ransomware recovery, and external drive protection.

Backup versioning

Protection of files begins first with what you're working on. You can easily go back to previous versions of your files. To restore your files, you can use the desktop app or a browser and there is no fee to restore them. All of your files are protected by the highest available encryption standards and HIPAA compliance is also supported.

Scheduled and continuous backups

For IT directors and managers, CrashPlan is built in a way that you can logically implement continuous and multiple backup sets on a schedule that works for you. All files get verified to ensure that they'll be whole when restored. And, you can prioritize file backups and restorations by their source, target, and frequency. Gone are the days when files that are open and being worked on cannot be backed up - because CrashPlan has those covered as well.

CrashPlan offers dedicated support by phone, chat, or email as well as through documentation if you feel like you want to try to solve any problems on your own.

Mixed customer reviews

Reviews of CrashPlan tend to be somewhat positive, with people liking the intuitive and simple user interface, continuous backup, and unlimited storage amounts.

Negative reviews included complaints about the amount of memory the software uses and how it cannot back up files larger than 1 terabyte, business suite software, and virtual machines. Support complaints exist as well, with users not liking the generalized responses to specific questions and numbers of unsolved tickets over long periods of time.

The complaints we read were concerning in that it appears CrashPlan has a ways to go to earn a higher rating. We suggest you choose a different online backup vendor if you want to be sure of a better experience all around.

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3 stars
Sugar Sync


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Between $7.49 per month and $55 per month depending on storage capacity and number of users

SugarSync offers a choice of 3 online backup plans for both personal and business use.

1 Personal, 2 Business plans

  • With the Personal Plan, you can buy between 100GB and 500GB of storage but are limited to backing up files from a single computer. To back up multiple computers and get a terabyte of storage or more, you must upgrade to one of two business plans.
  • The First Business Plan gives you up to 9 users plus admin control, live support over the phone during weekday business hours in the U.S., and the ability to delete all files and applications on a computer remotely.
  • The Second Business Plan offers the same features, but adds 10 or more users. Pricing is customized according to resource usage.

Both business backup plans provide pooled storage for your users, the ability to set storage limits per user, change and disable user roles, enable or disable user accounts, watch user activity, and delegate access and permissions.

Features, 30-day free trial

Other features include folders and file sharing, syncing folders across teams, support for MS Outlook, sharing of public links, and synchronization of files across multiple devices.

SugarSync gives you a free 30-day, 5GB trial to let you determine for yourself whether it will be a good fit for your personal or business needs.

Mainly good experiences

Reviews seemed to be fairly positive, with people liking SugarSync's capabilities, flexibility across devices, user interface, and reliability. Middle-of-the-road reviews pointed out the relatively high cost compared to other online backup services, the limit of being able to recover only up to five previous versions, and some general glitchy-ness. The negative reviews were few and had to do mainly with customer support issues that went unresolved or were not resolved satisfactorily. This was a common thread among all online backup services to varying degrees.

Light but serviceable

Compared to other vendors, SugarSync seems a bit light on features, so we're not granting it as high of a rating as those competitor services. Still, it seems like it will do the job for most casual and small business users with a minimum of fuss.

SugarSync is a recommended service for light-touch backups and device file synchronization. But if you want less expensive storage per GB, have a look at the higher-ranked services in our review.

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Continued from above

Even worse, a disgruntled employee or a criminal who likes to hack into computers and steal data could bring your business or home computing to a grinding halt. Ransomware hackers could hold your data for ransom by encrypting it and only offering to give you the "key" to unscramble it if you pay them a large sum of money. Even if you pay, there is no guarantee that they'll give you access to your data again.

Fortunately, there are several companies that have made it their mission to help you back up, secure, and restore your irreplaceable files and protect your information. They provide the storage hardware and the software to migrate copies of your files continuously and securely to their "cloud" storage facilities.

When looking for a backup service, some important things to consider include:

  • Fees. How much storage are you getting per dollar? Obviously, the lower the cost per gigabyte, the better off you are, all other things being equal.
  • Features. Every service we reviewed offers vastly different combinations of features. Make sure the service you choose is the right fit for your particular needs, without buying features you don't need.
  • Customer Service. The last thing you need in a data emergency is poor customer service. If you have any kind of trouble with backing up or restoring files, you'll want fast, courteous, and helpful customer service. has reviewed and ranked the best online backup services to help you attain peace of mind. We hope this information helps you find the right online backup service for your home or business!

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