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      November 14, 2018

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Difference Between Online Poker and Live Poker

Poker is poker – whether it is being played through an online poker website or live at a table with a bunch of buddies. The basic rules for every variant of poker are still the same; however, the strategy being used in an online game versus a live one can be very different.

For starters, playing with real people – who know how to bluff as well as read the bluff of another player – is a lot different than playing against other players online. People who wish to play live poker have to develop a good “poker face” if they hope to be successful. Subtle cues players can give off through facial expressions and body language, called “tells,” are easy for other seasoned players to pick up on during a live game. For example, if a player tends to blink rapidly when they have a good hand, another seasoned player could pick up on that and use it to their advantage in the game. Players don’t have to worry about that when placing their bets online. Players engaging in online poker games cannot see one another, so there is little worry about giving away your hand, and there is a whole lot more bluffing going on because of it.

Aside from the ability to read other players when a game is live, there are other differences between live poker games and those that are hosted online.

Another difference between live poker games and those offered online is that live poker games move more slowly than their online counterparts. An average online game can include up to 90 hands in a 60-minute time frame. In comparison, those playing in a live poker game can expect only an average of 40 hands per game. Those who do not have patience or who enjoy a quicker-moving atmosphere will definitely want to keep their poker playing to an online forum.

Online poker games also can be a lot less restrictive and players tend to not employ the same strong tactics they would in a live game. If a player is good at poker, online games offer the chance to make quite a bit of money by using the same strict strategies that would be used in a live game.

Perhaps one of the most interesting differences between online poker games and live poker games is the earning potential of the players in each scenario.

Those who are willing to work at it can earn considerably more through online poker games than through live table games in a casino. Playing live poker limits the amount of volume players can put onto the betting table, making earnings paltry compared to what can be won online.

Perhaps the biggest difference between online poker and live poker is that pre-flop limping is more widespread in live games. A flop refers to the first three upwards-facing cards that are dealt to the community in poker games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Being able to see who the limpers are before the flop gives poker players a huge advantage over their fellow players.

Switching between playing online and live poker can take some adjustment at first, but players who do so regularly will quickly catch onto the advantages and drawbacks of each kind of play and develop their own strategies for success.

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