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Trade Station vs Charles Schwab

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Trade Station is an online stock trading platform that offers a broad range of trading services, including stock trading, futures, options, ETF and foreign exchange. It has some of the best rated software and third party analysis in the business, but due to high minimums it is probably geared more for the professional or active investor, over the smaller more casual one.

Trade Station has been in business for over 30 years and its strength is in its powerful trading and analysis software. Their trading platform has received Barron's #1 rating for in best trading and technology, as well as their top platform of choice for frequent traders and international traders. There is no shortage of accolades for this broker. Investor's Business Daily has ranked them #1 for equity trading tools, and they have appeared in the top 5 for their options platform, ETF choices, reliability and overall experience. The Trade Station website lists many other high rankings from other major financial publications. The serious investor looking for the top technology in the business ought to give serious consideration to Trade Station.

Commissions and trade fees are competitive with other online brokers. Stock Trades are $6.99 each if you make 30 or more per month, $7.99 for 10-29 trades per month, and $9.99 for 1-9 trades per month. Commission on equity trades is $.01 per share up to 500 shares and $.006 per share after that. There is an option for new clients to trade free for 60 days after opening an account. However, as mentioned Trade Station charges hefty fees for not meeting certain minimums. You will pay a platform fee of $99.95 if you don't make 10 or more trades involving 5000 or more shares each month. This will likely send the less active investor to another broker with no or lower minimum requirements.

The website is well organized and easy to navigate, and customer service options are prominently laid out at the top of the main page with options to call a toll free number or get online assistance. Setting up a new account is a simple process and the research tools and resources we found on the site are impressive. With a huge array of products and services, award winning technology, and competitive pricing, Trade Station is a great choice for an active investor.

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As a result of its large size, customer base and balance sheet, Schwab has resources available to provide technology offering the latest in news and investment information. Schwab offers a full service product for those wanting to trade online any investment vehicle available today but not at the best price.

Schwab offers customers a sort of tiered approach to pricing transactions. Generally speaking, each trade is $8.95 but those prices can run lower if you are transacting 30 or more trades each month. However, the minimum balance is $2,500 to open and thus excludes some investors looking to transact in the lower range.

Schwab also offers a bilingual customer service team that is very helpful to those with English as their second language. The Schwab trading website has a number of resources and analysis information available. The trading platform was generally easy to use and we had very few questions in our first attempt to navigate a trade.

Overall, we were impressed with Schwab's full service approach to handling stock investments. However, we were a little less impressed with the cost per transaction and most definitely the minimum deposit requirement.

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Online Stock Brokers

To help you find the Best Online Stock Brokers, provides you with an in-depth comparison of Trade Station and Charles Schwab.

Recently many people have run from the stock market licking their wounds and panicked by the size of their retirement plan. But at the same time, many others are cashing in on some great opportunities. For those looking to buy and sell stocks, without significant expense, online stock brokers can be the ultimate answer.

Besides significant cost savings, another great advantage to executing your own transactions is that you can avoid the time and energy necessary to deal with "professional" stock brokers. Many of these individuals try to convince you to buy or sell stocks, because they earn a commission every time you make a transaction. With online stock brokers, you never have to talk to any salesmen.

There are many online stock brokers to choose from. However, before buying your piece of Microsoft or IBM you should consider a number of key factors. Some of these include:

  • Fees. Does the online stock broker charge a flat fee or a percentage of the total amount purchased? What's it going to cost to sell the shares when the time comes?
  • Information. Getting quick and informative stock information is imperative for those searching for the right pick. What information does the online stock broker provide for free?
  • Customer Service. How do people feel about the service they are getting? Is the online stock broker timely and helpful when you're in need of their assistance? has reviewed and ranked the best online stock brokers available today. We hope this information helps you choose your next online stock broker!

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