May 23, 2018

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Top Consumer Reviews Articles provides unique articles that you won't find anywhere else on the internet. These articles are designed to help you make the most informed decisions possible.

Dating Profiles that Work

Most of us know people who have had great success using a dating website while other friends see little or no dating action. Often the reason between the two stories is simply their profile and what impression it gave off to potential suitors. Writing about yourself doesn't come natural and putting relationship needs and wants into a one page summary takes practice so it's easy for people to make mistakes.

Spend time figuring out what you want in a potential mate and then focus on the following attributes of your profile to improve your chances of attracting the right person.

  • Tone. The tone of your profile is one of the biggest aspects of the impression you give off. Do you sound confident and upbeat or lacking self confidence. Do you spend more time explaining what you don't want or more time talking about your interests in a positive light? A negative Nelly or a selfish Sally are big turn offs. A nice balance of what you can bring to the table as well as what you're looking for will attract attention from others.
  • Username. The username is often the first thing someone sees about your profile and will create an initial first impression. A user name that uses profane language or sexual content is likely to turn off many quality singles. In turn, a boring or meaningless username can also have the same effect. Spend time coming up with a username that favorably depicts you and will grab someone's attention.
  • Mistakes. Bad grammar and spelling can be a huge turn-off for most. This can give the impression that you're lacking brain power and wouldn't put much effort into a relationship. If the website doesn't offer spell check, cut and paste your writing into a word document and search for errors.
  • Pictures. A profile with no pictures typically receives very few inquiries if any. Appearance is an important aspect of finding someone you have a chemical response to and people tend to avoid those profiles lacking photos. Be sure to include at least one picture but adding various shots of you from face to full body is ideal.
  • Honesty. Be honest in what you write in your profile. If you really don't want to date anyone older than you than make sure you indicate an accurate age range, height, body shape, religion or any other aspect of a potential mate you find critical. Also be honest about yourself. Lying about your age, income, kids or anything else will eventually lead to failure.
  • Ask for Feedback. While it may seem a little awkward, ask a close friend that knows you to give you honest feedback regarding your profile. How does it sound? Does it send the wrong message. What would they change?

Pray for the Souls of the People Sucked Into This Dating Site Hell

Please review our Safety Overview FAQ." As I waited for responses, it started to unnerve me how little was going on for me in this online dating world. I've been off the market for a while, so maybe I've lost my mojo, I thought. Despite repeated ...

Published:  Mon, 21 May 2018 10:15:00 GMT

I Tried Modern Dating And All I Got Was Bitterness And Trust Issues

Modern dating, I honestly believe ... they can say anything they want to say. The messages we get online are vapid, mean, and often end up making us wonder if we're really "defective" as the insults suggest. I've learned to assume that people ...

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I Go To Therapy & It's Changed My Entire Approach To Dating & Relationships

I had dated plenty in New York, but it was the kind of dating that goes on for at least two months ... (Yes, prior to this podcast, I had never asked a person out. Not even online.) I still see my therapist, and I still think the only reason I'm able ...

Published:  Mon, 21 May 2018 06:23:00 GMT

Momo Swipes Right on a Rival Dating App for $800 Million

The takeover, which was initially announced in February, will expand Momo's online dating ecosystem and widen its moat. To understand why Momo bought Tantan, take a closer look at Momo's core business. Momo's namesake app, which lets users find each via ...

Published:  Sat, 19 May 2018 11:13:00 GMT

Why Millennials Will Swipe Left on Facebook's New Dating Service

On May 1, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the social networking site's foray into online dating. "There are 200 million people on Facebook who list themselves as single," Zuckerberg said at the F8 Conference in San Jose, Calif. "So clearly ...

Published:  Thu, 17 May 2018 13:04:00 GMT

2018'S 10 best dating apps to help you find that special someone

Tinder actually has one of the best user interfaces of any dating app around. The photos are large, the app is - comparatively speaking - svelte, and setting up your profile is pretty painless. Overall, Tinder gets an A for its usability. Also ...

Published:  Sat, 19 May 2018 13:04:00 GMT

Amber Rose Shuts Down Rumors That She's Dating Lil Pump

No, Amber and Pump aren't dating. The internet felt a collective moment of confusion when a picture of Amber Rose lighting Lil Pump's cigarette appeared online from the Rolling Loud festival last weekend. The photo was perplexing for two reasons.

Published:  Sat, 19 May 2018 12:24:00 GMT

I Tried "Renting" A Friend Online (And It Was Super-Awkward)

How do you offer to rent someone and not sound like a complete weirdo It's like online dating only worse, because in this instance not only do I supposedly not have a boyfriend but I apparently don't have any friends at all, which would likely cause ...

Published:  Mon, 21 May 2018 09:41:00 GMT

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