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If you want to "personalize your party", check out For Your Party. Whether you want to submit your own design for use on your bridal party favors, or you want gorgeous party invitations made by independent designers, you'll probably find it on their site. You'll also get lots of current trends and ideas to help you with your party planning needs.

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Punchbowl is "the new gold standard in online invitations", allowing you to send print-quality invites in a wide variety of designs and themes via email. They also offer a modest vendor referral service, some party supplies, and a selection of party ideas, recipes, and so on. If you're looking for online invitations that go far above and beyond what Evite has to offer, you'll want to take a look at Punchbowl.

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True to its name, Party Basics sells a traditional range of personalized party products, from invitations to napkins. Prices are reasonable, and a no-frills website makes it relatively easy to find what you need.

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Private Island Party has a good variety of party items for sale, particularly with respect to costumes, favors, and decorations according to different party themes. Shipping is free for orders over $10, and prices are good, but a lackluster rating with the BBB may be an indicator of less-than-stellar customer service.

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My Party Planner offers many items for your next party - but all of the items we checked linked to other websites for making the actual purchase. There is also a vendor referral service, and a blog with some ideas for your event. You might be more successful with one of the more highly-ranked stores in our review.

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Best Party Ever offers a vendor referral service, recipes, party ideas and planning tools, and hundreds of articles and how-to guides. However, the site is almost unusable; it seems that it was last updated in 2009, and many of the site's features (most notably the vendor referral service) don't even render in such a way as to be able to read the page. Best Party Ever hasn't kept up with the times, so you'll want to look for your party planning help elsewhere.

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Party Planning

When you find yourself in charge of planning a party, do you jump for joy or go into full panic mode? Whether you're hosting a small gathering or a large-scale event, party planning can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking all at the same time.

Most parties have common elements such as invitations, food, and decorations, but the sky's the limit when it comes to almost every other detail. Will there be entertainment, like a band or magician? Will guests receive party favors? Will you need to reserve a reception hall, or rent a tent and seating for an outdoor venue?

Using party planning services can cut down some of the guesswork - and legwork! - as you figure out everything that you'll need to choose, buy, prepare, and set up for your next big event. There are many online services that can help you, from sites that provide referrals for local vendors such as bakeries and bouncy house rentals, to others that sell personalized party favors and more.

As you go online to find a site to help with your party planning, you should keep the following questions in mind:

  • Services. What services does the party planning site offer? Can you find a range of helpful features, such as referrals and theme ideas, or is the site limited to one particular type of product or service?
  • Party Suggestions. Are the site's suggestions trendy and fresh, or outdated and less-than-exciting? There's nothing wrong with a classic theme like Disney Princesses or Over the Hill, but the best party planning services will connect you with Pinterest-worthy themes and ideas (and may even connect you with Pinterest itself!).
  • Value. Does the party planning service offer a good value? Whether you're buying customized party favors or hand-stamped invitations, you want to get your party gear at a good price. Or, if you're searching for vendor recommendations, the party planning site should have a wide variety from which to choose, preferably with reviews by previous customers. has reviewed and ranked the best Party Planning sites available today. We hope these reviews help you create an event that leaves you and your guests with happy memories for years to come!

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