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People Finders has been in business for over 20 years and offers comprehensive people searches at a very competitive price. This full service people search site even offers a quick method of finding all of the social networks associated with anyone's email address. Whether they're on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, or a half-dozen other social networks, People Finders can find them.

Using People Finders, it's very easy to find the people and information you're looking for. You can conduct searches by name, address, social security, and phone number.

In addition to their people search service, People Finders also offers a comprehensive background report that includes the following:

  • Address History
  • Age and Date of Birth
  • Aliases
  • Bankruptcies
  • Birth & Death Records
  • Criminal Checks
  • Judgements & Liens
  • Maiden Names
  • Marriages & Divorces
  • Misdemeanors
  • Neighbors
  • Phone Numbers
  • Prior Residences
  • Property Records
  • Relatives
  • Sex Offender Records

The reports provided by People Finders are very detailed, and the information returned is both accurate and complete. It can be displayed directly on your screen, or you can print it off in a convenient, easy-to-read format.

People Finders offers a discount on all their plans if you purchase a monthly membership subscription for $24.95 per month. The subscription lets you perform unlimited people searches, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you're planning on running people searches now and in the future, this is a very good option worth considering.

Overall, People Finders is an excellent people search service. They offer comprehensive reports on individuals and give you the option for unlimited searches with an affordable monthly subscription. Their social network people search is impressive as well. If you want to research and find detailed information on anyone, People Finders is a great service to use. They earn our highest rating.

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US Search bills itself as the leading provider of people searches and background checks. It's actually very easy to search for people and navigate through this website. With US Search, you can easily conduct people searches and background checks. Their prices are somewhat higher than other services, although within their quoted price they allow you to perform two searches instead of one.

US Search offers 3 different people search options. The information returned on these differs, as well as their price. Here's what you can expect:

  • Instant People Search. Returns Name, Age, Current Address, Phone Number, Aliases, and Address History
  • Advanced People Search. Includes everything in the Instant People Search, plus Email Search, Social Network Search, Maiden Name, and Death Records
  • Advanced Background Search. Includes everything in the Advanced People Search, plus Property Records, Marriages, Divorces, Criminal Records, and Detailed Relative Information

US Search offers a discount on all their plans if you purchase an unlimited membership subscription. This subscription, called "OmniSearch", costs $49.95 every 3 months. It lets you perform unlimited people searches, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you're planning on running people searches now and in the future, this is an option worth considering.

US Search is a solid online search service. Although the initial pricing is a little higher than some other services we reviewed, the subscription option brings those prices down considerably. US Search is a people search service worth your consideration.

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Net Detective is an online service used to gather specific information on individuals. Potential users can get background information on future employees or service contractors. Net Detective can also be used to research family history, look up old or lost friends, and get detailed financial information about yourself.

While at first glance this website is visually busy, it's actually pretty easy to navigate and review product information. In fact, you can become a "Net Detective" in just two easy steps. First, enter your e-mail address. Second, enter some personal information and pay. The cost is a one-time fee of $29.95, making this appear to be one of the least expensive online research sites.

However, once you sign up for their service, you'll find that Net Detective really wants you to sign up for their "Plus" version. At $29.95 per month, Net Detective claims that their "Plus" version is the only way you can truly receive background checks, criminal checks, and services that other top-rated companies provide. Unfortunately, they don't tell you this before you sign up for their basic service!

Net Detective offers a 100% guarantee and boasts numerous positive testimonials from happy customers. They also offer online and telephone support should any problems arise. Net Detective has a solid website that prides itself on customer satisfaction. However, we think their advertising is misleading at best and they should be more clear about what you get when you sign up for their basic service.

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People Search

People Search is more popular now than ever before. Over the years, many of us have lost track of people that were important in our lives. Perhaps you had a best friend growing up in your neighborhood, someone who you shared fun times and spent a lot of your childhood with, but haven't heard from in ages. Or, maybe you had an old college flame that meant the world to you, but you've since lost track of them.

Do you ever wonder what happened to these people, that were so important in your life? Do you want to find out?

There are a number of online people-search resources that can help you find a lost friend or loved one. The best of these services have access to hundreds of millions of records that span databases across the nation. These people-search utilities can help you find a person from your past by providing you access to a number of search options and resources including court records, background checks, email accounts, and more.

When choosing the right people-search service, there are a number of factors you need to consider. Some of these include:

  • Quality of Service. Does the people search service provide adequate access to investigative databases, records, and research materials? Does the people search service provide all the information you need to find the person you are looking for?
  • Cost. Does the people search service provide a cost-effective facility that meets your particular needs? Are there any hidden fees?
  • Professionalism. Is the people search website professional and credible? Can you rely on the information the company provides? has reviewed and ranked the best People Search services available today. We hope this information helps you find that person that you're looking for!

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