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      February 18, 2019

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Net Detective Review

To help you find the Best People Search, provides you with an in-depth Net Detective Review.

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Find That Person with People Finders Today! What is the Best People Search? Whether you're looking for an old romantic interest, trying to get information about a new neighbor or customer, or hoping to find your childhood best friend, today's digital world has many tools you can use to track people down.

Of course, not all People Search resources are the same. Some rely on databases that are easily used for free by the average person, while the best services scour the internet - using public records information, social media platforms, and even criminal and legal reports - to determine as much as possible about the person you're seeking.

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Net Detective



From $9.95 to $29.95

For a while, Net Detective was the internet's premier People Search. Is that still the case? We definitely don't think so. Despite offering a satisfaction guarantee and "billions of records" in their databases, this service ranks last among People Search providers we surveyed.

Why? Net Detective's search capabilities are next to useless. When we typed in our own phone number - a landline, even, not a mobile number - we got "0 preliminary results". To top it off, there were a bunch of coding errors and warnings displayed at the top of the page.

When searching for a person, we could only enter the name and state. There was no way to further refine the information, so we got a very long list of results - none of which seemed to match any of the people we wanted to search for.

Entering a target email address was no better. We let the "Please wait" screen sit for several minutes; we never got any results, but once again the top of the screen was filled with code warnings.

With such lackluster performance, who would pay for a one-time report or a monthly membership? These are priced at anywhere from $9.95 to $29.95, but when you click on "Add to Cart", you get taken to a URL that isn't secure.

On Net Detective's contact page, you'll only find an online form: no phone number, no direct email address, no physical location. In fact, every indication leads us to believe that this People Search provider may not be in business. User reviews from over a year ago say that they paid for lifetime access and can no longer access the service.

There's nothing positive to be said about Net Detective's People Search service. Any other provider in our review would give you more than this company.

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Continued from above

There are a few caveats to using People Search providers. First, any service you choose will probably require you to confirm that you won't use any information you find to screen tenants, hire or fire employees, or to determine a consumer's credit or insurance coverage. These are all requirements based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Also, the majority of the databases used to return search results are developed by computers that search the internet for records. In other words, there's not much human oversight to make sure that records are current, matched to the right person (especially with common names), or 100% accurate. For that reason, you should take any results you get from a People Search service as a helpful suggestion or possibility, not a guarantee of someone's location or contact information.

While considering the different People Search providers, here are several criteria to keep in mind:

  • Reputation. What do past and current users have to say about the People Search service? Are the results accurate or outdated? Is the company rated and/or accredited by the Better Business Bureau?
  • Information. How much can you find out using this provider? Does it give you details you could have found on your own for free, or will it give you in-depth information that most people wouldn't know how to access? Does the search look for people's social media accounts, or is it limited primarily to public records?
  • Cost. What will you spend to get the information you want? Can you buy a single report for a one-time search, or do you have to pay for a subscription? Does the People Search service offer a free or reduced-price trial? has reviewed and ranked the best People Search services available today. We hope these reviews help you find the person you';re looking for, quickly and affordably!

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