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      March 19, 2019

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Hott Perfume Review

Best Perfume Stores

To help you find the Best Perfume Stores, provides you with an in-depth Hott Perfume Review.

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Most perfume and cologne is purchased at big name department stores. Like all products sold in these stores, a healthy premium is added to all the perfumes sold in order to offset the costs of operating such a large store. Outside of the expensive mark-up you also have to deal with the driving, parking lots, long lines and the lack of help that exists in department stores today. Instead, many savvy shoppers have discovered an alternative to the traditional high priced, inconvenient approach - shopping for perfume online.

Every year, more people are buying their perfume and cologne from online perfume stores. These stores allow you to purchase your favorite perfume or cologne in the convenience of your home and at a discounted price. Depending on the state you reside in, you will probably be able to avoid sales tax. Many stores even offer free shipping, depending on the amount of your total purchase.

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1 star
Hott Perfume


Hott Perfume lists all of today's preferred brands, from Alfred Sung to Yves Saint Laurent, and at prices that are impressive. For example, when we looked up a basic Polo by Ralph Lauren eau de toilette, their 4-oz. bottle was listed at $57.99, the second-lowest price we found among the retailers we reviewed.

Unfortunately, those low prices may not get you a true bargain. While there are a handful of customers who are satisfied with their purchase, the vast majority have had issues with product quality, often receiving a fragrance that doesn't smell like the original. Even when comparing them side-by-side, there are obvious differences in the labeling and packaging to indicate that the item bought from Hott Perfume is a knockoff.

Their B- rating with the Better Business Bureau is further evidence that customers aren't very happy with their experience with Hott Perfume. Many of the complaints there describe receiving bottles that were almost empty because they had leaked all over the packaging, and then getting no answer from the customer service email at Hott Perfume.

In fact, when we looked at their "about us" link on the site, we were directed to a page that had five coupons and a basic email address - not a toll-free number, an address, or anything else about the business itself.

There is also no listed return policy or shipping costs.

Because of their lack of information and the overwhelming number of unhappy customers, Hott Perfume receives low marks. We strongly suggest that perfume shoppers check out the other retailers in our review.

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When looking for an online perfume store you'll want to consider a few factors before making a purchase. Some of these include:

  • Selection. Does the perfume store offer a wide selection of perfume and cologne?
  • Shipping. Does the perfume store charge a reasonable fee for sending you your purchase?
  • Return Policy. What if you're not satisfied with your perfume or cologne once it arrives? Can you return it for a full refund? has reviewed and ranked the best perfume stores available today. We hope this information helps you make your next perfume purchase!

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Clearwater detectives looking for 'well-smelling' perfume and cologne bandit

Detectives say the suspect used a key to open a locked display case with the perfume and cologne. The suspect then stashed multiple products in a pink lunchbox and a plastic Walgreens bag while ...

Published:  Thu, 14 Mar 2019 13:41:00 GMT

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