February 20, 2018

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Best Personal Checks

Have you seen other people using fun, vibrant personal checks at the grocery store and wondered where they got them? If you're still buying personal checks from your bank, you're missing out on both wonderful design options and significant savings.

Online personal check companies provide the same level of quality checks that you receive from your bank, but with many advantages. You can browse through a huge selection of personal checks from multiple categories, and find one that represents your personality and interests.

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Personal Checks Reviews

5 stars
Carousel Checks

CAROUSEL Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Carousel Checks is a reliable company that provides affordably priced personal checks from an endless list of attractive designs. If you're looking for a special design or are determined to stay within your budget, Carousel Checks should be your first choice.
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4.5 stars
Checks On Sale


If you are like a check that yells fun, Checks on Sale is a great place to start. We appreciated their well designed website as well as the fun checks they offer across numerous categories. Read More... Visit

4 stars
Checks Unlimited


If working with a long standing company is important to you, Checks Unlimited provides quality checks with approximately 70 different designs to choose from. Your bank information is verified at Checks Unlimited and additional fraud prevention is available for your choosing.
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3.5 stars
Deluxe Checks


If you are most concerned with finding a budget item, we'd recommend shopping elsewhere. Many of the checks at Deluxe were attractive but they might also lack the personalization you're looking for as only 4 dozen different designs are available. Read More... Visit

3.5 stars
Checks Superstore


Checks Superstore wowed us in the pure volume of different check categories and designs. However, prices were a little steeper than some of the other companies reviewed. If you haven't found what your looking for at a higher ranked company, Checks Superstore is worth a look.
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3 stars
Checks In the Mail


If you are looking for the exact check to represent your favorite sport, pet or hobby Checks in the Mail is generally not going to have what you're looking for. We had a tough time getting excited about this company.
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2 stars
Bradford Exchange Checks


Bradford Exchange Checks miss the mark on providing an effective and professional website as well as attractive check designs. For more modern options choose a higher ranked company.
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You can personalize your checks with different options, such as special fonts or unique messages. Plus, ordering personal checks online can save you a significant amount of money over buying checks directly from your bank.

Before choosing and purchasing your next set of personal checks, there are a number of factors you should consider. Some of these include:

  • Selection. Does the check company provide a wide selection of personal checks in a variety of categories that meets your needs?
  • Cost. How do the personal check prices compare with other check stores? Where will you get the best value for your money?
  • Website functionality. When navigating the personal check website, is it a customer friendly experience? has reviewed and ranked the best Personal Check companies available today. We hope these reviews help you find the affordable personal checks that you're looking for!

THE COLOR OF MONEY: Check your paycheck - you might be getting too much money

Your goal should not be to get a fat check from the federal government year after year ... which helps you figure out how many personal allowances to take, based on what tax deductions or credits you expect to claim. But the 2018 W-4 is also not available ...

Published:  Sun, 18 Feb 2018 22:00:00 GMT

Left without a pension Check out IRAs and 401(k)s.

But now, many Americans don't have a traditional pension plan and they must fund their retirement lifestyle with Social Security, which provides a defined benefit adjusted for inflation for life, and their personal assets, which, for many, are invested ...

Published:  Fri, 09 Feb 2018 07:00:05 GMT

Schedule a Retirement Check-in

So schedule a retirement check in every few months (it's a good task to undertake during your next personal inventory day) to see where you stand. "Knowing where you stand in relation to your retirement goals is one of the best coping tools you can use ...

Published:  Wed, 07 Feb 2018 01:04:00 GMT

Fallen soldier's father receives promised $25G personal check from Trump

Almost a week after the father of a soldier killed overseas said President Trump failed to deliver on a promise to send $25,000, the check finally arrived. The personal check was dated October 18 - the same day that the White House came out strongly ...

Published:  Mon, 23 Oct 2017 18:33:16 GMT

Gold Star family receives $25,000 personal check from Trump - signed on the same day as a Washington Post expose

The family of a US soldier killed in Afghanistan has received a $25,000 personal check from President Donald Trump that was promised months ago. The check's date is the same as that of a Washington Post report that first revealed Trump's offer of the money.

Published:  Mon, 23 Oct 2017 14:08:00 GMT

Personal Finance: Cashing of Checks

For many holders of bank checking accounts, getting their own checks cashed at their own banks or other branches of the banks can be frustrating. Cashing a check written by someone else can be a virtual Impossibility for the average checkirt account holder.

Published:  Wed, 08 May 1974 18:00:00 GMT

Don't deal with Craigslist buyer who wants to pay by cashier's check or personal check: Money Matters

Q: My husband is selling an item on Craigslist. Someone wants to buy it, but said she will send a check ahead of time for us to cash and then someone will pick up the item. I remember you saying this could be a warning sign. We said no, either cashier's ...

Published:  Tue, 02 Jan 2018 21:02:00 GMT

2 Reasons Fracking Tycoon Harold Hamm Sent Ex a $975M Personal Check

"The check was delivered, number one, in an effort to resolve this case," Craig Box told ABC News today. "And two, the tendering of the check or presenting it in Oklahoma law would stop any accrued interest from that date, even if the check is rejected."

Published:  Wed, 07 Jan 2015 14:16:00 GMT

MICHELLE SINGLETARY: Check your paycheck - you might be getting too much money

Your goal should not be to get a fat check from the federal government year after year ... which helps you figure out how many personal allowances to take, based on what tax deductions or credits you expect to claim. But the 2018 W-4 is also not available ...

Published:  Sun, 18 Feb 2018 19:25:00 GMT

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