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      August 5, 2020

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Deluxe Checks Review

Best Personal Checks

To help you find the Best Personal Checks, provides you with an in-depth Deluxe Checks Review.

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Who has the best personal checks? Despite the tendency to pay for many things digitally, personal checks are still a part of today's financial transactions. From babysitters who aren't old enough to accept payment via PayPal to merchants who give discounts for paying by check, the number of places that personal checks come in handy has stayed consistent over the years.

Most people are also aware that buying personal checks directly from the bank or credit union is not only boring but also more expensive. If you want personal checks that reflect your personal style - featuring your favorite sports team, your alma mater, or even customized with photos of your pet or grandkids - or you simply want to save money, getting your checks from a reputable online company is the way to go.

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3 stars
Deluxe Checks


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Starting at $23.99 for singles and $25.99 for duplicates

For over a century, Deluxe Checks has been the go-to brand for most banks' check-printing needs. Some customers feel that such a reputation brings peace of mind when ordering their personal checks.

But, what does it cost to get that kind of name-brand reassurance? First, you won't even be able to see Deluxe's pricing unless you enter your bank routing and account numbers. That's definitely going to be off-putting to customers who want such basic information without having to give away their banking details. You can browse their designs without it, but in order to see what it'll cost, you'll have to give them those two account numbers (or enter the correct routing number and zip code but a pretend account number, just to see the pricing).

Shipping is also much more expensive with Deluxe. You'll find that their order page defaults to 4-day Express Shipping for a whopping $26.99 on a single box of checks. You can see more shipping options by clicking on the dropdown box; the lowest-priced option is $6.99 via standard, untrackable bulk mail. This option is free with most of Deluxe's competitors.

We also weren't overly impressed by the Deluxe website. Besides having to enter our banking information to see pricing, the site doesn't make it easy to get to what you're looking for. There are fewer designs than most companies selling personal checks, although Deluxe does carry a few well-known brands like Disney and Harley-Davidson. We also found ads promoting winter checks, even though we visited the site just a few weeks before the start of summer.

In the end, Deluxe has a solid brand reputation, but you may find more, better-priced options with one of their competitors - and a shopping experience that doesn't require banking information just to see your pricing.

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These personal check companies meet the same criteria as your own bank follows, to ensure that your transactions are accepted and that your checks are printed accurately.

As you decide which company to use for your next order of personal checks, there are several things to keep in mind. You should consider the following factors:

  • Cost. How much will you spend to get the checks you want, in terms of style, design, fonts, and features (such as duplicate checks that create a carbon copy of each check you write)? Are there any money-saving perks like discounts on larger orders or free shipping?
  • Variety. Does the check company offer a broad selection of personal checks?
  • Reputation. What do other customers have to say about their experience with the personal check company? Does the business have a rating from the Better Business Bureau? has reviewed and ranked the best Personal Checkx available today. We hope that these reviews help you find the best personal checks for your needs!

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