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Personal Loan Reviews

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Lending Club is a recognized leader in the social lending market, an alternative to traditional lender-based institutions. They do an excellent job of bringing together lenders and those who want an affordable loan anywhere from $1,000 to $40,000. They earn our highest rating.

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While LendingTree does not fund loans itself, it does connect borrowers with a wide range of potential lenders and allows customers to negotiate directly with those lenders if they wish. Many of those lenders work with those people who have less-than-perfect credit, making LendingTree a great one-stop shop for researching the best loan for every kind of borrower.

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SoFi (pronounced "SEW-fi", as in "SOcial FInance") is one of the newest sources of personal loans on the market. Their straightforward application process, user-friendly website, and lack of fees make them a very strong contender. We were especially impressed by their unemployment protection feature, which can allow members to suspend repayments on a loan when they lose their jobs. SoFi is definitely a lender to consider if you're looking for a personal loan.

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100 Lenders is a service that connects borrowers with a network of financial institutions who provide personal loans. The application process is quick and basic, and numerous customer reviews praise the service received when taking out a personal loan from a 100 Lenders partner.

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Avant's newer history as a lending platform may make them less attractive to some prospective customers. However, this online lending platform's lack of loan prepayment fees is worth noting, as well as customer service availability 7 days a week. Loans can range from $2,000-$35,000, with funding as soon as the next business day*. For borrowers looking for a fast turnaround time, Avant may be the ideal choice.

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MoneyLion provides personal loans to people who have a short-term need for quick funding. Their loan interest rates are divided along the line of a credit score of 640. Obtaining a loan from MoneyLion also depends on prior loan history and financial history. They have a range of products and services to help loan consumers manage and track their borrowing and investment activities.

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Prosper provides a simple lending process and a website that's easy to navigate. Loan rates can range a little higher at Prosper but, if you are in the market for a $2,000 to $25,000 loan Prosper is worth your consideration.

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NetCredit is a subsidiary of a major financial lending company and specializes in unsecured personal loans between $1000 and $10,000. The process of completing an application is online and easy to follow. NetCredit works with customers with varying credit scores and looks at more than just credit history to either accept or deny a loan. The biggest downside to working with NetCredit is that they only currently service a handful of States.

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Upstart is a professional and organized social lending company focused on helping people achieve their financial goals. Their loan process is quick and efficient and considers your education and job history in addition to your credit score. With a solid reputation for success, customers can find answers to many of their financial questions because the site clearly lists how their loans work. They also provide education for those seeking guidance for future financial endeavors.

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Personal Loans serves as a liaison between customers wanting personal loans and available lenders willing to assist. Customers will find three different loan types at this well-organized website along with flexible payment options and the choice to borrow up to $35,000. Our only challenge with reviewing Personal Loans was finding any substantial history or reliability information.

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OneMain Financial brings to the table a strong BBB rating and a long history of doing business. However, their personal loan rates can be expensive. While OneMain is a dependable company that you can count on, you many be able to save some money with a higher ranked lender.

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Better Loans Mutual operates as a referral service, matching prospective auto loan customers to lenders. However, with no positive reviews and a discrepancy between the information on the site and at the provided toll-free number, we can't recommend that you provide them with your contact details. We recommend you look at our higher-ranked sources of personal loans.

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Personal Loans

Are you in need of some cash Historically, borrowers have had limited options for a personal loan. You could ask a family member, a friend, or find a personal finance company that offered fixed-rate loans, typically at exobrtantly high interest rates.

Today, however, finding a personal loan brings several more options to the table. While you can still ask a family member, or get a high-rate loan from a finance company, you can also consider using a social lending network. These networks, also called peer-to-peer loans, generally have much lower overhead and as a result can offer much lower interest rates. They're facilitated by professional companies familiar with this type of lending, to simplify things for all parties.

No matter where you borrow money from, before you get your next personal loan you should consider the following:

  • BBB rating. Does the lending company have a solid history of doing good business with its customers
  • Loan size and rate. How much will the lending company offer What interest rate do they charge their customers
  • Loan application process. When applying for your personal loan, can it be completed online Is the lending process easy and straightforward has reviewed and ranked the best online personal loan providers available today. We hope this information helps you find the best loan at an affordable rate that meets your needs!

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Lending Club Personal Loans: 2016 Review

Lending Club, whose name is often synonymous with online personal loans, helped pioneer the business model of "peer-to-peer" or "marketplace" lending, which matches borrowers with investors willing to fund their loans. Lending Club is a good fit ...

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