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      September 20, 2020

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Born Fitness Review

Best Personal Trainers

To help you find the Best Personal Trainers, provides you with an in-depth Born Fitness Review.

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Where can you find the best Personal Trainers? Do you just walk up to the most ripped guy at the gym and ask who he works with? Or go with the ones on staff at your local gym, even though you've never really felt a good connection with them? Good news: there's a much more effective way to get the guidance and expertise you need to make progress with your health and fitness goals.

Today you can use the web to either work with an online personal trainer, or find the perfect local fit for your personality and training needs. Whether you choose a fully-online personal trainer, or a local professional, depends on your situation. Is it important to have someone at your side, guiding you through each exercise and giving you face-to-face accountability? Or, does your schedule make it so that you need a personal training solution that is completely portable, with flexible sessions and on-the-go availability? Your answers to those questions will influence which type of personal trainer you choose.

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4.5 stars
Born Fitness


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6 month minimum commitment

Born Fitness has one question for you: "How good would it feel to finally have the body you want and never stress about what to eat or how to exercise ever again?" If you're like most people, the answer to that question is "It would be amazing!" Born Fitness can partner with you to make that your reality.

One aspect of Born Fitness that's very different from other personal trainer services we evaluated: spots are limited. That's right: you'll actually have to fill out an application (see the big yellow "Apply for Coaching" button? They're not asking for professionals who want to work there; they're saying prospective clients have to apply to access their services!). You'll answer some questions about yourself - goals, current fitness level and previous experiences, etc. - and the Born Fitness team will get back to you within 48 hours to let you know if they have room for you in their clientele.

If you're accepted as a client, you'll be contacted by your personal coach. Together (via Skype, phone or app), you'll get to know each other, and you'll tell your coach more about yourself so that he or she can get to work on your personal fitness and nutrition plan. This is the complete opposite of one-size-fits-all personal training: instead, you get a plan that is uniquely tailored to your schedule, your preferences, and your body, no one else's.

Just take a look at the section under "Imagine a Different Kind of Monday Morning" and see for yourself. Your Born Fitness app shows you exactly how much you're targeting in your personalized nutrition plan, gives you specific exercises in your training plan, and is absolutely impacted by your interactions with your personal trainer - from tweaks to add exercises you want to ones that will help you with any injuries or other issues. This is the ultimate plan for people who are striving to be their healthiest, best selves and who are tired of all of the guesswork that usually goes into nutrition and exercise.

Born Fitness has an excellent satisfaction guarantee: if you try their program for 30 days and don't feel like it's the right "fit" (pun intended), you'll get a full refund for your first month's fees and no additional payments. You'll want to make your decision within that first month, because Born Fitness requires a 6-month minimum commitment to their program. At $199/month, that's pretty steep if you decide after two months that you don't like it - you'll still be paying your monthly fees until you hit the 6-month mark. But, when you consider how much it costs to work with a personal trainer, usually somewhere around $50 per session, you're getting a lot for your money with Born Fitness. See the testimonials on the site and check out the before-and-after photos if you need any convincing!

If you're ready to make a transformation once and for all, and you know that you need a lot of one-on-one input to make it happen, Born Fitness should be one of the first options you consider for personal trainers.

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Working with an in-person trainer gives you some advantages. You can choose a professional that has worked with other clients in your area and who may have access to local fitness facilities for your sessions together. Especially for beginners who are just learning how to safely and effectively use free weights or body weight exercises, it's reassuring to know that each rep will be done with the proper form, making injury less likely.

On the other hand, the range of possibilities when working with online personal trainers is incredible. You tend to get more for your money, scheduling at your convenience, and more support outside of your actual live training sessions. Plus, if you regularly travel for work but want to maintain your wellness routine, no problem - you can still do your session via video chat on your phone, and your trainer will give you a workout that doesn't require any extra equipment.

Whichever type of personal trainer you prefer, there are several criteria to keep in mind when making your selection. Here are some things to consider:

  • Cost. Prices vary widely, from as little as $3.99/month to $200+ per month. Is the personal trainer affordable, keeping in mind any extra costs you might have (e.g. gym membership, equipment to have on hand at home, etc.)
  • Personalization. Will you get guidance that is tailored specifically to you, your dietary needs, and your level of fitness? Or is the instruction more generic?
  • Reputation. What do other customers say about the personal trainers who work with the company or who are included in the referral database? Are people generally satisfied with the value they get for their money? Is the company rated by the BBB or any other industry experts?
  • Satisfaction Guarantee/Refund Policy. If you work with the personal trainer and wind up feeling like it's not the right fit, can you get your money back? has reviewed and ranked the best Personal Trainers available today. We hope these reviews give you all the help you need to find the perfect fitness expert for your goals!

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Former U.S. Air Force Officer With MS Finds Purpose as a Personal Trainer

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Personal trainer looking to keep students moving while handling school at home

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