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Pet Insurance in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, more than 30% of households own a dog, and more than 34% have a cat. Pet owners are well aware of the benefits of having a furry friend in the home, such as happiness, companionship, and even better health; studies have shown that those with pets are often better adjusted and experience lower rates of heart disease and other ailments in comparison with those who do not have a pet.

Taking good care of four-legged family members has become easier in recent years, as veterinary medicine has developed new, effective treatments for conditions that might previously have resulted in years of suffering or even euthanasia for pets in poor health. However, that care does come at a price; veterinary costs are on the rise as these advanced treatments become more prevalent. For instance, a dog that requires surgical repair of a torn ACL or cartilage will likely have a vet bill of more than $2,600, while a simple feline tooth extraction can cost nearly $1,000.

Pet insurance is one way that owners in New Hampshire are meeting the costs of these expensive treatments, without the stress of worrying that such procedures are going to cause financial distress. Like health care plans for humans, pet insurance policies typically have monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and copayments; some plans do require policyholders to utilize a particular veterinarian or clinic in order to receive full benefits. On the other hand, pet insurance is significantly different in that companies are not required to cover pre-existing conditions, and they are allowed to establish both annual and lifetime limits for payouts.

Those shopping for pet insurance in New Hampshire should choose the level of coverage that best meets their needs, whether that is comprehensive coverage that includes routine wellness care and major illnesses and accidents or just a basic catastrophic policy that will help with an unexpected injury or sickness.


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