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Pet Insurance in New Mexico

Did you know that New Mexico is second only to Vermont in terms of top pet-owning states? In a recent study, more than 67% of households in New Mexico had a cat or a dog. Pet insurance is one way that residents of the state are making it affordable to enjoy Fluffy and Fido's company for even longer.

Veterinary medicine has advanced to where many formerly untreatable conditions are now fixable, and accordingly the cost for treatment has also increased. While cancer used to mean that pet owners would have to watch their beloved companions suffer or to choose to have them put to sleep to end their misery, it is now one of the most treated conditions in both cats and dogs. The average cost to treat a dog's eyelid cancer ($717.12), a cat's cancer of the mouth ($1,101.52), or cancer of the liver in either pet ($778.89 for a cat, $8,539.41 for a dog) is not insignificant, and many owners without pet insurance have to consider going into debt in order to make sure that their furry friends get a clean bill of health.

New Mexico pet owners should compare policies from multiple companies, as they can differ greatly with respect to monthly premiums, annual deductibles, copayments, and reimbursed amounts. While the majority of companies will pay for a predetermined percentage of covered expenses, some only cover what they say are "usual, reasonable, and customary" amounts that may be drastically less than those actually charged by the veterinarian. Also, pet insurance policies are not required to cover any pre-existing conditions, elderly pets, or those with hereditary conditions. Pet owners should look for a policy that meets their needs and their comfort level (i.e. is catastrophic coverage sufficient, or is a more comprehensive policy more suitable?), to help them take good care of their four-legged family members now and for years to come.


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